Monday, September 22, 2014

These Poor People Were Photographed Inside A Haunted House. Here Are Their Reactions.

If you ever visited a haunted house, you know there are some embarrassingly scary moments inside. Unfortunately for these people, they had their embarrassing moments photographed for the whole world to see in the Nightmare Fear Factory. The haunted house in Niagra Falls, Canada, is famous for being extremely scary and, luckily for us, we get to see just how scary some people think it is...

1.) Cover her eyes!

2.) Don't pull my shirt! I'm trying to run away!

3.) Conga line of terror.

4.) Nom nom nom.

5.) The worst father-son trip ever.

6.) Looks like he punched his friend in the gut.

7.) Dad protect us!

8.) Chivalry.

9.) Is the ghost in the middle of them?

10.) Batter up!

11.) Run girls! You're too young to die!

12.) Hold onto that ticket girls!

13.) You can't even see the third girl in this picture.

14.) Youthful terror.

15.) Why so dressed up?

16.) Kramer would be proud.

17.) 3 Stooges.

18.) The dad looks more interested than scared.

19.) Don't lose the bagged lunch!

20.) They all look like they were simultaneously kicked in the crotch.

21.) So scared that they spoon each other.

22.) That dude in the front is going to be a great dad. Protect the kids!

23.) My anaconda don't want none...

24.) Why did you knee me in the butt?!

25.) They look more annoyed than scared.

26.) Honey, RUN!

27.) This is the WORST bachelor party ever!

28.) Talk to the hand, ghost!

29.) Those two girls in the back are getting a piggy back ride.

Just remember these pictures during your next trip to a haunted house attraction. You will either look exactly like these people, or worse. You can laugh all you want, but you do some pretty silly things when you're scared. All of us do. DUN DUN DUN!