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Alien Spacecraft appears over Antarctica Science Station

The German scientific research facility's Neumayer Station is located in the South Pole. Named after Georg von Neumayer, a geophysicist, this research station is from the Alfred-Wegener-Institute in the Antarctic; and many claim that it had numerous accounts of UFO activity over the past year.

Scott Waring, a UFOlogist and coordinator of UFO Sightings Daily reported that a glowing object was hovering up in the Antarctic sky on December 28, 2013.

This source of light may appear to be the moon, but if you look closely, the way the light is glowing, it is nothing like the moon, and it could not be the sun either. This glowing lights marvel is nothing new especially in the South Pole.

“Physicists in Antarctica found evidence of cosmic rays from outside the solar system” as written by Nola Taylor Red of Yahoo News. The cosmic rays are referred to as “extra-terrestrial neutrinos.”

Could the lights be coming from an alien spacecraft? Described as a disk-like aircraft glowing behind the clouds appears to be hovering silently as if making an observation of the things below it.

This controversial wonder was photographed by Scott Waring using live cams, a popular tool used by UFO researchers worldwide.

Scott C. Waring had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base (USAF flight line), uses live cams and opens up to 10 live cam windows to document this age-old mystery. Currently Scott Waring resides in Taiwan and is an ESL teacher at his own school.


Kate Hudson Sees Dead People, Explains How to Talk to Them

Kate Hudson makes her way through LAX Airport after arriving back in town on Saturday evening (September 20) in Los Angeles.
The 35-year-old actress appeared on The Alan Carr Show last week and revealed that she and her mom Goldie Hawn are able to see dead people!

“It is not really seeing, it is feeling a spirit,”Kate then clarified. “A fifth energy. I believe in energy. I believe our brains can manifest into visual things.”
“When you see something, you are supposed to tell the energy what year it is and that they don’t belong there,” she added. “When your brain is freaking out on you, you may have to remind it. Why is it being dead funny?”
Kate also revealed she once saw a “ghost of a woman with no face. That was really creepy.”


These Poor People Were Photographed Inside A Haunted House. Here Are Their Reactions.

If you ever visited a haunted house, you know there are some embarrassingly scary moments inside. Unfortunately for these people, they had their embarrassing moments photographed for the whole world to see in the Nightmare Fear Factory. The haunted house in Niagra Falls, Canada, is famous for being extremely scary and, luckily for us, we get to see just how scary some people think it is...

1.) Cover her eyes!

2.) Don't pull my shirt! I'm trying to run away!

3.) Conga line of terror.

4.) Nom nom nom.

5.) The worst father-son trip ever.

6.) Looks like he punched his friend in the gut.

7.) Dad protect us!

8.) Chivalry.

9.) Is the ghost in the middle of them?

10.) Batter up!

11.) Run girls! You're too young to die!

12.) Hold onto that ticket girls!

13.) You can't even see the third girl in this picture.

14.) Youthful terror.

15.) Why so dressed up?

16.) Kramer would be proud.

17.) 3 Stooges.

18.) The dad looks more interested than scared.

19.) Don't lose the bagged lunch!

20.) They all look like they were simultaneously kicked in the crotch.

21.) So scared that they spoon each other.

22.) That dude in the front is going to be a great dad. Protect the kids!

23.) My anaconda don't want none...

24.) Why did you knee me in the butt?!

25.) They look more annoyed than scared.

26.) Honey, RUN!

27.) This is the WORST bachelor party ever!

28.) Talk to the hand, ghost!

29.) Those two girls in the back are getting a piggy back ride.

Just remember these pictures during your next trip to a haunted house attraction. You will either look exactly like these people, or worse. You can laugh all you want, but you do some pretty silly things when you're scared. All of us do. DUN DUN DUN!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welsh Satanic Sex Cult Exposed, Victim speak out

Wales. What do you think of? Choral singing? Rugby? Gareth Bale? But probably not satanic sex cults, right? The Mirror does its best to change that, exposing an alleged cult that had a “twisted ideology, based on a bizarre text called the Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley”:

The victim of a satanic sex cult has told how she will never forgive her “evil” mother for putting her through 11 years of hell at the hands of the sick group.

Annabelle Forest was initiated into a notorious sex cult that operated from a quiet Welsh cul-de-sac by her own mum at the age of seven.

Even worse, she was abused by her mother as a teenager under the orders of the cult’s leader Colin Batley – the man she can’t even bring herself to name.

Now a mum herself and living happily in another part of the UK, Annabelle has taken the brave step of recounting her horror in a bid to get others to speak out about suspected abuse.
She told WalesOnline : “Nothing can hurt me as much as my mum and that man.”
“My mother was an evil woman and I’ll never forgive her.”…

Read the rest HERE 

Dealing With the 4th Dimensional Entities

Whether we like it or not, entities are everywhere in the 4th dimensional field around us. 

If you’ve been drawn to read this article then I imagine you have already experienced the challenges that having entities in your field might bring.

It’s a bit of a taboo subject in western culture; one of those subjects where people are a bit concerned about being labelled as ‘crazy’ or ‘Xfiles-ish’, so I felt inclined to break the ice and bring a bit of light to the subject. 

I am not claiming to be the fountain of all knowledge on the subject, although I do have a lot of experience working with them directly as part of my role in the spiritual evolution arena. 

The term ‘entity’ can be a bit confusing, so I’ll draw a brief outline before focusing on the entities that people usually mean. There are three main types of entities: 

1. The earth-bound spirit; 
2. Higher dimensional beings; 
3. The non-human negative entity. 

We’ll be primarily dealing with the latter category, although it feels helpful to introduce them all.

The Main Types of Entities:

1. Earth Bound Spirit

This generally refers to a human being who was incarnated, yet didn’t move on in spirit when their body passed away. They stay here in spirit form until they are ready to move on. They are usually attached to form by fear of loss.

Often bound to a specific place, unable to exist beyond it, they can be friendly, mischievous or down right malevolent. Earth bound spirits can at times be bothersome, although they engage with incarnated human beings very little. We won’t be covering this type of entity in this article. I just felt inclined to mention it, to distinguish the difference.

2. Higher Dimensional Beings

These are beings whose consciousness is centred in the 4th density and higher. They sometimes have an interest in engaging with 3rd density beings, such as humans. 

They tend to differ from non-human negative entities (below) in that they each have an individual soul. They come in all shapes and forms, through multiple dimensions. Some higher dimensional beings are benevolent (eg. angels), some are malevolent and others dance somewhere in between. 

If malevolent or manipulative in anyway, they can influence and over-power a person in a more sophisticated way than the non-human, negative entities.

Higher dimensional beings are complex. Manipulative ones often prey on psychic people who can ‘see’ beyond the veil, at which point it is common for controlling higher-dimensional beings to present themselves as ‘benevolent’.

They can be master tricksters. There is a huge ‘false-love-and-light’ movement in the spiritual world today, being totally manipulated and controlled by less than benevolent beings from this category.

3. Non-Human Negative Entities

These are what people typically refer to when they say they have an entity in their field, and this is what we will be working with throughout the rest of this article.

These are the entities that often possess people, by living within their host’s energy body. These entities act like parasites, often completely unbeknownst to their host. 

Some people have a visual psychic ability that permeates into the 4th density and are able to ‘see’ them, reporting all sorts of descriptions, shapes and sizes. People commonly mention tentacles or hooks that leech on to a persons energy field. 

Their most common food source is emotional energy. They do not have individual souls although they may act in individual ways. They have a collective group soul and consciousness and exist as part of a hive consciousness.

Most of them aren’t actually malevolent, they are simply fulfilling a parasitical survival instinct; they are just hungry. They farm their food – emotions – in the same way that human beings farm cattle. 

They have learned to become very skillful at turning on the emotional tap of their human host, so that whenever they get hungry they can drink in emotional energy on demand.

They home in on any emotional vulnerabilities and imbalances that a person has and tend to hook in a tentacle right on that touch point. As soon as they are hungry, they push the button and slurp up the emotional nectar that begins to flow.

Why Do I Have an Entity in My Field?

So you have a parasitic entity in your field? You know something isn’t right? It’s draining your energy? Activating your emotions? Feeding off you? Making you ill?

In essence, it’s only there because you allow it to be there. Gulp! OK, so it may be a subconscious allowing, yet the power is within you. The entity doesn’t want to be seen. It has a vested interest in being invisible. It wants to co-exist without its host ever knowing it is there. It doesn’t want to starve.

Who is Particularly Vulnerable to Entity Attack?

As long as you are a human being (Homo Sapiens) you are vulnerable to attack, because Homo Sapiens has been hybridised for that purpose. It doesn’t escape any of us. Although as we evolve and become more and more present, as we become fully enlightened, then it becomes much more difficult for them to deceive.

I’ve particularly noticed that those who have taken drugs or medication or do things that anaesthetise themselves (TV, alcohol, excessive video gaming) tend to have the biggest entity issues. 

With consciousness blasting drugs (psychedlics etc), it seems to be that a person goes from a normal state to having their awareness blasted open, missing several important and necessary evolutionary steps in between. A blind spot is created where the missing steps are. This is the place that entities slip through the door. 

It’s a blind spot, so usually unnoticed by the person who’s taken the drug. This can last a long time completely unnoticed (years/lifetimes). Medication that dampens and suppresses gives an entity the perfect opportunity to feed off the emotion that is being repressed by the drugs.

What to do About it?

So, here’s the key that unlocks the door. There is something within you that it is latching on to. It will be a blockage, a distortion or a button. The entity can only exist in your field if there is something for it to hook onto.

One of the most powerful things you can do is to take full responsibility for the fact that it is there because you have given it permission to be there.

Entities feed off emotions of all sorts. What are your emotional triggers? Do you experience any of the emotions in the list below?
"Blaming others, anger, sense of victimisation, paranoia, fear, guilt, feeling deprived, worry, feeling sorry for yourself, bothered by being lonely, self-depreciation, feeling unworthy/not good enough, lack of motivation, insecurity, impatience, resentment, jealousy, depression, feeling disgusted, neediness, feeling unappreciated, feeling irritated, feeling trapped, head in the clouds, denial of darkness, avoidance of reality, everything’s got to be perfect, controlling…"
If you recognise any of these emotions as an issue for you (ie. a recurring theme in your life) and are reading this article, it is likely that you have an entity feeding into them and milking your emotions for food.

Acknowledgement and acceptance is the first step to self-empowerment. The next step is to know that entities are normal; most people have them in their field without realising it. The world, in fact, is a large cauldron of emotion, the perfect feeding ground for these pesky pests!

Work On Your Own Stuff

The most important thing that you can do is work on your stuff. It really is that simple. Once you remove the food source – charged emotional distortions – then they have nothing to grasp onto and fall away.

It’s also vitally important that we don’t deny the emotion. Because denial and suppression of self also creates the ‘grey’ areas where they hide. What we’re looking for is the authentic – non-loaded – emotional expression of self, that which is aligned with the source. It is the distortions of these that the entities feed off.

People can and do remove entities, which sounds like an ideal solution. It can work temporarily. HOWEVER – unless you deal with the energy that invited it in the first place, you will simply draw another entity to you again and again and again UNTIL you release the attachment to that emotion from within yourself that draws it in. No one else can do this for you. 

It is part of the spiritual journey of self realisation, back to who you truly are. Be inspired and supported by others (catalysts and empaths can highlight them in your field), yet know that you have to walk the path with your own two feet.

Release the trapped emotion; let go of the attachment to the emotion and there will be no place for an entity to attach to you. Most people have to do this multiple times for different issues, over a period of time and through various levels of vibrational consciousness. There isn’t a quick fix solution. 

It’s a powerful way to catalyse the spiritual journey though, as you create the space for higher consciousness to flood in where you were once blocked. Indeed using this “Opposing Consciousness” as a mirror to your own limitation, is a powerful path to mastery.

What Else Might Help?

Look at specific spiritual work that helps you to honour and release distortions, inner tension or emotional blockages. Whatever work you do, the key is to consciously bring your attention to your blockages. Sound work, movement and any work that releases thwarted energy can all help if you are conscious whilst working with it.

Some might find guided meditation helpful. We have a collection of different meditations for catalysing the spiritual journey on Openhand’s audio page, all of which help to let go of attachments. 

I thought it might be helpful to record a meditation that specifically deals with the release of inner blockages in order to cleanse your field of entities. 

So, especially for this article here is my latest guided meditation, as a gift from my heart to yours. Press the [>] Play button on screen to hear the meditation, or press the download link to purchase your own copy.

Remember that the key to releasing entities from your field is to release your own blockages, so that they don’t have anything to hook on to – anything else is just temporary.

Source: HAF

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Strange Beings of Light Chasing Trains in Russia?

This spectacular video, was recorded in Russia a few months ago, concerns the sighting of a mysterious ball of light chasing a train along the way between Nizhniy Novgorod, Izhevsk. 

Time Travel Proof on Video?

The persisting fascination with time travel is likely a symptom of the malaise of modern man. I highly doubt that the inventors of steam power sat around imagining what it would be like to travel back to the Dark Ages. Yet I’m sitting here with a supercomputer in my pocket speaking in real time with people on the other side of the planet…and I would time travel back to the Great Depression in a heartbeat.
The more recent time travel trend has been the idea of time slips. Time slip proponents envision reality as overlapping versions of timelines, realities stacked on top of each other, and sometimes we slip in and out of them.
There are hundreds, possibly thousands of time slip stories, but the truth of the matter is, no one has been able to offer any kind of solid proof.
Then we stumbled upon the following video. Skip to 6:58. Is this a time slip caught on film?
Many viewers suggest it is a green screen effect and that the background (and bike rider) are on different layers than the interviewee–(different layers of time maybe!). Some even suggest the editors did this on purpose to highlight the strange subject matter. Personally, I can’t imagine the producers allowing this. That said, it’d be nice if someone would come forward with info on this.