Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mitral valve

The mitral valve is the "inflow valve" for the left side of the heart. It opens and closes to allow oxygenated blood to flow from the left atrium into the left ventricle. So, it is very important part of our body. A mitral valve replacement or repair is required in order to treat severe cases of mitral valve prolapse, heart valve stenosis, or other valvular diseases. Most surgeons will prescribe you to go for valve replacement or artificial valve implantation. It will work. But, there are some drawbacks in valve replacement. For example, patients are required to use blood thinners and any kind of infections in the valve will result in dangerous consequences. Valve replacement also increases the chances of stroke.

The cardiac surgeons at the Maryland heart center are leaders in their field. They will do the best to give the patients mitral valve repair than the mitral valve replacement surgery. About 92 % of the patients have their valved repaired instead of replaced. Read the testimonials from the patients who succeeded in heving their mitral valve repaired in the website and read the programs. If you are interested you can request an appointment for your friends, family or yourself in this website.