Monday, May 12, 2014

NASA confirms: UFO Image captured by Spirit Rover on Mars

Another great catch from the rovers exploring Mars. This time NASA’s Spirit rover grabs our attention with this image of an unidentified flying object that is moving across the sky on Mars. The object strangely highly resembles the image from the Phobos 2 Spacecraft just before losing contact with Earth, “A cigar shaped object”, could these two images be connected somehow? The similarities between this image and the Phobos mission are impressive and in our opinion this could very well be the same object just this time, the image was captured from the Red Planet and not from space.
Mark Lemmon, a member of NASA’s Mars Rover Team said:
Is this the first image of an meteor on Mars or an image of a spacecraft sent from another world during the dawn of our robotic space exploration program.
We may never know, but we are still looking for clues.

One thing is certain, this object is moving across the sky on Mars, and yet again, on Earth we do not seem to have any idea what it is. Check out this link to take a look at the raw image at the NASA archives:

Source: Ancient Code