Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bus driver's life saved by pocket Bible.

Rickey Waggoner miraculously escaped death when his Bible stopped two bullets from penetrating his chest.

The 49-year-old Dayton bus driver had parked his bus due to a mechanical failure and had disembarked to assess the problem. As he was doing so, three teens approached and opened fire, hitting him twice in the chest.

Incredibly, a small Bible that Waggoner had been keeping in his pocket somehow stopped both bullets from penetrating his body and he went on to survive the ordeal relatively unscathed.

"I had a book in my pocket," he said during the 911 call. "At first I thought it went through. It just feels like I've been hit with a sledgehammer in the chest. And I've been cut on the arm."

Police are now attempting to track down the teenagers responsible for the attack. 

Source: WCPO