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The Stuff That Leaked Out, NASA UFO Anomalies

NASA Leads us into Space, Over the years as we search further for answers, we also come across things that appear hard to explain, Our eyes in space have captured some interesting footage and our top Astronauts have asked "UFO?" - We search for truth, It is work in progress. 
Enjoy the Show.

NASA Worker Sees Men Walk Over To Viking Lander On Mars?

Jackie stated that she used to work at NASA and handled the down-linked telemetry, back in 1979.
States that one night, while watching the live feed coming from the Viking Rover on Mars, that she saw two men in suits, along with some colleagues, stroll in from the horizon, and then proceeded to walk over to the Viking Lander.

Enormous Footprint Discovered In South Africa

Below is a video of Michael Tellinger showing the world close-up video footage of what appears to be a giant footprint that’s been etched into granite rock in South Africa. This video has been circling the web for a few years now, and despite all of the efforts to debunk it, what you see in the video is actually real. It’s hard to believe (almost impossible) that the granite would take on this shape through simple erosion, and even if you find yourself with a level of skepticism it’s very interesting to say the least.
Who is Michael Tellinger? He is a renowned author/politician who has made several groundbreaking discoveries regarding lost ancient civilizations that once roamed the Earth. His research has more specifically been narrowed down to the southern tip of South Africa. His analytical and scientific approach to his work has attracted many. He’s lectured in various parts of the world and has produced some remarkable evidence that’s forcing us to consider the true origins of humanity and our ancient history. He is now considered an international authority on the origins of humanity and the lost civilizations of southern Africa. You can learn more about Michael and his work by visiting his website here.
Although this footage is a couple of years old, it’s extremely fascinating so we thought we would bring it to the attention of those who have yet to come across it.

Here is another video of him addressing the debunking claims

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Were Ancient Martians Murdered by Nuclear Bomb-Dropping Aliens? An Investigation

As far as we can tell, Mars is a desolate-looking desert, with no obvious life. Sure, there may still be microbes there, but I think it's safe to say that there is not an advanced civilization living on the Red Planet. But was it always that way? Did Mars once host a bustling civilization, one that perhaps was capable of nuclear warfare? Let's check in with some conspiracy theorists to find out.
I'm going to let Andrew, a guy who runs the UFO Sightings Cape Town YouTube page, set the scene.
"There are literally hundreds of building ruins in a few of NASA's panoramic images. What has happened on Mars? Was it a Nuclear WAR, or perhaps Asteroid hits? The fact of the matter is, that there are many pockets of living humanoids all over Mars," he wrote on a YouTube video showcasing some of these "building ruins."
Let's just put this out there. This is one of the fringiest of fringe conspiracy theories out there. Andrew is probably just a wee bit off his rocker, but he didn't randomly make up the idea that there was civilization on Mars and that it could have died in a nuclear WAR.
For that, let’s take a look at an excerpt from Did Spacemen Colonize the Earth?, a book published by Robin Collyns in 1976. Earlier in the following passage, Collyns argues that there certainly were nuclear explosions on Mars.
"It is difficult to imagine a nuclear explosion on Mars that was not deliberately caused," Collyns writes. "It is very likely that the explosion was made for some constructional purpose. Thus, the [nuclear observations] can serve as one of the proofs in the favor of existence of rational life on mars."
Pseudoscience and wild conjecture are fun, but John Brandenburg, a plasma physicist who got his degree from UC Davis and who has seemingly had a relatively normal, distinguished career for a scientist, has staked his reputation on his theory that Martian life was, perhaps purposefully, destroyed with nukes.
“Was Mars murdered?” he muses in a book about the theory.
Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 11.01.44 AM.png
Brandenburg’s appearance on Supreme Master Television  Screengrab: Supreme Master Television
In an oddly disconcerting interview with "Supreme Master Television," a thoroughly bizarre station run by the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association cult, Brandenburg notes that Mars had two ancient humanoid civilizations, called Cydonia and Utopia, which had a level of technology similar to that of the ancient Egyptians.
What happened to those Martians? Nukes, he says.
"Two great disasters happened on Mars," he told Supreme Master TV, pointing to Utopia on a map. "One here, and then an asteroid impact happened here, and Cydonia was right in between them. That's puzzling. Why would so many bad things happen in one area of mars that just so happened to have archaeology on it?"
That was back in 2011. Since then, Brandenburg has decided that both disasters were nukes, and possibly “natural” nuclear explosions that could have been caused by some cosmic weirdness like an asteroid hitting radioactive material or something like that. Today, however, he has upped the ante.
This weekend, he's going to present new research at a meeting of the American Physical Society that he says proves that there were indeed nuclear explosions on Mars and that they are consistent with nuclear bomb "airbursts," meaning that there's no possible way these were natural. He said in a statement emailed to me that the evidence he's found is "consistent with mixed fusion-fission explosions."
It's worth noting ​that the other sessions at the meeting appear to have well-regarded university researchers from all around the world presenting experimental particle physics results and things of that nature, so I have to say that Brandenburg's research (which certainly does not appear to be peer-reviewed) appearing alongside that is pretty weird.
Brandenburg's theory about where the explosions happened. Image: ​ Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
Here's his case, set to be published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astrophysics, a journal that just published a study about the Big Bang being a hologram:
"The high concentration of Xenon-129 atmosphere, the evidence from Krypton-80 and the detected pattern of excess abundance of Uranium and Thorium on Mars surface, relative to Mars meteorites, first seen by the Russians and now confirmed by the Mars Odyssey Spacecraft Gamma Ray Spectrometer, mean that the surface of Mars was apparently the site of massive radiological events, which created large amounts of signature isotopes and covered the surface with a thin layer of radioactive debris enriched in certain elements relative to its subsurface rocks. This pattern of phenomenon can be explained as due to two large anomalous nuclear explosions on Mars in the past."
Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 10.50.54 AM.png
Alleged ruins on Mars. Screengrab:  ​UFOSightingsCapeTown
So, there's the theory. Reading that, it’s possible, until you get to the last line, to think that hey, here’s a scientist who thinks something weird happened on Mars—the idea of there being a naturally occurring nuclear explosion on a planet that has radioactive elements on it hasn’t been completely ruled out by NASA, after all.
But then, well, he is presenting published, quasi-scientific research suggesting that these were anomalous and not natural. If that’s not clear enough, maybe the description and title of his upcoming book Death on Mars: The Discovery of a Planetary Nuclear Massacre will drive it home.
Or we can just read the conclusion to his paper, a preprint version of which he shared with me.
“Given the large amount of nuclear isotopes in Mars atmosphere resembling those from hydrogen bomb tests on Earth, Mars may present an example of civilization wiped out by a nuclear attack from space,” he wrote.
“It is possible the Fermi Paradox means that our interstellar neighborhood contains forces hostile to young, noisy, civilizations such as ourselves," he added. "Such hostile forces could range from things as alien as AI (Artificial Intelligence) ‘with a grudge’ against flesh and blood, as in the movie Terminator, all the way to things as sadly familiar to us as a mindless humanoid bureaucrat like Governor Tarkin in Star Wars, eager to destroy planet Alderann as an example to other worlds.”

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Patient in hospice photographs ghost or angel in room hours before dying

This amazing photo shows what is claimed could be a spirit visiting a patient not long before their death in a hospice. The poster of the original photo states:
 A hospice nurse passed this along to me. As one of her patients was getting close to passing over, the patient said that she was sensing someone in a secluded area of the room. She was given a small camera to try to capture what she was seeing. (She took this photo at night). When the film was developed, this is what appeared. This is my photograph of the photograph. Again, there could be many things that account for this shot, but I believe that this indeed is a photo of an angel. ~ Denise Linn

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Giant Humanoid Skull Found On Mars?

The artifact, which resembles a humanoid skull, is half buried in the Martian sand, but its clearly not a rock, in my opinion.

The skull, which is much larger than a humans, indicates that this humanoid, was approximately nine to ten feet in height. this obviously confirms that giant humanoid beings, once roamed the Martian landscape.

Nasa Source:

A Fossilized Dragon Man at a Museum in Japan?

This is an art exhibit at a museum in Japan, the fossilized remains of a human-dragon hybrid, or a nephilim.

Read the rest here: Who Forthed

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If, and this is a big IF, this is true, in any sense, what in the world is it and what does it mean for the solar system. Why is no one besides “Ken” in the video screaming about this?

You decide if it’s bunk. Comment below to share your thoughts.

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Massive flash over Russia’s Urals stuns locals & scientists

An extraordinary bright orange flash has lit up the sky in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region in the Urals. While locals captured the massive ‘blast’ on numerous cameras, both scientists and emergency services still struggle to explain the unusual event.
Dark evening skies in the town of Rezh in Sverdlovsk region near Russia's Ekaterinburg turned bright orange for some ten seconds on November 14, with the event being caught on several cameras by the locals.
A driver filmed the massive flash with his dashcam, later posting the video on YouTube, with more people commenting they’ve seen it too. Teenagers in the town of Rezh also filmed the phenomenon with a mobile phone.

Top 15 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in The World

Let us explore some cool mysteries we have yet to solve and allow our imaginations and creativity to conjure possible answers. Don’t limit yourself to what might or might not sound crazy in our modern world.

Remember, it’s only a product of years of conditioning as to what is normal. Picture a child being told such stories, they allow their minds to explore every ounce of it versus simply confining it to a small scope of possibility or simply passing it off as lies.

It’s that type of openness that the greatest thinkers and inventors of our world had. I believe great and revolutionary scientists exist in the extreme few today because most have been conditioned out of brilliance. 

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New UFO filmed by Rosetta Spacecraft? - Comet 67P

UFO Filmed and Photographed On Comet 67P By Rosetta Spacecraft.

Scientists Photograph Soul Leaving Body At Death, According To New Study

Dr. Korotkov is the author of more than 200 papers in leading journals on physics and biology, and he holds 17 patents on biophysics inventions. Prof. Korotkov has led a research career for over 30 years, combining rigorous scientific method with an insatiable curiosity about things of the spirit and the soul with deep respect for all life. He is also a scholar in philosophy and a serious mountaineer of 25 years experience. He has given lectures, seminars and training sessions in 43 countries, presenting papers and workshops at more than 100 national and international conferences.

If one were to question the credibility of this story, it could not be on the basis that the scientist is not credible.  He is the Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.  Professor of Research in Saint Petersburg Academy of Physical Culture, and the President of the International Union for Medical and Applied Bioelectrography just to name a few.

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Is the truth out there? Chilling snap shows UFO photographed over British city

John Hindley managed to photograph the unidentified object while staying with a friend.
The 35-year-old craftsman claims he took the shocking snap after waking up to feel a "lunar pull" drawing him to the window at around 10am.

Mr Hindley said looked out the window and spotted the saucer,  which floated over the Pennines mountain range for half an hour before vanishing. 
He said: "I just thought it was a glitch in the sky. It was a few miles away. I took two photos and then just left it.
"Two days after I remembered the feeling I had. 
"It was like that pull I had had before. 
"Normally when you take a photo there is no emotion so I remembered that feeling I had and so I thought I would look at the photo.
"I had it again when I looked at the photo.
"It was like magnetic pull - a lunar pull. 
"I felt the same pull when I took the picture." 
Mr Hindley captured the shocking image while staying with his friend in a third-floor flat in Middleton, north of Manchester on Friday November 7.
But he didn't see what he had managed to photograph until two days later when his mysterious "pulling" sensation returned.
He said: "I am a rational man. I have never felt that feeling before. 
"With the feeling I had and what it looks like, I don't think it was a Chinook helicopter.
He added: "I definitely think it could have been a UFO. 
"I think people more people are realising that we are not the only people floating around the vicinity.
"I mean the photo shows the lights shining through the clouds. 
"I really don't think it is a reflection - look at the saucer shaped object and the lights and the two lines coming out of the bottom." 

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**UNDENIABLE** Proof Of UFO's LIVE On BBC News Oct 8, 2014

On October 8, two fast-moving UFOs were spotted behind a reporter during a BBC news report from Walton-on-the-Naze. The crafts made some nice air show maneuvers before flying off in the same direction. For some strange reason this video didn’t appear on the Internet until recently. Enlarged photos discount speculation they may be birds or drones. No comments have been made by the BBC or any authorities in the area.

Perfectly Square Box Next To Statue Looking Anomaly On Mars

After 10 years of roaming around Mars the Opportunity Rover is still beaming back images of the amazing Martian landscape to Earth.  Among these images independent researchers have found hundreds of anomalies and strange phenomenon that should not be occurring on a “cold dead planet” as we have all been taught over the years.  Among one of these new photographs hidden in the darkness on the side of a hill sits a perfectly shapped box as well as a statue looking formation that looks to have a human shaped head at the top of it. 
Just like most Mars Anomaly images the debunkers and critics will almost certainly call this one a trick of light and shadow which I do not deny may be the case.  In almost all spacial image interpretations everything is subject to the eye of the beholder.   Since we are all so unique I use the slogan “I see what I see and you see what you see” for a very good reason!   I ask you to please open your mind and watch the following video and view the enhanced versions of each anomaly below before rendering judgment.

UFO Buzzes Nuclear Plant In Mexico, Latest Of Many UFOs Seen Hovering At Nuke Facilities

A UFO filmed hovering over nuclear power plant in Veracruz, Mexico, and posted to YouTube November 7 is just the latest in a long series of UFO sightings over and near nuclear facilities — as history of ominous sightings that stretches back six decades, to the earliest days of nuclear energy production.
The UFO video from Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant, a 24-year-old nuke owned and operated by the Mexican government, was purportedly shot with a cell phone camera on November 5 by an engineer at the power plant. The 91-second-long video, viewable above, definitely shows something hovering over the nuclear reactors. But what?
While technically a UFO because the object is “unidentified” and flying, speculation among commenters on the video’s YouTube page, which as received more than 40,000 views so far, ranges from “toy,” to “party balloon,” to the more sinister “Russian spy thing.” By “thing,” the commenters mean a drone, that is, an unmanned aircraft of some kind. But a drone could be anything from a harmless toy to a military surveillance or attack aircraft.
Or is the video simply a hoax? So far, no experts have examined the Mexican UFO video closely enough to weigh in. Of course, some viewers of the video see it as an authentic recording of an alien spacecraft. Scott Waring, of the popular UFO Sighting Daily blog, speculates that “aliens are interested in our technological advances and how we make energy, while impacting the Earth with pollution.”
Another possibility, Waring believes, is that he video shows a damaged alien spacecraft “harvesting” energy from the Laguna Verde nuke to “get home.” While Waring’s speculation will likely be taken with a grain of nuclear powered salt by most observers, the fact remains that nuclear power plants have been unusually common sites for UFO sightings.
The phenomenon dates back to 1950, when a number of scientists working on a then-secret nuclear energy project at Los Alamos spotted a disc-shaped UFO zig-zagging across the sky at an altitude of about 2,000 feet. Two years later, similar UFO sightings were reported UFOs hovering over newly-built nuclear plants in Washington and South Carolina.
More recently, a 2012 UFO video from Mexico was also captured at a nuclear power plant. And in April of this year, a series of UFO sightings were reported at McGuire Nuclear Station in North Carolina.
The Salem Nucelar Power Plant in New Jersey has also been the site of numerous UFO sightings, which like all UFO incidents, may have an innocent explanation, but one has not yet been forthcoming.


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Greetings, We Are From the Future: Next Stage is the Revolution of Love

Greetings. We are from the future. Everything is going to be alright. Humanity is about to undergo an astonishing revolution.

Many have called for this revolution, but few understand what it truly means. This coming revolution is part of a great progression towards an awakening of staggering proportions. Life force is the creative self-organizing intelligence orchestrating all of this behind the scenes.

Life force is experienced by you as the feeling of Love - for Life and Love are the same. What humanity is about to become is quite inconceivable to you right now, But we are here to help make this transition a little easier. 


Like gyroscopic force stabilizes a motorcycle - Life force [Love] stabilizes all living systems.

Populations full of love, cultivate honesty, courage and generosity, self-organizing and self -regulating without the need for coercive control.

Populations with deficits in love succumb to fear, violence and corruption, inviting coercive governments to combat the chaos and entropy that arises in the absence of love’s organizing intelligence.

Just as Life force is experienced as love, entropy is experienced as ego, hatred and fear.
The corrupt and power hungry feed on this fear.

Without enough gyroscopic force to keep it upright a motorcycle falls, likewise without enough love to keep them upright free and idealistic governments fall.

Populations too fearful, selfish and chaotic to stand on their own, invite despotic governments to forcefully rule and stabilize them like a kickstand for those who've lost their minds.

As long as a population has more fear than love, what appears to be democracy is often little more than a spectacle to mesmerize the masses. Autocratic power still operates behind the scenes. Its media directs people’s unconscious fears and aggression towards invented enemies, insane competitiveness, rabid consumerism and addiction.


This system glorifies the ego, the embodiment of entropy, which convinces you that you are alone against the world, causing alienation, fear and aggression.
The core values of your culture have been hijacked, forging a pathologically antisocial anti-ecological system obsessed with profit, power and control.


Real change must now come from outside this system.
Real change must now come from you.

Just as free and idealistic governments can’t survive the entropy of populations filled with fear Egoic coercive governments can’t survive the creative self-organizing power of people filled with love.

Gandhi called this power soul force, life force, love force. It is the fundamental force behind all nonviolent revolution and the unassailable creative intelligence of Life.

True freedom and equality requires a population alive with this self-organizing intelligence.

The coming awakening happens in stages.
And the next stage... is THE REVOLUTION OF LOVE.

Love is the organizing force behind all that is beautiful, joyful and creative in this world.
Power structures are merely the reflection of a population’s levels of love or fear.
But true love casts out all fear making graceful revolution not only possible but inevitable.

So the next stage... is THE REVOLUTION OF LOVE.
When you unleash the sentient energies of love, then, for the second time in history the world, humanity will have discovered fire.

The fires of love will spread through all people, thus all systems shaping the world in its own image.
Love is a force of nature. And so are you.

The coming singularity happens in stages.
And the next stage... is THE REVOLUTION OF LOVE.
The love that fuels this revolution starts with you.
You can become an agent of love, allowing it to guide you and govern your actions.

Love is increased through communion, song, mindfulness, prayer, humor, forgiveness and connection.
(We will reveal more in future transmissions.)

For now, communicate to every sentient being you encounter:

I see you.
You are not alone.
We are in this together.
You are loved.
The revolution of love is here - and all is well.
So... Let there be Light!

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Source: HAF

MOC Image Reveals Square Fort Ruins On Mars?

That's probably the most intriguing photo I've seen on Mars.

Let me know what you think!