Sunday, January 19, 2014

Martian Mystery At Medusae Fossae.

Everyone and their cats are getting their panties in a bunch over a craft or (alien cave) base spotted on our moon. Over at the Daily Mail1, headlines are celebrating WowForReeel’s discovery2.
Who Forted’s gonna one-up ‘em.
Last November, I wrote up a possible UFO sighting over Mars3 courtesy of NASA’s Curiosity rover. If the speck is a saucer, maybe it’s on a search-and-rescue mission for a crashed compatriot.
Sometime between 1998 and 2000, the Mars Global Surveyor spied45 something strange in Medusae Fossae. Approximately 183m/600ft wide, an object is half buried in the martian regolith. Story behind this image is NASA image specialist Steve Wingate spotted this object, fought to make it public, but the site featuring the findings was allegedly hacked several times before it disappeared. Fortunately, NASA’s servers are more resilient
Medusae fossae’s an interesting region along the martian equator, southwest of Tharsis plateau, where ruddy dust, fines, and volcanic ash don’t reflect radar signals6. A craft using radar for its final approach to the martian surface would find itself flying blind over the area. It’s also possible this is a yardang.
If you squint, these formations could resemble a crash site. Prevailing winds blow the loose regolith in a direction, giving the impression of something impacting the surface at a low angle. Plus, this dust along this expanse is constantly shifting accounting for the dearth of craters. Until humanity gets off its collective duffer for martian migration, we may never uncover the mystery behind this anomaly.
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