Sunday, December 14, 2014

Has this ghost hunter caught Wales' most bloodthirsty ghoul on camera?

Could this be the ghost of Wales’ bloodiest judge caught on camera?
A paranormal expert thinks so – after he took these snaps of what he claims is the spectre of Judge Jeffreys, the notorious aristocratic Welshman who hanged more than a thousand people in the 1600s.
Known as “The Hanging Judge”, Jeffreys – who was born in Wrexham – took charge of the Bloody Assizes in the 17th century.
The gruesome trials led to thousands of suspected treasoners being burned alive at the stake, hanged and beheaded.
Now ghost hunter Iain Alderton claims he has a picture that shows a ghoulish figure in an archaic powdered wig – and it is staring right at the camera.
The snaps were taken at the Ilchester Arms in London, which is understood to have been one of Judge Jeffreys’ favourite watering holes.
Mr Alderton, the founder of No Fear Paranormal investigators, said: “At the time I didn’t see anything. It wasn’t until I went through the photos later that what appeared to be Judge Jeffreys’ ghost was looking straight at me.
“First of all he seems to have his back to me, but then I took another photo and he’d turned to look straight at me through the camera.
“You can make out in the picture a powdered wig, like the sort of things they would wear during his era while he was a judge.
“We went to check out the place at night, because the owner had said they’d been hearing all kinds of strange noises in and around the pub.”
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