Thursday, May 1, 2014


Well, there’s something you don’t see every day. At the 2014 Art Cologne fair in Germany, Swiss artist Milo Moire conceived a pretty unique kind of abstract painting. And by ‘conceived’, we mean the giving birth kind.
Standing butt naked as people around her went about their daily lives, Moire laid paint-filled eggs from an elevated platform, dropping them on a blank canvas underneath. After her laborious process, she folded the canvas, and flattened it, creating a symmetrical abstract painting called ‘PlopEgg’.
While a lot of people might find the performance art vulgar and absurd, she tells Huffington Post UK: ‘I’m aware that my art, specifically my performances polarize and generate loud criticism. I’m interested in pushing boundaries through art, living and expressing my art with my body and mind while opening mental doors’.
‘It’s more than just my naked body, my vagina… a lot of people out there are reflecting and I accept when someone doesn’t understand the meaning of my art. Art is personal’, she adds.


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