Friday, April 4, 2014


This image shows the horrifying moment a woman was killed by a bolt of lightning in front of her family.
Married mother-of-one Rosangela Biaveti died instantly when she was struck by lightning on a Brazilian beach.

The first photograph shows the victim heading towards the water with outstretched arms as she warns her 11-year-old son to get out of the sea because of the gathering storm overhead. The next image captures the electrical discharge streaking down.
A pickup truck obscures the bolt hitting the woman, but moments later her lifeless body was dragged onto the beach for resuscitation.
According to the Mail, her distraught husband Leandro Lopes Santos said:
’The weather started to close in and we decided to leave. I was putting our bags into the car, and the kids were on the beach.
‘The next minute my wife was lying on the floor. I received a mild shock.’
Elias Biavati, the woman’s brother, added: ‘When I saw my sister she was already lying on the ground and people were trying to revive her by massaging her heart.’
Lightning bolts are common in parts of Brazil at this time of year, according to climatologists.
Source: VP