Friday, September 26, 2014

Russian cyclist cheats death—twice

While crossing a street in a Moscow suburb, he finds himself in the path of colliding vehicles, and narrowly avoids being run over by both of them

Cats supposedly have nine lives. It’s unclear how many people have, but a Russian cyclist used two of his lives in a mere instant recently while trying to cross a street in Moscow’s Lyubertsy district.
The accompanying footage shows the cyclist attempting to ride slowly across the street when a large truck and red car enter the intersection from different streets at the same time.
The cyclist is aware of the truck, but not of the fast-approaching red Mazda, about to spoil a perfectly peaceful crossing.
The truck swerves and hits the back of the Mazda, spinning its rear end into the direction of the cyclist, who is almost struck first by the Mazda, then by the truck as it begins to roll over.
The cyclist could easily have been killed by either vehicle, yet somehow escaped the collision and was merely knocked over.
Though dazed, the cyclist was able to rise to his feet and even rush over to help the driver of the truck.
Remarkably, according to reports, nobody was seriously injured.