Tuesday, December 16, 2008


There are many online games which are really easy and fun to play and then you can earn real money. One of the most popular such online games is Backgammon. If you are interested in playing this game online where you can earn huge amount of money is bgprime.com. What is really exciting about new players is when you get to know that they have lots of special offers and earn bonuses up to 100%.

First I think the website will be better off using vibrant color themes. It's an important asset for websites to have that visually stimulating facade. The online gambling world is becoming bigger and bigger so websites like these need to have these to attract more eyes of customers. For this kind of website, I think green which is the color of money, will work best. A wider header and a well-organized left column for navigation would be perfect. The homepage is a little too short for me. I think the essence of the website should be the content. BGPrime needs a little bit more content

There are also a few things working for http://www.bgprime.com. I love the way every page loads up very quickly. A slow website is a real pain and could lose a lot of business just because of that. Good thing www.bgprime.com is not one of those sites. I also like how the information is arranged and organized. This makes it easy to use regardless of level of play. I also love the way information is organized with recent posts above the the more popular posts. With a little redesign and some more exposure, I think http://www.bgprime.com should get a big piece of that online gambling pie soon.