Friday, July 4, 2014

Astonishing Unusual Objects Found on Far Side of the Moon

American researcher Steve Wingate was the first person to bring world attention to the anomaly in the far side Lobachevsky Crater by posting the old Apollo 16 photograph and several new views from the recent Clementine mapping mission to the Lunascan Mailing List. Even more recently, eminent German geologist and science writer Dr. Johannes Fiebag confirmed Wingate's discovery of an "unusual and possibly artificial structure" on the mysterious far side of the moon as shown in the 25 year old NASA Apollo 16 orbital photograph, AS16/10075825.

Dr. Fiebag, highly-respected, is the author of two recent books: "Mars - Planet Des Lebens", Econ-Publisher, Düsseldorf 1996; and "Mission Pathfinder", (Econ Publisher, Düsseldorf 1997).

Below is the original NASA Apollo 16 photograph which we will now examine in extraordinary detail.

Upon examination of the photograph, it was apparent that both Steve Wingate and then Dr. Fiebag's claims about the Apollo 16 photograph of the Lobachevsky Crater merited immediate closer examination. The picture was sent to graphics analyst Liz Edwards at IWonder Productions for enhancement and further analysis. Her work quickly underscored the fact that there are indeed some bizarre anomalies in the photograph, in fact there are several.

(Ms. Edwards' most recently exposed what appears to be a tiny missile in a photograph of a New York sunset at the exact time of the TWA 800 tragedy.)

Ms. Edwards made it clear that her multi-stage "enhancement process takes the image to its most critical viewing size without distorting the objects in question." Below, is her first enhancement of the NASA Apollo 16 photograph...

This first enhancement (above) is remarkable in itself in that there are apparently four clearly strange and unusual 'objects' or anomalies in the Lobachevsky Crater.
  • Item "A" demonstrates a strange white rectangular shape along the ridge of the crater rim and includes an unusual shadow below and to its right.
  • Item "B" appears to be a spectacular 'spire' soaring perhaps hundreds of meters straight up from the lunar surface and standing next to what appears to be a rectangular shadowed hole or depression running from its base out to the right.
  • Item "C" smaller but odd, sits in the bottom of the small valley or ravine below the crater rim.
  • Item "D" is set apart from the other objects and projects an extraordinary and bright reflective surface.

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