Thursday, January 23, 2014

Former Air Force major forecasts UFO sightings at Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding is expected to be viewed by over a billion people around the world – but also by a few UFOs according to a retired Air Force major.
Former military officer George Filer runs the National UFO Centre and says it’s common to see the extraterrestrials around important events, and is highly possible they may be watching the royal wedding too.
Mr Filer told AOL News: ‘The craft seem to have an interest in anything important. They’ve been sighted recently over Libya and near the Japanese tsunami.’

He says his UFO Centre tracks over 1,000 sightings each month and has been getting reports from British Royal Air Force pilots over the past few weeks, who reported seeing UFOs over the English Channel.
Mr Filer is also expecting sightings around Westminster Abbey on April 29 because he says the royal family have shown interest in UFOs.

Speaking about a conversation he once had with Prince Philip, he said: ‘It was around 1961 or ’62, when I was a navigator in a tanker.
‘He met with a group of us after a dinner because he wanted to talk about UFOs. He told us that the RAF had stopped sending fighters after UFOs because some of them didn’t come back.
‘They decided to send tankers, which were nearly as fast as the fighters but could hold 15 hours of fuel, compared to two for the fighters.’
Mr Filer also claimed that Prince William’s grandfather told him that his uncle, the Earl Mountbattan, had seen some UFOs up close.

And although the UFO expert admitted that the Soviets did try to penetrate the UK’s airspace regularly during the Cold War when he met Prince Philip, he discounted the possibility that the objects might have actually been their crafts.
A renowned investigator of crop circles in Britain during the 1980s also backs Mr Filer’s claims of the royal family’s interest in UFOs.
Colin Andrews says the Queen once read one of his books about crop circles, titled Circular Evidence’.
He said: ‘Prince Philip and the Queen are particularly interested in the subject. And their interest seems to be based on personal experiences.’
Mr Andrews claims the Queen even sent him a letter confirming her reading the book, but says the British government and royal family officials have denied their interest in UFOs.
‘I have numerous documents attesting to that, even though Nick Pope, the head of the UFO project of the Ministry of Defense, publicly stated the queen and the government had no official interest in UFOs.
‘I believe he was under instruction to make that statement and he later confirmed that during a live interview with the BBC’, Mr Andrews said.
And he says after posting the alleged letter from the Queen on his website, he was later asked to remove it because it was ‘personal’ correspondence not met for public consumption.

Source: Daily Mail