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Has Glenn Miller Mystery Been Solved?

The Glenn Miller mystery is getting a fresh look nearly 70 years after the beloved bandleader disappeared over the English Channel in 1944 on his way to play a concert for US troops in Paris—and a historian says newly discovered documents help explain what happened to him. An episode of History Detectives Special Investigations airing on PBS examines his disappearance, as well as the conspiracy theories that say he failed in a plot to overthrow Hitler or died in a Paris brothel. "This is a story about a guy who was in essence a rock star of his time—he was every bit as big as the Beatles or the Rolling Stones," one of the program's hosts tells USA Today. "He joins the Army Air Force to be a patriot and poof, he vanishes." Miller, who joined the Army at the height of his fame in 1942, was last seen boarding a single-engine Noorduyn Norseman aircraft in December 1944, just before the Germans launched the Battle of the Bulge offensive.

In the show, Colorado University historian Dennis Spragg says Miller died because of a disastrous combination of circumstances, the Chicago Tribune reports. Desperate to get to Paris to play for the troops who had liberated the city months earlier, Miller accepted a ride in a plane known to have a defective carburetor, in deteriorating weather with a pilot not certified to fly by instruments alone. Halfway across the channel, "the engine stops, the airplane turns nose down, and in eight seconds it's in the water. … That's exactly what the United States Army Air Force concluded three weeks after the accident," Spragg says. "You have a perfect storm of human error, mechanical failure, and weather. Not independent of one another—all three. And the plane goes down." The military failed to explain that scenario at the time, he says, because military policy precluded releasing such information.
Source: Newser

Pope Francis Deputizes an Army of Exorcists

Fr. Gabriele Amorth isn’t just playing devil’s advocate. The 89-year-old Italian Paulist organized the International Association of Exorcists in the 1980s, and has been one of the world’s most visible Roman Catholic exorcists in his own right for over thirty years. He has also been something of an enigma within the church; while Pope John Paul II himself reportedly performed at least two exorcisms, the claim that demonic possession has historically been a primitive interpretation of severe mental illness, and exorcism a potentially harmful response to it, is pretty hard to dispute. Extricating the rite of exorcism and trying to salvage some dignified spiritual meaning from it is hard work, maybe doomed work, especially when exorcism has become an overused horror movie trope. But hundreds of priests in good standing, including Fr. Amorth, feel that it’s necessary—and the Pope agrees.

Several weeks ago, Pope Francis granted the International Association of Exorcists private juridical personality status, placing it more-or-less permanently under the authority and protection of the Vatican hierarchy. This is the most significant change to the status of exorcists within the Vatican since the Minor Order of Exorcist was initially eliminated in 1972. For people who think of him as a more secular reformer, this is a wakeup call: this Pope believes in the reality of supernatural evil, and he’s prepared to stake his reputation on that belief in a way that other recent popes haven’t.

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Vermont Man Claims This Is A Photo Of BIGFOOT!

Frank Siecienski, from Hubbardton, installed a camera in his backyard after repeated damage to his plants and trees in the hope of finding the culprit. At first, Frank thought deers could be the ones eating all his apples until what looks like a bigfoot crouching was captured on by his surveillance camera.

Golden UFO At Space Station On Live Cam VIDEO, July 9, 2014

This golden UFO is often seen near the space station. Usually its a golden ball, but this time its a long cigar shaped craft. Caught on live Internet cam, the UFO is stationary, which tells us it has matched speeds with the space station so that it can conduct is mission. The space station solar panels move to adjust to the sun and move to cover up the UFO. Very interesting catch by Streetcap1 of Youtube. 

Alien Ship Found In Harriot Crater, Moon On July 9, 2014

Date of discovery: July 9, 2014
Location of discovery:  Harriot B. Crater, Earths Moon

This alien craft on the surface of the moon was found by Streetcap1 of Youtube. It is located in Harriot B. Crater on the dark side of the moon...the side we never get to see. The crater is located at 33.4°  N114.5° E and being 37 km in makes this ship at least 75-100 meters across. The dimensions of this craft match on its left and right side, making it look a lot like todays modern jets, but without the tail. Very cool discovery and it looks very ancient and abandoned. 

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Danielle Niblett of Maryland was on her way home from college when she came across a crash site on the highway. She felt “compelled” to snap a photo of the crash site and discover an intriguing figure in one of the pictures.  The photo was sent to paranormal website, Ghost Study, to be analyzed.

In an interview, Niblett shares:
“I took this photo while passing a crash site on my way home from college. I didn’t notice the ghostly image until a friend of mine told me that they could see the wrecked SUV behind the firefighters. I zoomed into the right side of the photo for a closer look and I was a little freaked at what I saw. I showed it to my family and my grandmother then mentioned that I should share it with those that would appreciate it most. What we see in the picture is what we believe to be a spirit leaving the accident scene. If that is the case, I think your viewers would appreciate seeing it too.”

Did the Ancient Egyptians know the Distance between the Inner Planets?

Over the centuries researchers have wondered what the significance is to the layout of the Pyramids at Giza. Could they mimic the stars above or possibly hold a secret code hidden within their design? Many believe the three pyramids, one which is smaller and off center from the angle of the other two, is an image of the belt from the constellation Orion. When comparing the layout of the three main pyramids to the night’s sky it becomes obvious the three stars that make up the belt of Orion are almost identical. It seems even more plausible to think this after observing the evidence the Egyptians left behind to prove they were keen observers of the night’s sky. With the advanced knowledge and careful planning it would take to build the pyramids it seems obvious the layout must have been an important part of the design. Could there be more than one reason to build these great monuments in their precise locations? Maybe they do mirror the night’s sky but could there also be other meanings locked within their design?

If the Egyptians had the capability to preplan and layout the Pyramids at Giza it seems they could apply the same mathematical knowledge to astronomy as well. Astronomers today have simple equations using the alignment of any planet to the background stars, over a six month period, to find the planet’s distance. It seems with their advanced skills in mathematics and astronomy it’s possible the ancient Egyptians could have possessed this type of knowledge.

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VIDEO: UFOs spotted in sky over Dordogne

A video posted on YouTube has caused a fair amount of intrigue as it appears to show four UFOs hovering in the sky above a forest in the Dordogne, southern France. Scientists have so far been unable to explain the objects. Can you?

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Machine dated at 400 million years found in Russia?

In the remote Kamchatka peninsula (map below), 200 km from Tigil, University of St. Petersburg archaeologists discovered a strange fossil. The authenticity of the find has been certified. According archaeologist Yuri Golubev, the discovery surprised scientists by its nature, and will change history (or pre-history).
It is not the first time that is an artifact, an ancient object, something like this is found in that region. But, surprisingly conserved, this specific artifact is – at first glance, inlaid in rock (which is understandable since the peninsula is home to numerous volcanoes). Subjected to analysis, the conjunct showed to be made of metal parts that seem to form a mechanism, a gear which may be of a type of watch or computer. The astonishing is that all the pieces were dated 400 million years old.Yury Gobulev commented:
We got a call from the prefec of Tigil. He told us that hikers that were walking in place, found these remains in rock. We went to the place indicated, and initially we not understand what we saw. There were – hundreds of toothed cylinders which appeared to be parts of a machine.
They were in perfect state of conservation, as if they were frozen in a short period of time. It was necessary control the area, because soon the curious began to appear in large numbers. Other scientists, americans geologists, defined the piece as an amazing and mysterious artifact.
Nobody could believe that 400 million years ago that it could have existed on Earth even a man [even more a machine]. At that time, the forms of vida were very simple, but the finding, [simply] – clearly suggests the existence of intelligent beings capable of such technology. Certainly, such beings would had come from other planets. It is possible that a spaceship was damaged [or there was an accident] and it was abandoned in place

Science Predicts How the World Will Change by 2025

Having analyzed huge volumes of data regarding the scientific studies and patent applications, the company Thomson Reuters, a child agency of Reuters, came up with a list of ten innovations that promise to dramatically change the planet by 2025.

Intellectual Property and Science Department of the company initially identified ten areas of scientific research which are most often referred to in the scientific literature. This information was combined with data on the areas with most of the patent application claims.

Here are Top Ten Innovations of 2025 according to the Thomson Reuters’s report:

10. Energy from sunshine 

Thanks to the advances in photovoltaic technology, the photocatalysts, distribution networks and energy storage batteries, solar energy will become the main source of energy on the planet.

9. Personal Genome 

Further advances in the genetic analysis systems and methods that enable the examination of individual cells will allow the DNA decoding at birth.

8. The end of the plastics

Non-degradable plastics from petroleum will be replaced with biodegradable cellulose materials, which are produced by new methods of biotechnology. The scourge of plastic bags will disappear from the planet.

7. The Internet of Everything 

Thanks to the development of new semiconductors, graphene capacitors, carbon nanotubes and 5G technology, wireless communications will dominate. Everything around us will be networked.

6. Intervention in human genes 

The development of therapies based on RNA molecules and aimed at correcting defective genes will lead to the fact that type I diabetes will be treatable.

5. Treatment for dementia 

The discovery and analysis of genes associated with neurodegenerative diseases will reduce the number of people suffering from disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Food for all 

The cultivation of genetically modified plants indoors with the help of LED light, which emits only wavelengths required by photosynthesis, will provide food supplies across the planet. It will also eliminate fluctuations in the prices of food.

3. Less toxic chemotherapies 

The creation of drugs that target specific molecules and the individualization of therapy will reduce the toxicity of anticancer drugs and the damage to healthy tissues.

2. Data teleportation 

Thanks to the progress in physics after the confirmation of the existence of the Higgs boson, scientists will be able to advance the technologies of quantum teleportation of data. However, the teleportation of people is not in the offing.

1. Electrical transport 

Advances in lithium-ion batteries and the development of lightweight carbon composites will lead to the spread of and the development of commercial electric airplanes.

By Anna LeMind, Learning Mind; | Further references here;

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Pub ghost blamed after pint flies off the bar and lands on the floor - without spilling a drop

The owners of a 17th century pub were left spooked when a pint mysteriously slid off the bar on its own.

Jenny Heard and Martin McConn hadn't taken much notice of the spooky tales surrounding Cornwall's Crow's Nest Inn when they first took it over, but within the space of only a few days the pair had become convinced that something unusual was going on.

The strangeness began when a pint of beer that had been perched on the bar suddenly slid off the counter and on to the floor seemingly of its own accord.

Rushing over to examine the mess the couple were stunned to discover that the glass had somehow managed to land upright on the floor without spilling a drop.

The Crow's Nest has long been associated with tales of the paranormal including a bell that supposedly rings on its own, a clock that always remains ten minutes fast and the sighting of four different ghosts thought to haunt the property including that of a woman who was murdered in 1844.

"A house doesn't get to be this old without retaining a few of its more peculiar features," said Jenny. "There's room for all of us here and we're looking forward to meeting more of our special guests properly." 

Source: Plymouth Herald

Baton Rouge restaurant employee finds 'GOD' in sliced eggplant

When an employee at Gino's Restaurant in Baton Rouge cut into an eggplant Monday, he found "GOD."
Chef Jermarcus Brady couldn't believe what he was seeing. "I saw a miraculous image formed by the seeds," said Jermarcus Brady. "It spelled out the word God!" Chef Brady has many responsibilities, one being cutting, salting and sauteing eggplants. 
"When you sliced into it, the pattern showed from the seeds that were forming in the inside the letters G-O-D as God," said Brady. "I couldn't think of anything. I just had to tell somebody to come look at it."
Brady showed the eggplant to the owner of the restaurant and fellow coworkers and took photos, but he believed it was meant to be shared with everyone.
Brady says he is no stranger to life's struggle, and his faith has gotten him through. He raised four kids on a limited income before becoming a chef. He says the significance of the rare eggplant seeds aren't lost on him.
"Through the road, he's showing me that 'hey, I'm real' and that's the only thing I can depend on," said Brady.
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Bigfoot Screams At Driver?

Here's a fascinating report about a witness describing what the Bigfoot sounded like when it was screaming into his car. This took place in Redwoods, CA.

A Crop Circle? In Italy?

On the night of the 29th of June, a beautiful crop circle suddenly appeared in of all places Italy. Were our alien overlords on vacation this summer, taking in the sights of ancient Rome, or the heady Renaissance history of Florence? Possibly, but they weren't the authors of this particular glyph: it was designed and created by Taranto Francesco Grassi, claimed as one of the best circlemakers in the world.
Mariano Tomatis has more about the Italian circle on his blog, as well as the lovely video below giving a drones-eye view of the design.

Source: Daily Grail

Aldrin implores world to step up Mars efforts

Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin believes that more should be done to enable the colonization of Mars.

Speaking at an online question-and-answer session with social media site Reddit, the second man to ever step foot on the moon put forward his belief that mankind's next step in the exploration of space should be to colonize the Red Planet.

"There is very little doubt, in my mind, that what the next monumental achievement of humanity will be the first landing by an Earthling, a human being, on the planet Mars," he said.

"And I expect that within two decades of the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon … America will lead an international presence on Planet Mars."

Aldrin suggested that anyone who does go to Mars shouldn't return to Earth straight away but should instead be part of an effort to build up a long-term presence on the planet, something he personally refers to as "permanence".

"The first human beings to land on Mars should not come back to Earth," he said. "They should be the beginning of a build-up of a colony/settlement. A settlement you can visit once or twice, come back, and then decide you want to settle."

The Apollo astronaut also spoke a bit about his historic trip to the moon in 1969.

"There is no place on earth as desolate as what I was viewing in those first moments on the lunar surface," he said. "Because I realised what I was looking at, towards the horizon and in every direction, had not changed in hundreds, thousands of years." 

Source: Unexplained Mysteries

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Curiosity Rover Captured Disk Shaped UFO Image?

This is one of the best images of Unidentified flying objects on the Red planet by far. A disk shaped object is clearly visible flying just above NASA’s new “kid on the block”, The Curiosity Rover. Is this UFO “checking out” NASA’s rover? Can this be treated as actual evidence that there is “something” or “someone” on Mars? We find this image particularly interesting and the only question we can ask here is, “Is this an actual extraterrestrial vehicle.”

This object cannot be confused as dust, the object is clearly defined in shape and fits perfectly in the sky, its visible and it looks like a disk shaped– saucer like object. Its not just a random spot on the image. It does not look like a dead pixel, and in our opinion, this is one of the BEST UFO images that Curiosity has transmitted back to Earth.
Check out the Raw image courtesy of NASA:

Other Unidentified flying objects on the Red planet

Ghostly Apparition Caught On Camera At Perth Tearoom

A cafe owner has called in the ghost-hunters after claiming to have seen a spirit on his security camera.
Chills went down Dan Clifford’s spine when he checked his CCTV and saw what he’s convinced was a ghostly apparition hovering over a table set for two.
He summoned a team of ghost specialists, who said the sighting, said to be a figure of a woman, was the most striking evidence they had come across in almost 10 years.
Dan, 35, said yesterday: “The first time I saw the shadow moving on the camera my heart went nuts. I thought there was an intruder in the shop.
“But when I looked closer I realised it couldn’t be a live human being – I could see right through it.”

The CCTV image was taken in the dead of night after something set off a motion sensor. And Dan claims it’s not the only evidence of ghostly goings-on at his Curiositeaz Vintage Tea Room in Perth.
He said: “Over the past few months, all the staff have experienced something.
“Some have heard voices. Others have witnessed chairs moving and one was pushed forwards and felt a chill right down their spine.
“We’ve also had a number of mediums stopping in because they felt something when they walked by.
“Some have told of feeling the presence of a woman, which fits with our newest image.
“I have always believed in the spirit world but I’d never experienced anything like this until we opened Curiositeaz less than a year ago. It’s all been very exciting.”
Dan has shown his CCTV images to ghost enthusiasts from Paranormal Investigation Scotland, and has talked to them about the other strange happenings at his cafe.
He has also fitted high-tech new cameras which takestill and moving images if sensors detect anything larger than a cat.
He said: “We are very interested to hear what the experts have to say about the recent sighting.
“We want to prove to any sceptics that we have not tampered with any images.”
A spokesman for Paranormal Investigation Scotland said: “This is the most convincing image we have seen in almost a decade, so we were keen to start looking into it.”
The experts will return to the cafe next month, with some of Scotland’s best-known mediums in tow. They’ll monitor the tea room overnight for signs of ghosts.

(Via Daily Record)

Watch The World's Tallest Water Slide Test Its First Human Riders

The Verrückt, the world's tallest water slide, has finally started testing with real, live humans. And the first drop in this POV footage is absolutely terrifying.

Located in Kansas City, Schlitterbahn water park has been pushing back the big unveiling of their monster slide (The Verrückt) again and again. But this video with slide's engineers taking the first human ride gives us hope that it may just be safe enough for the public soon.
Here are the facts. The Verrückt is 168 feet and 7 inches tall. The Statue of Liberty (from toes to the tip of the flame) is only 151 feet. It's also taller than Niagara Falls. You have to climb up 264 steps to get to the top of the 17-story slide. It's expected to hit speeds of up to 65 miles-per-hour. And when you ride you must be velcro strapped into a very large raft (which is good because you would have no butt if you did this bare bottomed).
Also, remember a few months back when we reported the rumor that sandbags were being launched off the ride, and then everyone freaked out because the park claimed that wasn't true. Well guess what? It was true. In earlier models of the ride sandbags were launched into the air. And on the actual ride itself, early tests showed the entire freaking raft lift off into the air. Here's a clip from the Travel Channel's feature on the construction of the ride, enjoy the terror:
But it's cool because now the ride has netting around it so you probably won't fall off. Maybe. Still no word on the official release date but the website says "sometime in 2014."
And here's the raw POV shot. The camera craps out on the second bump, but the drop is still intense.
Can't wait. This weekend a friend of mine took a shot of The Verrückt from the highway and the thing is just so ridiculously large, even from super far away.

Source: io9

The Lost Forbidden Pit of Africa

The world is full of wonders and mysteries, some of which continue to capture our attention and some which for some reasons have been lost to time. When looking at historic accounts it is possible to find perplexing enigmas that seem to have been forgotten, fading from all memory and the public consciousness. For whatever reason, these mysteries have fallen into the cracks and crevasses of lost history. One such place is the monster infested Forbidden Pit of deepest, darkest Africa.
In the early 1920s, several news publications of the time shed light on a curious location in Africa, which was at the time a continent largely unexplored by Westerners, a place full of dark wonder, adventure, and ancient mysteries. It was reported that in what was referred to as North Rhodesia, there was a mysterious pit in the ground measuring at least a hundred feet wide that the native Mashona and Matabele people of the area shunned, a place only known as The Forbidden Pit.
It was said that the pit was home to some horrific, reptilian beast that would emerge to terrify the local tribes. Apparently somewhat like a dinosaur in appearance, the creature’s appetite was said to be ravenous, and that it would ferociously hunt and kill whatever it could catch, including human beings. The tribes spoke of how beastly howls, wailing, and roaring could often be heard emanating from the depths of the hole. One tribe, the Ila, had allegedly become so distressed by the horror from the pit that a group of tribesmen were tied together and flung into the craggy black hole as a sacrifice in an attempt to appease the monster that lurked within.
Both the October 1925 edition of the New Zealand Herald and the December 1925 edition of the Ellesmere Guardian reported that an expedition to the mysterious hole was mounted by a man only known as Mr. Worthington, who was the Native Commissioner of the area. After setbacks trying to find a native guide brave and willing enough to take them there, the expedition was reportedly able to locate the Forbidden Pit, which was described as having an underground river that rose to within  forty feet of the top.
The expedition saw no strange monsters or unusual wildlife in or around the pit, and heard no monstrous roaring, but the guide insisted that they were there, as did other tribesmen of the vicinity. The chief of the Barotse tribe, a man known as Lewanki, told Worthington on several occasions of a strange beast he had seen in the marshes near the Forbidden Pit. The New Zealand Guardian, October 17, 1925, issue 19151, reported that the chief had seen: animal like a monstrous hippopotamus, but many times larger, which swirled away as he looked but left behind it the traces of its crawling limbs like ruts of wagon wheels.
African marshland
African marshland
The chief claimed that the monster on occasion crawled from its lair within the pit to prowl the surrounding swamps and marshes. Worthington was unable to find any evidence of such a creature in the marshes either, but the native stories persisted, and whatever it was that supposedly lurked in the depths of the Forbidden Pit had clearly frightened them. Many tribesmen were afraid to even speak of the monster. It was difficult to get anyone to go anywhere near the place, guides were hard to come by, and the expedition members were repeatedly warned to stay back.
The New Zealand Guardian summed up its report by saying:
The story conjures up visions of some great reptile like the Plesiosaurus, which wallowed in the swamps of Africa millions of years before ancient man walked there. Fifty miles from the Forbidden Pit the skull of Africa’s earliest known man was found, a contemporary of the cave men of Europe. Could he have seen this monster or its ancestors?
It can be forgiven the lack of scientific foresight shown in this citation since at the time we did not know as much about prehistoric people or animals as we now do. It is interesting that even all the way back in 1925, Plesiosaurus was the go-to explanation for such a creature, regardless of how questionable it was that a Plesiosaurus would be “wallowing in the swamps of Africa,” or that the chief’s description in no way matched it.
The Ellesmere Guardian, December 15, 1925, issue 2945 edition offered much speculation on the pit being perhaps a hidden sanctuary for prehistoric dinosaurs long thought to have gone extinct. It also postulated that even if the strange creatures of the Forbidden Pit were not necessarily dinosaurs, it was feasible for some other extinct beast to be behind the reports. The publication said:
In Africa there are a number of animals which, according to the geological timepiece, have only lately become extinct, and there is no reason why in some protected spot where food was plentiful and enemies few, some of these ancient animals should not have survived to show the world, like the okapi, that they are not yet prehistoric.
This all leaves one to wonder, just what in the world was the Forbidden Pit of Africa? If these reports are to be believed, then is it still out there hidden away from the world in some remote place in Africa? We may never know. It seems that whatever these reports were describing, this monster infested pit is a place that has faded into a mere forgotten historical news curiosity.

Source: Mysterious Universe