Monday, June 1, 2015

Twins REINCARNATE from Same Parents

Are these twins reincarnated from their previous lives?

Two sister tragically die…but then appear to be reborn by the same mother less than a year later.

John & Florence Pollock were the happy parents of two very close sisters, Joanna & Jacqueline, aged 11 and 6, when tragedy struck. An out of control driver drove their car up on to the sidewalk where the girls were walking along with a friend. All three children died at the scene.

Mr. & Mrs. Pollock were understandably devastated, but John's belief in reincarnation, despite his Catholic upbringing, brought him comfort, and he insisted that the girls would come back to them.
Less than a year later, the Pollocks were pregnant again, and John immediately knew that twin girls were on the way, despite the doctor's contrary assessment.

Sure enough, Florence miraculously delivered identical twin girls, who they named Gillian & Jennifer.

It was immediately noticed that despite being identical, the girls each had distinctly different birthmarks. Stranger still, the placement of these birthmarks seemed to coincide with birthmarks and scars of their deceased older sisters.

When Gillian & Jennifer were two years old, they mysteriously started asking for specific unknown dolls by name. These were toys that had belonged to Joanna & Jacqueline that had been boxed away after the accident, and had never been introduced or mentioned to the twins.

They also asked to play on the swings at their sisters' former school, which they seemed to be very familiar with, although again they should have had no knowledge of. It was also noticed that they behaved very similarly to their older siblings, in the way they interacted with each other, and right down to the way they held a pencil.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, one of the worlds' foremost experts on reincarnation, documented this as a typical case of Children Who Remember Previous Lives, in his book by that title.

By age five, the girls seemed to forget their older sisters' memories, and went on to have completely normal lives.

The birthmarks that coincided with their older deceased sisters scars, the fact that they had knowledge and familiarity with things they shouldn’t, and even the fact that the Pollocks had another set of identical twins all seem to point towards something much more than just coincidence.

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