Friday, February 13, 2009

Evrsoft - HTML Editor, Website Builder, Web Hosting & Web Design Software

Professional website builder has a lot of sad stories behind using standard editors. They should know that editors never create clean html code which means they will only end up wasting more time fixing, cleaning and correcting the codes later on. Using a conventional html editor may only complicate the problem further.

Evrsoft.Com, the company that develops and provides the software, took pride in 1st Page 2000 because it allows them to helps millions of web developers and webmasters. Their efforts were did not go unrewarded, after they won some prestigious including the Editors Pick, Finalist in 7th Annual ZDNet Shareware Awards, Listsoft Best Award, Listsoft User's Choice Award and Listsoft Cool Award, among others.

Evrsoft.Com also offers an attractive affiliate program for bloggers. Once joined, they provide bloggers with links to Evrsoft.Com (banners, buttons, and text links) that can be easily included on a blog site. When users and readers click through to Evrsoft.Com using the links they provide, a blogger will receive 35 percent on all sales generated by the said links. Evrsoft.Com tracks the number of clicks that a blogger generate, the revenue earned, and they will mail the check (or through Paypal) each month.