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The Most Amazing Spirit Communication Evidence Video Ever.

The Most Amazing Spirit Communication Evidence Video Ever. Really.

sit back, turn down the lights and turn up the volume. Listen and watch for yourself what I feel is some of the most compelling evidence that spirits exists and can indeed communicate with us. Enjoy.


The Amazing History of the Dogon Tribe: Aryan Aliens in Ancient Africa

Located in Mali West Africa, the Dogon have a rich culture dating to around 3200 BCE, and are believed to be a hybrid ethnic group descended from a mixing of the ancient Egyptians of North Africa with various other sub-Saharan tribal populations.

Deeply rooted traditions of the Dogon people speak of the Nommos who visited from a companion star to Sirius. The Nommos are known as advanced beings who have also appeared in numerous related myths found in the Sumerian and other Mesopotamian cultures.

Sirius' companion star has a 50 year elliptical orbit and is not visible to the naked eye. According to some research, modern astronomers did not know the companion star existed until the Dogon myth was discovered.

They tell us how the Nommos shared the knowledge of Sirius with them and left behind several artifacts. 

One artifact depicting the Sirius constellation carbon dates to 400 years ago, a little over 230 years before astronomers suspected the existence of the companion star.

The Dogon people were first documented over a several year study performed by anthropologist Marcel Griaule. 

In his research notes we find conversations between Griaule and a Dogon elder named Ogotemmeli, who speaks of multiple companion stars in the Sirius system.

There are entries suggesting the Nommos visited on a very large star ship on several occasions, and the notes also indicate Dogon people knew of Saturn's rings, and the many moons of Jupiter.

Every 60 years, the Dogon people celebrate the cycle of Sirius A and B which rises further questions considering Sirius B's 50 year cycle.

Dogon mysteries mention another star in the system, which would be called Sirius C if confirmed by modern telescopes. Nommos are believed to inhabit a planet orbiting Sirius C though mainstream science does not consider the Sirius constellation to be a prime candidate for life.

Credo Mutwa, the 94-year-old Zulu shaman or "sanusi" in South Africa, claims that this picture he had painted of tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed beings had been seen by black African tribes people throughout that continent long before the white Europeans arrived.

Credo, the official historian of the Zulu nation, said that when the Europeans first came, the black Africans thought they were the return of these same white "gods", which they called the Mzungu (see his paintings below). As a result they called the European settlers by the same name, which is still used today.

This was very much the same reaction as the Central American peoples when Cortes and his Spanish invasion party arrived in 1519 and they thought that he was the returning god, Quetzalcoatl, another god described as tall, bearded, and with piercing blue eyes.

The Feathered Serpent God appears in many ancient cultures and Mesoamerican legends. He was called Viracocha by the Incas, Kukulkan by the Mayas, Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs, Gucumatz in Central America, Votan in Palenque and Zamna in Izamal. He and his ‘men’ were usually described as being bearded, with white skin, and deep blue eyes. 

Source: Humans Are Free

Was a ghost caught on video during a paranormal investigation?

A camera crew filming a paranormal investigation inside a house has stumbled upon footage they believe may be a ghost.
ABS-CBN News in the Philippines reported that it recently happened while the “Rated K” crew was filming at a home in Tondo, Manila.
The cameraman said he thought the figure appeared to be a female ghost. The “ghost” appeared to be holding the grills of a stairway.
A videography expert reportedly told the news outlet that the white figure could have just been light that bounced off from the camera.
Check out the Filipino news video below:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Have North-east castle staff captured a ghost on camera?

IS THIS mysterious mist evidence of ghosts at a so-called haunted North-east castle?
Staff at the National Trust for Scotland’s 700 year-old Drum Castle in Aberdeenshire were left scratching their heads by image, captured on one of the estate's webcams.
The conservation charity’s wildlife team had set up cameras in the castle’s stables to observe a nesting family of swallows.
Property manager Dr Alison Burke said: “Everyone tells me that Drum Castle is a haunted place and that there are strange happenings here. 
“I have always been highly sceptical but there have been too many inexplicable events that cannot be ignored.
“I have to admit, when I checked the camera and found this image a cold shiver ran down my spine.”
The webcam is motion-activated and the NTS said it was “certain” it wasn’t triggered by a swallow or an insect.
There have been many stories of apparitions and unexplained sounds at the castle, between Peterculter and Banchory.
The stables are next to a garden where people have reported hearing two women laughing together despite no one being present.

I Thought This Was Just Snow Covering A Field. But Then I Saw What It Was And OMG!

Imagine waking up to a beautiful snow blanketed field outside of your picturesque farm. But wait it’s still summer so obviously that couldn’t be snow. You walk outside your front door to take a closer look and immediately your skeleton jumps out of your skin from the most disturbing sight you’ve ever seen! Spiders! Millions and millions of creepy crawly spiders! That’s exactly what happened in a small town in Australia called Wagga Wagga. Recent floods have covered miles and miles of once lush green land with feet of muddy water. This caused the evacuation of over 13,000 people. Well, naturally spiders aren’t the biggest fans of detrimental water levels either so they took to the hills. Millions of spiders had to migrate to higher ground to escape the flooding. This caused an extreme population of the evil little creatures to congregate in one small area. Take a look at these horrifying images that are the causing nightmares around the world. This is why you want to stay far away from Australia.
It looks like a light snow or fog blanketing the fields surrounding these farms. 
spiders 1
Luckily these spiders aren’t harmful to humans however, I would NOT want to face millions of them. 
spiders 2
With the giant web structures covering miles of land, there is no shortage of food for these spiders who are capturing every fly in sight. 
spiders 3
I would be walking around with a flame thrower on full blast. 
spiders 4
Residents say that there’s a silver blanket covering everything in sight. 
spiders 5
It’s like a plague sent from above. Except it’s spiders so you know they came straight from the depths of hell! 
spiders 6
How do you even walk around? 
spiders 7
I wish this would happen with cotton candy. 
spiders 8
But spiders! Talk about your worst nightmare. 
spiders 9
There’s more silk in these fields than in Elton John’s closet.
spiders 10
Kill it with fire!
spiders 12
You can’t go anywhere without getting a face full of spider webs. 
spiders 13
As soon as the water recedes these 8 legged demons will return to their normal nesting grounds but until then these people are living in hell. 
spiders 14
Luckily these spiders aren’t harmful to humans. 
spiders 15
This one here is about to shoot a web into the air and let the wind take him further inland.
spiders 16
Would you burn your house down and run for your life? 
spiders 17
Or wait for the military to come rescue you? 
spiders 18
This is considered a national emergency, isn’t it? 
spiders 19
Ok maybe not an emergency but I would declare it one if it were up to me. 
spiders 20
This place is straight out of my nightmares and I would move away immediately. Harmful or not, I don’t care. I can just imagine tripping and falling in one of these fields and being completely engulfed with millions of evil spiders! No thanks ever in a million years! I HATE SPIDERS!
Take a look at this quick video about the plague of spiders that took over Wagga Wagga! It is terrifying.


This Couple Was Driving When The Craziest Thing Ever Happened. This Is Insane!

A couple was driving from West Monroe, Louisiana in route to Memphis. Along the way they were stopped at a train crossing in a small quaint town called Mer Rouge, LA. They noticed that a tractor trailer was pulling an enormous crane across the tracks when it stalled and the lights signaling an oncoming train started flashing. Seconds later, the train horns started getting louder and louder as the approaching train sped closer and closer. Luckily the camera came out before the inevitable catastrophe occurred and the couple caught the whole thing on tape.

The reason the semi truck stalled on the track initially causing the train collision was because the trailer that it was towing was too low to cross the raised train track. A total of 19 train cars were derailed and the surrounding area was evacuated immediately. Two people were life flighted out of the wreckage and the driver of the semi truck was able to jump out of his truck before the collision.

11 Pictures That Doesn’t Show What You Think They Do!

Take another look at these pictures! These 11 pictures does not show what you first think they do! Truly impressive how someone had the camera at the right place at the right moment to capture all of these amazing and awesome pictures for us. I don’t think I could replicate any of these pictures to becoming at all close to what these are. Enjoy they 11 pictures below that doesn’t show what you first think they do!

1.Nope, it’s not her breasts.

1 11 Pictures That Doesnt Show What You Think They Do!

2. Flying mats doesn’t exist. At least not on the beach icon razz 11 Pictures That Doesnt Show What You Think They Do!

210 11 Pictures That Doesnt Show What You Think They Do!

3. Haha, nope this little kid doesn’t have a gigantic hand

310 11 Pictures That Doesnt Show What You Think They Do!

4. Who is carrying who?

43 11 Pictures That Doesnt Show What You Think They Do!

5. It’s not the dudes butt

5 11 Pictures That Doesnt Show What You Think They Do!

6. It is not the mom’s butt you see in the background

6 11 Pictures That Doesnt Show What You Think They Do!

7. This guy doesn’t have womens long legs

72 11 Pictures That Doesnt Show What You Think They Do!

8. You pervert! It’s not a penis!

83 11 Pictures That Doesnt Show What You Think They Do!

9. This guy is actually the third wheel

91 11 Pictures That Doesnt Show What You Think They Do!

10. Ehm, nope once again – it’s not breasts!

10 11 Pictures That Doesnt Show What You Think They Do!

11. No comment, except for the fact that this picture got the original poster banned from Facebook!

11 11 Pictures That Doesnt Show What You Think They Do!