Friday, October 10, 2014

Ghost of great-grandma appears in womb on ultrasound scan

A ghostly image which appears to be a great-grandmother ‘watching over’ her unborn great-grandchild has been detected in a 3D ultrasound scan.
The face of Kathy McHale appeared slowly in the scan, and stayed on screen – and son Joe and wife Lindsay, 33, have kept the video of the eerie ‘visit’ to show to daughter Madison.
Kathy’s apparition has also appeared in the family home where Jon says Madison, now six, ‘Spoke of an old lady with white hair in the front room and on the stairs, just like her Great Nan Kath, even though she never met her.’
The couple, from Sidcup in London, took home the video scan after Jon’s Mum spotted Kathy’s ghostly face on screen.
Prison custody officer Jon said, ‘We didn’t see it at first but my mum was in the hospital with us and she said she had seen it on the screen.’
‘She told us to take it home and watch it, and that’s when we noticed it.
‘I like to think there is a relative watching over Madison and we think the face looks a lot like my grandma Kathy.’
Madison, now watches the video of the unearthly visitation with a ‘big grin on her face,’ Jon says.


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