Saturday, April 30, 2016

Top 10 Strange Mysteries that have not been explained!

Watch the top 10 unsolved & shocking mysteries throughout the history time.
#10 The Impossible Row Boat in the Middle of Bouvet Island
A row boat lies frozen in the middle of a huge island 1,000 miles from any other land mass. It would have been impossible to row to the island.
#9 The Unexplained Pteranodon Photo
An old picture depicts civil war soldiers standing over the corpse of a massive bird – a bird that resembles that of a Ptereanodon…a creature that went extinct during the time of the dinosaurs.
#8 The Mystery of the Baigong Pipes
Mysterious metal pipes that look to be manufactured are discovered in an ancient rock cave in the Qinghai province of China.
#7 Unrecovered Nazi Treasure
Did the Nazi’s hide tons of gold & countless ancient artifacts around the world in places that still haven’t been uncovered today?
#6 The strange Glozel Tablets
Thousands of mysterious ancient artifacts are discovered in a French farmer’s field. Many are inscribed with a mysterious language. Many artifacts are dated to 8000 B.C. — before any meaningful civilization could have existed.
#5 Rudolph Fentz — the man who traveled through time.
A startled man whom suddenly appears in New York is killed by a car – his belongings strongly suggest he may have been from the past.
#4 The Black Knight
An alleged 13,000 year old satellite mysteriously orbits the Earth.
#3 The Alien King – Akhenaten
An ancient egyptian Pharaoah has remarkable intellectual capacity and physical features that suggest he could be an alien hybrid – interestingly a large portion of the world can trace their ancestry to him.
#2 The Mysterious Man from Taured
A man lands in Tokyo airport with a passport from the country of Taured – but Taured doesn’t exist.
#1 The Copper Scroll Treasure Map
A copper scroll specifically outlines the location of over sixty different lost treasures around the world.

Head Of The Army Gives Strange Speech

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Strange Croglin Grange Vampire Mystery

The Croglin Grange Vampire story took place after the English Civil War in the 1650’s. The story goes such as this; a family with the surname Fisher decided to move to southern England and rented a remote farmstead. There were two brothers and a sister named Cranswell.
The summers were quite hot; they decided to sleep with the windows open. During this time period, the building structure was only one storey high and near the hallway stood a chapel. Nearby was a small graveyard which once belonged to the Howard family, who were the landowners.
Late in the evening, the two men sat with their sister Cranswell looking up at the moon. They later decided to retire for the evening going to bed. The sister was lying in her bed scantily clad from the hot heat in the air. She then closed the window to her room but decided to not fasten the shutters.
Afterwards, she glanced out her window propping up her pillows as the summer day dissipated. The night engulfed itself onto the evening, however in Cumbria at midsummer it does not get as dark between sunset and sunrise from being so far north.
Sister Cranswell noticed several lights coming from the house which separated the lawn from the small graveyard. After struggling to see, she made out to be a dark shadow moving towards the house coming closer to her window.
After being completely petrified she couldn’t get closer to the window and it appeared to her a long boney hand which stretched in turning the window catch. Whatever strange thing this was, it rushed towards her through the window afterwards biting her neck and forced her onto the ground. She then screamed in terror.
Both of her brothers heard the scream, and then battered down the door. They looked upon a creature which then fled back through the window, leaving their sister lying on the floor and bleeding from her neck. One of the brothers chased after this strange creature but it was quite fast and before he could catch up to it, it disappeared into the shadows.
This undead fiend nearly killed their sister, was it one of the first known reports of a blood sucking vampire also known as a Nosferatu?
Warning! Vampires within
Warning! Vampires within
The Grange, and the vampire graves
The Grange, and the vampire graves

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Man Caught In CCTV Going Through Wall. See It For Yourself.

Surveillance camera records a light inside the store and then immediately a hood man through the door like a ghost, or as many say can be a time traveler, or someone going through another dimension. 

​Also have noticed that the date above the video the moment he walks through the door of a jump for the year 2019 would be a quantum leap for the future? Soon after still inside the store date is jumping from 2016 to 2019, and to go back it stabilizes in 2016.

As always draw your own conclusions.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fringe For Real? Parallel Universes May Interact With Our Own

It turns out Fringe could be real. One of our favorite shows, which ended in 2013 after a far too short 5 season run, posited that alternate universes not only exist but interact with our own.
Now, a radical new quantum theory is arguing that parallel universes exist in vast numbers and exert a repulsive influence on our universe, which could explain the spooky, near incomprehensible behavior of quantum mechanics. Prof. Howard Wiseman, a physicist at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, is one of the authors of the new “many interacting worlds” theory that is challenging the credulity of even the most out-there scientists.
When asked about the possibility of humans in our universe communicating with or contacting people from other universes–a huge storyline in the Fringe series, and countless other scifi narratives–Wiseman responded: “It’s not part of our theory…But the idea of interactions with other universes is no longer pure fantasy.”
Indeed, it isn’t. What do you think? Could parallel universes interacting with our own be the cause of our little quantum enigma…and could it be possible that these other universes can someday be contacted–or even visited? Maybe it’s a question for advanced artificial intelligence to answer….

Is this Staffordshire pub haunted by a schoolgirl ghost?

Clairvoyant Christine Hamlett from Norwich in Cheshire took a picture of the child spectre and claims the child will not stop until her message is heard.
The 57-year-old took a number of pictures in the former coaching inn which was apparently a favourite haunt of the highwayman Dick Turpin. The ladies toilets are dubbed the playground for paranormal activity.

The Four Crosses Pub
The Four Crosses Pub Credit: BPM Media

She also has a growing collection of child-ghost pictures taken on and near Cannock Chase while child-ghost sightings have been reported by an increasing number of walkers.

Clairvoyant Christine Hamlett who captured the picture of the ghost
Clairvoyant Christine Hamlett who captured the picture of the ghost Credit: BPM Media

The Four Crosses, built in 1636, is well-known by locals for its ghoul guests.
It has been said that staff and visitors have been spooked by the sound of smashing glasses, mysterious footsteps and children crying.