Monday, June 8, 2015

Amazing Superpowers from "Superhumans" in real-life

Top 7 Superpowers from "Superhumans" in real-life on Earth Ever that remain unsolved. They're mysterious at telepathy...mind control....electrical control, but science is starting to try to understand them.

Number 7) The Samurai with a Sixth Sense 41 year old Isao Machii is definitely the kind of guy you’d want on your superhero team, although you may want to stand back when he’s making a salad. Known as the Modern Day Samurai, this master swordsman travels around slicing up melons that his audience throws at him. Not impressed at the real life Fruit Ninja? Ok. What about his ability to cleave open a tennis ball flying at him at 400 miles an hour? Or his ability to split an airsoft gun pellet travelling at 170 metres a second using a Katana. Number 6) The Invulnerable Ones Wolverine had adamantium grafted onto his skeleton making him super-tough to destroy, but what if someone was already built like that? In 1994 a man known only as John was involved in a horrific car-wreck. Yet whilst others suffered broken bones and torn flesh, John escaped unharmed aside from small cuts and bruises. Was this down to luck? Not according to the doctor who examined him. He discovered that not only were his bones unbroken, but they were eight times denser than those of an average person. 

Number 5) The Dolphin Guy Remember all those awesome things you saw growing up through the eyes of a child? Fairgrounds, the night sky, your first baseball game? Well Ben Underwood didn’t, that’s because life decided to take his sight when he was only three. So did he sit at home and cry about it? No, because he had no eyes and that’d look kinda weird. Instead he developed an incredible ability to Echolocate. 
Number 4) A Mind Over Matter When my girlfriend tells me I’m incapable of having feelings it’s usually because I’ve forgotten her birthday and I've hooked up with her sister.
When Tim Cridland’s girlfriend tells him this, it’s probably because she’s forced a skewer through his face just for fun.
Tim Cridland feels no pain. Doctors say this is caused by malfunctioning receptors in his brain’s nerve cells, whereas Tim claims a different condition known as Billy Big Balls Syndrome.
He claims to use mind over matter, admitting that he feels pressure and temperature and simply blocks out the pain. His pain threshold has been tested using fire, swords, and even electrocution, and he doesn’t even flinch. 

Number 3) Das Uberboy In 1999 those ever efficient Germans one-upped the world again when a baby was born with muscles you and I can only dream of. Seriously, the only thing more ripped than this little tyke was his mother’s delicate flower after giving birth to this Incredible Pre-Hulk.
Doctors discovered that his shredded appearance was caused by a defective mutation…which doesn’t sound so defective to me, although nobody knows what the long term effects are.
Will he get stronger, will he get weaker? And what caused this in-utero transformation into a literal super-baby. Farmers have attempted to exploit these mutations in cattle to grow gigantic, beefed up cow herds. 

Number 2) Electric One day Ma Xiangang (Ma Xiiiagang) sat down to watch his favourite show when he suffered a horrific tragedy which afflicts all of our lives at some point…his damn TV broke. Xiangang presumably swore in Chinese before attempting to fix the thing, but when he did so his hand unfortunately brushed against a live wire…with precisely zero negative consequences. So obviously he put it down to luck and was more careful for the rest of his days…yeah right.
He touched that wire again, but curiosity spared this cat and still he felt nothing. 

Number 1) Real-Life Telepaths The prevailing caricature of autistic children paints them as emotionally stunted humans with the capability for genius in ways non-autistic humans aren’t capable of. But what is the truth behind this, and how much do we have to blame on Dustin Hoffman’s over-acting in Rain Man? Some researchers believe that telepathy may be an as yet untapped function of the brain which some autistic children have access to.
Recently, Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell, author of The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena, has repeatedly demonstrated telepathic mind reading, in closely supervised scientific case studies of severly austic children, with amazingly accurate results. Try searching Google for her and her research, as the conclusions she's come to by performing some pretty well designed and controlled experiments…just like someone with a Ph.D would do are beyond mind-boggling.

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