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Alien Star Map Found In Kupang, Indonesia?

New photographs have emerged which apparently show Alien artifacts. The pictures released show two strange rocks fused together that contain strange symbols and carvings.
What’s more extraordinary is that the rocks are engraved with a star map, very similar to the plaque that was designed by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake, and was placed on-board the Pioneer 10 probe, launched in 1972.
The rocks also have a magnetic field, which seems to emanate from the rocks when they are near any electric or electronic apparatus, Did an Extraterrestrial explorer leave a calling card behind?

UFO emerges from Volcano crater?

These three screenshots were captured by Darrell G. on April 18, 2013 on the OVSICORI-UNA webcam and stand as a record of his findings while watching the webcam. 

450 Million Year old Electronic Alien Chip found in Russia?

Local fishermen from Labinsk riverside of Hojo in the Kuban region in Russia found an unusual stone, in which was embedded in a strange object, very similar to a modern electronic chip.

The fishermen submitted the alien chip for analysis to Research Institute of Nanotechnology and new materials of the South Russian State Technical University, who determined the chip is approximately 450 million years old.

Friday, May 16, 2014


A Russian Proton-M rocket with an advanced satellite on board crashed outside of Kazakhstan’s territory on Friday, about nine minutes after lift-off. The Express-AM4R would have been Russia’s most advanced and powerful satellite.
The crash was likely caused by a failure in one of the third stage’s steering engines, reported Oleg Ostapenko, the head of the Russian national space agency Roscosmos.
“The exact cause is hard to establish immediately, we will be studying the telemetry. Preliminary information points to an emergency pressure drop in a steering engine of the third stage of the rocket,” he said.
However several Youtube users have suggested that the rocket was targeted by a UFO.

In the videos below you can see an object enter the screen from the right, it seems to pass through the tail of the rocket, then shortly after the rocket fails.
Did a UFO intercept the launch and cause the catastrophic failure?

Raw Footage Below, Object enters frame at mark 1:21

Source: VP


A teenager who took a photo of a Michael Jackson impersonator was stunned, after spotting a picture of what looks like Jacko’s ghost in the background.

Reece Savva, 14, took three snaps of the Jackson tribute act as he waited in line for a signature.
But when he got home and looked at the pictures he noticed the ghost of the late entertainer hovering above his impersonator’s head in one of the frames.
In the photo, Jackson’s ghost is seemingly peering over the shoulder of a Michael Jackson impersonator, perhaps trying to see what he is writing.
Reece, from Bromley, Kent, was taken to the Churchill Theatre with his family to watch a Michael Jackson live tribute show.
He said: “It was so eerie. There was nothing there at all when I was waiting in line.”
“I have no idea what happened on that one picture, but it’s terrifying. It was like something out of Thriller.”

“It’s like he just popped his head in to see what was going on and then left. I never used to believe in ghosts, but now I’m not so sure.”

Mum Angela, 54, added: “The image is so clear. I was there and I can adamantly say that there were no mirrors, no trickery, nothing like that at all.
“Sometimes you can see these things in photos, it is an image of something but you are almost willing it to be something else.”
“But you look at that and it is clearly a face and it does look like Michael Jackson. And the fact it was a Michael Jackson event and there he was makes it all the more eerie.”
“Although, I think if he did come back from the dead, he probably wouldn’t go to watch an impersonator.”

Source: VP

ISS video, UFO leaving Earth

In this video footage from the International Space Station, we see several objects leaving Earth’s atmosphere. The objects are unidentified, they leave Earth at high speeds and in our opinion they do not appear to be human maid. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

(VIDEO) Iowa Restaurant Owner Calls In Ghost Hunters After Strange Happenings

Boo does this ghost think it is?
The owner of Chuck and Edna’s Maid-Rite restaurant in Cascade, Iowa called in ghost hunters after a series of strange events were caught on video (shown below).
"(Employees) have been saying they’ve seen strange things ever since the place opened, and (I) blew it off until I saw the video,” Pat Orr told the Telegraph Herald.
The first seemingly unexplained disturbance took place just before 6 p.m. April 14. The store’s security camera captures an amorphous shadow at the restaurant’s dishwashing station that slowly forms into what looks like a person and drifts off screen. The video shows the feet of a Maid-Rite employee at the edge of the frame, but the employee told Orr she saw nothing unusual.
"We found you can’t make a shadow on the floor back there because of all the lights,"Orr told KWWL. "Some people said it’s a bug on the lens, again I don’t know what the thing is.”
In another incident last month, "a stack of Styrofoam cups sliding off a shelf and hitting a worker in the head, while another stack falls sideways as if it was pushed," the AP reports.
Were those cups pushed by a human? Is it suspicious that Matthew O’Brien and his Iowa City Ghost Hunters refuse to discuss what their investigation uncovered because of a "confidentiality agreement" that Orr apparently asked them to sign?
The answer to both questions is no. It's a ghost. Watch it.

Source: HP


It has been 25 years to the day since a live interview with a shadowy guy named “Dennis” changed everything for America’s most secret military base.

“Dennis” turned out later to be a man named Bob Lazar, who claimed he worked at a secret facility built into a mountainside just south of Area 51′s main facilities.
The story started a UFO stampede that continues to this day. Lazar has tried to put the UFO tales behind him, and has been discredited in the eyes of some critics, but it is a story that simply won’t go away.
The I-Team’s George Knapp coaxed Lazar into talking about the last quarter century of UFO craziness.
The story that Bob Lazar told 25 years ago this week has gone around the world many times over, inspiring books and TV shows, and movies.

Another repository of Area 51 lore is the exhibit at the Atomic Testing Museum. While in town recently for the interview, Lazar took the tour.
He watched tapes of the first interviews he ever gave about his time working at S-4 and plowed through boxes of paperwork about his claims. Lazar re-iterated his preference that people don’t believe his story.
“Look, I’m not out there giving UFO lectures, producing tapes. This is not a business of mine. I am trying to run a scientific business, and if I’m the UFO guy, it makes it really difficult, it is to my benefit that people don’t believe the story,” Lazar said.
These days, Lazar and his wife operate a scientific supply firm in Michigan. He has received media coverage because of the odd stuff he sells online but not everyone has made the connection to Area 51 and the stampede he started back in 1989, when he told of working at S-4 south of Area 51, where he saw flying saucers so advanced they had to be from somewhere else.
This is a model of the reactor that he says was able to generate its own gravitational field, powered by what he called element 115.
“Barry turned on the reactor, which is a flat plate, half a basketball essentially on it, just a hemisphere. And once activated you could not touch the sphere. You put your hand on it, just like poles of a magnet.
The exact same type of force. We had a little golf ball and threw it at it and rebounded and knocked a ceiling tile out of place. That alone is something amazing that could change everything we know today,” Lazar said.
The story exploded among UFO researchers, and just as quickly, led to questions and denouncements.
The I-Team confirmed that Lazar previously worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory, but the I-Team also reported that his claimed education credentials could not be proven.
UFO experts including physicist Stanton Friedman also dug into his background.
“Here is a bright guy. I did a lot of checking. I find a lot of things didn’t check out. It doesn’t mean I disagree with everything he ever said, or that he was a liar all the time. It means I can’t find the story as presented.”
“What he did out there I don’t know,” Friedman said.
Source: VP


Clifford Stone is unique among those experiencing and investigating UFO and ET phenomenon.
He spent 22 years in the US Army as a part of an extremely elite and secret group that was rapidly dispatched to crash sites in order to recover UFO or ET craft, bodies, and artifacts.
Since his retirement from the Army, he has devoted his time to a diligent Freedom of Information Act search of government archives. He maintains that we have knowledge that intelligent life is visiting this planet in craft capable of traveling distances of many light years very quickly; effectively bypassing acceptably known physics.
“I was involved in situations where we actually did recoveries of crashed saucers. There were bodies that were involved with some of these crashes. Also some of these were alive,” he said.
“While we were doing this, we were telling the American public there was nothing to it. We were telling the world there was nothing to it,” Mr Stone added.
“You have individuals that look very much like you and myself, that could walk among us and you wouldn’t even notice the difference,” he said.
Stone has also claimed to have catalogued 57 different species of alien life forms.
Further, he stresses that our recovery of these ET craftand artifacts, have allowed our government to make staggering scientific gains of great potential benefit to the world.
He maintains, as do many others, that this information is held in deeply secret programs beyond Constitutional controls and safeguards, and that despite the end of the cold war, those controlling these ‘black projects’ have continued to keep these important discoveries to themselves and for motives known only to them.
Sgt. Stone is coming forward with his story to encourage citizens and our elected officials to open investigations and end this Constitutional bypass by a powerful and covert organization operating under our noses and in our skies.
At the opening talk of the Paths to Contact conference, Clifford describes some of his childhood contact with ETs and his life in the military.
Source: VP

Nina Kulagina’s Mind over Matter: Soviet Psychic Superstar

On March 10, 1970, the impossible happened. Tucked away in a lab in Leningrad, a frog’s heart floated in a solution beating quite normally. The beating became faster, then slower; finally, it ceased to beat entirely. But this was no ordinary death, nor the result of some scientific experiment on the function of animal organs. It was a test of the mental power of a housewife by the name of Nina Kulagina.
Born Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina on July 30, 1926 in Leningrad, Nina was very much an average, tough Russian woman. She was loyal to her country, joining the tank regiment of the Red Army during World War II when she was only 14. After the war, she married and became a housewife, living what anyone would describe as an average life until she began to test if the psychic abilities of her mother might have rubbed off on her.
It was during Nina’s private attempts at developing these psychic abilities that she seemingly unlocked something within her. The most well-known of these alleged abilities was psychokinesis (PK), or the moving of objects with the mind. Nina could move a wide variety of items including clock pendulums, crystal bowls, matches, cigarettes, compass needles, bread loaves, salt shakers, and many other small objects (often placed in Plexiglass boxes to show there were no strings attached). She first became aware of this ability when things would move whenever she would get angry. And aside from her famous stopping of a frog’s heart, Nina performed another fascinating feat: she separated an egg. That might not sound so amazing until you know that the egg was floating in a salt water tank two meters away from her. And she brought the yolk and white back together again when instructed to do so.
Nina Kulagina levitating what appears to be a ping-pong ball in the 1960s.
But Nina Kulagina’s special powers extended far beyond moving matches and killing frogs. She was said to possess healing powers, healing wounds with the application of her hand, and be able to diagnose illnesses merely by meeting people. She had the ability to make images appear on photographic paper, both outlines of images she was shown and the letters A and O. Her body could generate a strong electromagnetic field and even a strong amount of heat, causing burns to form on her clothing and—on one occasion—a red burn patch to appear on the arm of an observing journalist. While Nina was in a hospital recovering from a nervous breakdown in 1964, doctors observed that she could reach into her basket and pull out the correct color of yarn without even looking at it. (She claimed she was able to “see” the colors with her fingers.) She could even tell people what they carried in their pockets.
At the First Moscow International Conference of Parapsychology in 1968, footage of Nina seemingly moving objects with her mind was finally shown to the public. But with the scientific community catching wind of Nina’s astounding feats came the heavy hand of scrutiny. Skeptics including James Randi have long maintained that none of Nina’s apparent psychic abilities were anything more than common trickery and sleight of hand illusions. Just like Uri Gellar, Nina’s publicized experiments were never under ideal laboratory conditions. She was seen at home or in hotel rooms, without experts in trickery on hand. It’s been claimed that Nina had magnets implanted into her body to manipulate objects; other telekinetic claims could have employed the use of thin wires or mirrors. Yet in the USSR, laboratory experiments were performed on Nina (under the pseudonym Nelya Mikhailova) by several researchers, including Czech psychical researcher Dr. Zdenek Rejdak, psychologist B. Blazek, physicist V. F. Shvetz, Dr. J.S. Zvierev, physiologist L.L. Vasiliev, and the aforementioned Dr. Sergeyev. Dr. Rejdak published a report of his experiments (titled ‘Nina Kulagina’s Mind over Matter’) in the June 1971 issue of Psychic Magazine.
A still frame from one of 60 short films depicting Kulagina’s psychokinesis.
The Cold War had a little-known side, a “Psi Race” where both the US and the USSR tried hard to become superpowers with super powers. Telekinesis, remote viewing, automatic writing, and many other mind-over-matter experiments were carried out by both sides in an effort to turn the human mind into a powerful means of control and weaponry. Unfortunately, many of these experiments were complete failures.
It has been argued that Nina was shown off by the USSR in an effort to make it seem like they were making huge leaps in telekinesis when in fact it was all fakery. But even though the Cold War has long since ended, Russia has continued to keep many of its secrets under lock and key. If Nina was such a glowing success, where are the scientific reports? Might they still be housed somewhere in a storage room never to see the light of day? As is the case with so many things, just because we haven’t seen something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
Near the end of her life, Nina seems to have lost the abilities she became so famous for. Her exertion in manifesting these powers was blamed for a near-fatal heart attack in the late 1970s. Sharp pain in her spine, dizziness, blood sugar irregularities, failing eyesight, and many other health concerns plagued her. With deteriorating health, Nina stepped away from the endless scientific testing, conducting very limited experiments in labs up until her death in 1990. And so, the full truth died with her. Whether or not she ever possessed remarkable abilities, perhaps faking it when her powers disappeared later in life, is a matter of speculation.
Source: Who Forthed

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Is a giant cigar UFO hovering near the International Space Station?

Video footage captured from the live camera stream of theInternational Space Station (ISS) shows what appears to be a giant cigar shaped UFO hovering nearby. The live footage was captured on May 13, 2014 and has been archived on the ISS video channel on Ustream. 


If you could merge your current mind and body with technology that would give you superhuman powers and would allow you to live forever, would you do it?  This is essentially what the transhumanism movement is seeking to accomplish.

Transhumanists envision a day when technology will allow humanity to become so advanced that sickness, disease, poverty and war will essentially be eradicated.
They believe that merging with machines will permit us to become trillions of times more intelligent than we are today, and they also believe that radical life extension technologies will make it possible for humanity to actually achieve immortality.
Many transhumanists are convinced that such a world can be achieved within their lifetimes.
They point to Moore’s Law and to the fact that technology already appears to be growing at an exponential rate.
As the technology curve continues to steepen, transhumanists believe that our world will rapidly become transformed into a place that would be unrecognizable to us today.
Just a few decades from now, transhumanists believe that superhuman powers and extremely advanced life extension technologies will allow them to essentially become like gods.
The key moment that most transhumanists are looking forward to is known as “the Singularity”.
That is the moment when artificial intelligence will actually surpass human intelligence and a massive technological chain reaction will be triggered. At that time, most transhumanists believe that biological intelligence will merge with non-biological intelligence and humanity will become vastly more intelligent than it is today.
During this transition, society will be fundamentally transformed.
After the Singularity occurs, it is predicted that vast changes will sweep through society; changes so drastic that they are nearly inconceivable at the present time. Experts in the movement say that after the Singularity, indefinite human life extension will rapidly become the norm.

Many scientists working in this field are particularly interested in the concept of achieving immortality.

Source: VP

The amazing true story of the Enfield Poltergeist

The rasping male voice sent a chill through the room. Hauntingly, it delivered a message from beyond the grave, describing in graphic detail the moment of death.
‘Just before I died, I went blind, and then I had an ’aemorrhage and I fell asleep and I died in the chair in the corner downstairs.’
The eerie voice — which can still be heard on audio tapes today — is purportedly that of Bill Wilkins. The recording was made in Enfield, North London, in the Seventies, several years after his death.
Most horrifying of all, however, was that the voice was coming from the body of an 11-year-old girl, Janet Hodgson. She appeared to be possessed. It could have been a scene from the film The Exorcist — but it was real.
What was going on? This was the case of the Enfield Poltergeist, which held the nation spellbound 30 years ago, puzzling policemen, psychics, experts in the occult and hardened reporters alike.
It involved levitation, furniture being moved through the air, and flying objects swirling towards witnesses. There were cold breezes, physical assaults, graffiti, water appearing on the floor, and even claims of matches spontaneously bursting into flame.
Just what happened in Enfield, then, all those years ago? Where are the Hodgsons now, and have they escaped their ghosts? Could they have made the whole episode up? And who lives at 284 Green Street now?
The story, as the Hodgson family told it, begins in 1977. Peggy Hodgson was unusual, at the time, in that she was a single mother to four children — Margaret, 12, Janet, 11, Johnny, ten, and Billy, seven — having split from their father.
It was the evening of August 30, 1977, and Mrs Hodgson was keen to get her children into bed. She heard Janet complaining from upstairs that her and her brothers’ beds were wobbling.
Mrs Hodgson told her daughter to stop mucking around. The following evening, however, there was an altogether more bizarre disturbance.
Mrs Hodgson heard a crash from upstairs. Cross, she went to tell her children to settle down.
Entering their bedroom, with Janet’s Starsky & Hutch posters on the wall, Mrs Hodgson saw the chest of drawers move. She pushed it back, but found that it was being propelled towards the door by an invisible force.
It seemed as if some supernatural presence was trying to trap the family in the room with the heavy oak chest.
Many years later, Janet would tell a Channel 4 documentary: ‘It started in a back bedroom, the chest of drawers moved, and you could hear shuffling. Mum said: “I want you to pack it in.”
‘We told her what was going on, and she came to see it for herself. She saw the chest of drawers moving. When she tried to push it back, she couldn’t.’
Janet’s sister Margaret explained how the activity increased.
‘There were strange little noises in the house, you couldn’t make out what was going on. None of us got slept.
Source: Daily Mail

What is behind Norway's Hessdalen lights ?

The valley is home to mysterious hovering orbs of light that have been sighted for more than a century.

Particularly puzzling is the wide variety of different lights that seem to appear, including some that are the size of a car, some that flash blue and white and some that seem to zip around at high speed before fading. Some of the lights have the appearance of metallic objects, leading to speculation that they could even be extraterrestrial in nature.

A recent study in to the phenomenon however has revealed that the lights are more likely to have a geological origin. The glowing effect, far from being the product of spirits or aliens, is instead believed to be the result of air turning in to plasma. The unique properties of the valley, including copper-rich rocks on one side and iron-rich rocks on the other, provide the potential to make the whole place act like a giant battery.

With the phenomenon occurring more frequently during periods in which the Northern Lights are visible over the region, researchers have also speculated that the solar wind could be providing the necessary charge to energize the plasma.

Whether this explanation will discourage people from visiting the valley in an effort to catch a glimpse of the lights for themselves however, remains to be seen. 

Richard French, Ex-Air Force Lt. Colonel, ‘It Was A UFO And . . . There Were Aliens Aboard It’

When Air Force Lt. Col. Richard French was an alleged lead investigator of Project Blue Book in the 1950s, his job was to shoot down false reports of UFOs.
Given his job, French never dreamed he’d end up in Newfoundland one day watching what appeared to him to be two extraterrestrials performing repairs on a submerged, unknown circular craft.
In Washington, D.C., recently, the 83-year-old retired officer testified at the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure panel of six former members of Congress about his work as a UFO debunker in 1952.
French recounted how the Newfoundland incident unfolded decades ago, in the early 1950s, after two UFOs were seen by many people off the coast of St. John’s. French’s superiors ordered him to look into the situation.
“They said, ‘We have a UFO report and we want you to investigate it,’ and that was standard for what I was doing,” French told The Huffington Post. “They told me there were two of them involved and that they were deep under the water, after entering the water doing roughly 100 miles an hour.
“There were a lot of people assembled on the wharf, at least 100 standing around just looking in amazement at the water, including several local policemen.”
Watch Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Richard French at the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure:

French recalls the water was very clear and he could see two circular craft, each one about 18 feet in diameter and approximately 3 feet thick. He said the two objects were floating below the surface of the water, a couple of feet apart, not more than 20 feet from the shore. And he saw two beings in the water near the ships.
“The first thing I saw was the UFOs, and it was apparent to me that they were doing something to the craft, and I couldn’t really tell what because they were on the bottom side of it and not visible to me except when they would occasionally get over to the side where I could see them. The water was fairly clear and I could see without any trouble. They weren’t down at the bottom of the [seabed] — they were about half way down.”
French told HuffPost that the two beings he saw “were about 2 or 3 feet tall, light grey in color, very thin, long arms with either two or three fingers. The top of their heads was much wider than their jaw line, their eyes were very slanted and you couldn’t see pupils in them. They looked the way [aliens] have been depicted in motion pictures.”
As the Air Force UFO debunker watched, he claims one of the ships began to rise out of the water.
“When it hit the [surface], it was going about 100 miles an hour. It then accelerated to somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,500 to 3,000 miles an hour and disappeared. It returned about 20 minutes later, slowed down to nearly a stop before it entered the water, then went down, and the two [beings] worked together.
“It took them about 20 minutes and then the two ships departed together, again slow when they exited the water, and immediately they sped up to a very high speed. I believe they were repairing [the ship] and tested that the repairs had been adequate, and then away they went.”
Watch French talk about his job as an Air Force UFO debunker:

Ironically, French’s job at the time — as a Project Blue Book investigator — was to debunk UFOs. So, what kind of report did he file with Blue Book about this case he had personally witnessed?
“Needless to say, it was a fictitious report, as all of them were. I didn’t really say that they were UFOs — I said that there was something we didn’t know — some type of foreign or unrecognizable vehicle there. In other words, I weasel-worded it.
“Oh, I think without a doubt it was a UFO and I think there were aliens aboard it. There’s no question in my mind that was exactly what it was, and my duty was to debunk the story, so I did my best to do so.”
The events of the Newfoundland UFO and alleged aliens took place some 60 years ago, in the days before everyone had a digital camera or image-capture cell phone in their pocket. Despite the fact that there are no photographs to substantiate the report, it’s still an amazing story.
So what are we to make of this? Because it’s not the first time French has stirred up the UFO-ET pot.
This article was provided by All Credit to the authors.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TV crew films two UFOs over New Zealand

The production crew didn't know they'd even filmed anything unusual until the footage had been reviewed.

Presenter and producer Graeme Stevenson had been filming the opening sequence for the seventh season of the "Colour In Your Life" TV series alongside director Sophia Stacey in Queenstown when, while reviewing the footage for editing purposes, he spotted two objects moving at high speed across the sky in one of the shots.

"In the past week, when editing of the episode was complete Graeme noticed something strange in a wide shot - two objects travelling from left to right of the screen at great speed," the team wrote in a press release. "When the images were slowed to a frame by frame sequence you could see the shapes emerge from the trees and move across the sky, eventually disappearing."

An analysis of the footage seemed to suggest that the objects were moving far too quickly to be birds or even jet planes, requiring them to have been flying at 4,000 miles per hour. 

Source: Unexplained Mysteries