Monday, January 20, 2014

UFO: Alien Triangle Causes Drivers to Duck in Perth, Australia.

Do drivers duck when they're on the road? Normally not; but on 9 January 2014, drivers in Perth Australia did. The report was submitted to the Mutual UFO Network, one of the oldest civilian UFO-investigative organization.

An eyewitness reported that at 12:32 PM of January 9, 2014, he ducked his head, and so did the others on the road that day, when a strange alien object appeared on the road.

"I was stopped at traffic lights on Erindale road and Balcatta road, when just out of the blue a shadow covering a four lane street plus buildings flew over, I saw the shape of it, before it actually made me duck my head and I looked around to the other cars they did the same thing as well."

The object was identified to be of a huge triangular shape appearing at the centre of the intersection. Despite its size, it moved fast.

"It actually was quite fast but just enough to see the shape, it just went over in a few seconds maybe ten.\" said the witness.

Witnesses were all baffled by the strange object they had just seen. Apparently, as the witness called her husband while seated on her car, she remembered that this is not the first time it happened.

According the eyewitness, a similar incident happened in Duncraig, a northern suburb in Perth Australia, several years ago. There were a number of reports about a huge shadow going over the suburb.

Could that shadow be the same shadow cast by the triangular object in the middle of the intersection on 9 January 2014?

Source: The Canadian