Friday, December 19, 2014

A Million Mummies unearthed in Egypt and One is a Red Hair Giant.

Whoever did the burying definitely had a system. The mummies are found organized by hair color (most were blondes and redheads) or by the condition of their teeth – blondes with blondes, no cavities with no cavities. Genetic tests may eventually explain other groupings. These were economy funerals – the bodies did not have their organs removed like the pharaohs did, there were no mummy portraits accompanying the bodies and the mummification was accomplished naturally by the dry desert air.

Then there’s the giant. One male mummy measured over seven feet tall and had to be folded to fit in the burial shaft. Dr. Muhlestein thinks his size was caused by a medical condition.
With almost a million mummies yet to be uncovered, many more mysteries remain.
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