Monday, April 13, 2015

Who or what is the Strange Figure captured in this photograph?

Location: Pembroke   Chronicled by G L Davies
"It was while enjoying a lunch to discuss an investigation that Pembrokeshire Beyond members G L Davies and Keryn Williams noticed something very odd on the wall of the Food at Williams restaurant on the main street in Pembroke.
The walls adorned with pictures of Pembroke through out the ages had one peculiar image. The photograph appears to have the shadowy figure barely visible on the left hand side."
Used with permission from Food at Williams in main street, Pembroke.
Used with permission from Food at Williams in main street, Pembroke.
But who or what is the behind the transparent and mysterious figure?

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A copy was taken and presented to a local photography expert. He was most intrigued. As a local business man he asked for his identity to be kept private but did have these words for us.
” I don’t think it is or was intended as long-exposure photography or time-exposure photography. I would have to have to look more in depth at the camera’s used at the time. The most intriguing part for me is the area around the figure which does not seem to be affected at all. If this picture is say ,100 years old or more then it would have been highly unlikely that someone would have walked or ran through the picture as it would have been a big deal to set up and take the photograph back in those days.”
What do you see?
Used with permission from Food at Williams in main street, Pembroke.
Used with permission from Food at Williams in main street, Pembroke.
Pembrokeshire Beyond  member and Historian Richard Clayton is currently investigating the picture and looking for a clue which will identify the date and possibly the photographer and the camera used. He had this comment ” The records show that many photographs were taken between 1897 and 1901 of Pembroke and I would say based on the fashions depicted in the image that it is most probably late 19th century to very early 20th century. I am currently looking into other pictures taken during this time to see if there are any other similar anomalies.”
Pembrokeshire Beyond  investigator Keryn Williams believes she may have the answer. ” This could be a case of pareidolia. It may be that an alignment of different objects from the background has been captured in the photograph and the mind is creating an image of a figure. The legs are an intriguing aspect though. This picture is compelling and intriguing and needs further investigation.”
Who or what is behind the Pembroke main street figure?

You can look at the picture for yourself by visiting Food at Williams in Pembroke on the main street. Enjoy a tasty lunch while pondering the origin of the shadowy figure. Who or what was behind it?
If anyone has any information regarding this picture then please contact and if you have any views, theories or opinions then please get in touch.
Keep safe and sleep well.