Thursday, July 2, 2015

China's Atlantis: The Sunken 'Lion City' Rediscoved

Once upon a time, an ancient city in China was named Lion City because Five Lion Mountain loomed large behind it. The city, also known as Shi Cheng, has been buried beneath the water for 53 years. 

Like the lost Incan City of Machu Picchu was ‘rediscovered,’ so was this lost underwater city that had been founded about 1,300 years ago. Lion City is now located about 85 – 131 feet (26-40 meters) beneath the gorgeous Thousand Island Lake (Qiandao Lake). 

This valley was submerged when a dam was constructed and a lake was needed. The lake and thousands of islands were man-made. Shi Cheng ‘defied’ the Chinese norm since 5 gates and 5 towers were built into the city instead of 4. 

Lion City is about the size of 62 football fields. International archaeologists and a film crew recorded the amazing preservation of the lost ‘ruins.’ in surprising detail.

More than half a century ago, the Chinese flooded Lion City, also called Shi Cheng. Recently Shi Cheng was explored by archaeologists who dubbed ‘Lion City’ as China’s ‘Atlantis rediscovered.’

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Scary video of a girl attacked by real ghost or demon

A very scary video where a real ghost is caught on tape. Do you like scary videos of ghosts and demons caught on tape? I'm sure you do. Thanks for watching and please share and comment!

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UPDATE - Witness Of Major Texas UFO Cube & Portal Sighting Breaks Silence

Witness Of Major Texas UFO Cube & Portal Sighting Breaks Silence 7/1/2015

Original Cube UFO Video:

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Forbidden History - Footprints In Stone

That’s right. Human footprints in the fossil record. This video and website explore the phenomena of human footprints in the fossil record. Many and in fact most of these footprints are out of place. This means that the human footprints are in rock layers that are supposedly too old for modern human footprints to exist.
The existence of these prints is another example of evidence that brings into question the commonly held view that the earth is 4.6 billion years old and modern man has only been on the scene for the last 200,000 years.
It is our position that the Bible gives simple and rational explanations for the creation of the earth and the arrival of man on the scene. It is also our position that there is plenty of evidence to support both the Bible as a historical document and trustworthy source for the genesis of the universe, earth, and all life. This video is just a small piece of the evidence.

Mysterious crop circle appears near Stonehenge

A MYSTERIOUS crop circle has appeared in a field just off the A303 around 1km from Stonehenge. A group who go around the country capturing the phenomenon sent up a drone to get a shot from the sky.

MrGyro, a photography and cinematography blog, trawl internet forums and receive reports from the public about the circles before tracking them down and taking photos.
More examples of their work can be found at
Also Crop Circles Discovered Near Turin, Italy And Estella, Navarra, Spain
Two crop circles suddenly appeared in wheat fields in Italy and Spain last week.
The mysterious carvings were done in one of the fields of Estella, Spain, where several circles could be found drawn on barley and wheat fields.
The remarkable images, which were captured by a drone, show two unique designs.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

UFO Sighting in Nanuku Island, Fiji (Nature Relaxation Video)

UFO Sighting in Nanuku Island, Fiji (Nature Relaxation Video) 
Location: Nanuku Island, Fiji (Fiji Island).

Source:Video by: David Huting (YT-channel).