Friday, July 4, 2014

'Shadow entity' caught on night camera ?

A man who set up a camera to film his sleep paralysis managed to capture something unexpected.

Sleep paralysis, the phenomenon in which you enter a half-waking state during which you are unable to move, can be an unnerving experience at the best of times, but when coupled with the feeling that you are not alone or the appearance of someone in the room with you it can quickly change from a harmless curiosity to the stuff of nightmares.

This was exactly what happened to YouTube user Mike Pike who last week observed what he believed to be a dark shadow figure watching him from the foot of his bed during a sleep paralysis episode. Having described the experience as the most terrifying of his life, Pike decided to set up a camera in his room to film what was there in the event that the same thing happened again.

"I'm a rationalist and a very skeptical person with no previous interest in paranormal activity, but after doing some research it seemed like there was a possibility that this entity is real," he wrote.

Sure enough, after rewatching the footage he noticed that he had indeed caught something unusual on camera. From around the 30-second mark on the video below it is possible to see a vague shape rising up towards the ceiling above the bed having seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

"I have watched the footage over and over trying to figure out some logical explanation for what could have caused the image of what seems to be a ghost, but I haven't been able to come up with a solution," he wrote.

"I am really starting to believe that I captured the entity I saw during my paralysis on video. This terrifies me so much that I can no longer sleep in my room." 

Source: Unexplained Mysteries