Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The 5 Most Common Types Of Ghosts On Video (10 Chilling Clips)

There are thousands of ghost video clips on the Net, featuring everything from blurry blips to full body apparitions. However, while the creepy clips may seem wildly different, they typically fall into one of six categories. With than in mind, here are the five most common types of ghosts on video, as well as 10 chilling examples.
The Apparition Ghost Video
The apparition is perhaps the most common type of ghost on video, not to mention the creepiest. The apparitions are usually white and wispy in appearance, though some are dark and shadowy. A video filmed in Gettysburg, PA shows what appears to be a transparent form appearing and reappearing in a field. An Oklahoma impound lot became famous for its alleged video of a woman killed in a car accident. A ghost video clip shot in a Japanese parking garage shows a mysterious figure slinking along the wall. Another video from Japan shows a ghostly figure leaping from a cliff!
The Poltergeist Ghost Video
The poltergeist appears in many ghostly videos, knocking things from shelves and moving objects around. A video from Stocky’s Pizza in Haughton, LA shows silverware flying across the kitchen, while a Blockbuster in Mexico can’t seem to keep movies on its shelves. A store in Texas has a similar problem. Countless videos on YouTube claim to show evidence of poltergeist activity.
The Child Ghost Video
Creepy children also frequently appear in so-called real ghost videos. A video from Mexico shows a ghost girl crying in a cemetery. When the person shooting the clip goes to investigate, he discovers that the girl’s eyes glow like a cat’s. A similar video features a crying child in a dark hallway. Creepy footage from Jamaica reportedly shows an 11-year-old boy being attacked by an invisible entity.
The Mysterious Knocks Ghost Video
Many ghost video clips recorded by paranormal investigation groups feature mysterious knocks and thuds. A video shot at the Lemp Mansion features a few strange sounds, as does this footage from The Sallie House. Popular ghost hunting shows like TAPS and Ghost Adventures also regularly capture so-called ghost knocks.
The Spook Lights Ghost Video
Strange orbs and streaks of light are also common in ghost videos. Many cities and towns claim spook lights plague the area, though critics say the lights are nothing more than reflections from passing cars. One video shows the infamous ghost light of Paulding, Michigan, while another clip features the mysterious spook light of Bragg Road, Texas. Light anomalies in cemeteries and haunted buildings also commonly appear in ghostly videos.

Source: http://ghostsnghouls.com/