Tuesday, November 4, 2014

(VIDEO) Yowie found in Douglas cave?

A local adventurer has captured footage of what he says is a mythical creature called a 'Nephilim' deep within a cave somewhere in Douglas Shire. 
The footage, viewable here, comes after sightings of a ‘yowie’ creature reported on the front page of the Port Douglas Gazette last week.
The Nephilim Hunter, as he is known, delved deep into the cave - the location of which is is a closely-guarded secret - on an expedition to find an ancient relic called the ‘Eye of Ra’.
Colleagues reviewing the footage later saw that the torch attached the Hunter’s pole-mounted video camera had illuminated a dark alcove in the tunnel wall, revealing what appears to be a silent and immobile humanoid figure, crouching down with its arms folded over its legs. 
The Hunter estimates that the creature would be nearly three metres tall when standing straight. 
“Normally I know the smell of these things but one of the guys had a flaming torch so I couldn’t catch his scent over the kerosene,” the Hunter told the Newsport in an exclusive interview.
“We walked out unharmed, so we know it wasn’t there to harm us.”
In Hebrew mythology, Nephilim was the name given to the descendants of fallen angels and human women. 
The Hunter points out common depictions of Nephilim-like creatures throughout the mythologies of cultures across the globe, including the Dreamtime figures of Aboriginal Mythology, carvings on the Angkor Wat jungle temple in Cambodia and the animal-headed gods of the ancient Egyptian pantheon.
The Nephilim are expected to rise from beneath the earth to the surface during a 24-hour eclipse in the future.
The Hunter has a long history exploring the unknown regions around Douglas Shire and has had many close encounters with creatures believed by most to not exist. 
He will be returning to the cave in the near future to complete his exploration and, if he returns alive, may bring back more evidence of these otherworldly creatures.

What do you think? Are there creatures out there unknown to the public or is it all a load of bunk?

Source: http://www.tourismportdouglas.com.au/