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Can ghosts walk through walls?

Ghosts are not made up of physical matter - they are pure energy. The spirit will follow the path it did when it was alive - so when there is now a wall where there was once an opening or doorway, that is why folks often see ghosts go through walls. In one bed & breakfast or something of that nature, folks reported seeing the ghosts come down the stairs but they had no feet and ankles. Upon research of the property, the building had been remodeled after a fire, and the new staircase was set several inches higher than the previous one - so they determined the ghosts must have been walking down the old staircase. 

Take a look at this video:

Friday, July 25, 2014

Humans Land on Mars on 1962?

It was on an English TV in 1977 in this program:

From what William Cooper said, there would have been a joint American-Russian mission.

(And possibly helped by alien beings see "ALIENS MEET SOME GOVERNMENT PEOPLE" video).

W. Cooper stated that after this mission ,they knew mars "could support life", then the year after ,the project of establishing a colony (on the ground or in a station) began later.

You might see in the document "TRAVEL IN THE TIME AND THE GALAXY" a station with an American flag close to mars, this "was in 1976".

Scientist Fired After Found Soft Tissue On Dinosaur Fossil

Attorneys for a California State University, Northridge scientist who was terminated from his job after discovering soft tissue on a triceratops fossil have filed a lawsuit against the university.
While at the Hell Creek Formation excavation site in Montana, researcher Mark Armitage discovered what he believed to be the largest triceratops horn ever unearthed at the site, according to attorney Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute.
Upon examination of the horn under a high-powered microscope back at CSUN, Dacus says Armitage was “fascinated” to find soft tissue on the sample – a discovery Bacus said stunned members of the school’s biology department and even some students “because it indicates that dinosaurs roamed the earth only thousands of years in the past rather than going extinct 60 million years ago.”
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Alien Base Discovered In NASA Moon Photo on the far side of the moon?

A photo from the online archive of the Apollo 11 mission reveals what appears to be a base on the far side of the moon.

The object appears to be on the moon’s surface and is well illuminated. It is symmetrical with a long shaft separated at each end by a small sphere with another in the center. The spheres appear to be living quarters with connecting corridors.

The photo, AS11-41-6155, (below image) is significant since whistleblowers have claimed that NASA regularly scrubs or destroys photos with any evidence of alien life or artificial structures.

Karl Wolf, an Air Force sergeant who was assigned to the National Security Agency, said that mysterious structures were discovered on the far side of the moon when the United States was mapping its surface before the 1969 lunar landing. Those photos too were culled out of the public record. 

Dr Ken Johnston who was a manager of NASA’s Data and Photo Control Department. Johnston claims that he also witnessed moon photos showing artificial structures and was asked to destroy the photos. He refused and was fired by NASA.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Is that a UFO flying over Lucknow?

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No, apparently, it is a UFO which was spotted flying over Lucknow. Even though the astronomers are saying that it could be a UFO, there is no official confirmation as to what it was.

With astronomers from all over the world hinting that there could be other planets with life on them, the appearance of an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Lucknow has become a heated topic of discussion.
These photographs of the UFO were taken by Lucknow resident Amit Tripathi. Tripathi, who lives in Rajajipuram's E-block, sector 11, was sitting in his balcony and taking photographs of the sunset with his cellphone when he spotted a mysterious shiny object in the sky beside the sun.

Within moments, the shiny flying object began spinning and rising. Tripathi quickly took some photographs of the object with his phone. Tripathi says the object went straight up and within 40 seconds it disappeared.
Earlier too reports had come in of UFOs being spotted on July 11 in Guwahati, on July 12 from Shamli and on July 14 in Tundla.

Take a look at the photos that Amit Tripathi took. What do you think? Is the circled object a UFO?

It started spinning and began rising upwards.

As it rose upwards, it moved back and forth horizontally as well.

The last photo of the purported UFO.

Video - New Humanoid Shows Up in Argentina’s Beach

Multiple witnesses claim they saw the same humanoid-type creature hovering over the beaches of Necochea in two separate incidents in May.
Two middle aged technicians working for a major corporation, who provided their full names but requested to remain anonymous, told Guillermo D. Gimenez that it was cold and rainy when the sighting took place from their apartment on the 11th floor.
“We were looking through the window of the apartment located facing the sea and something caught our attention. We could see some strange lights lighting the very edge of the sea,” they said. “Imagine our surprise when moments after seeing these lights, we saw a person walking in that direction out of thin air. The figure vanished moments later, as did the strange lights on the shore,” they added.
Two days later and according to the additional witnesses, the mysterious figure reappeared. Guadalupe P. and her daughter Marcela P. caught a glimpse of the same creature, “floating as it walked” on the shore.
“My 17-year-old daughter summoned me because she had seen something ‘strange’ moving along the seashore from south to north. I should explain that we live facing the sea on the 11th floor. It was a clear but very cold night. An ethereal figure in whitish hues, yet simultaneously transparent, could be made out,” said 52-year-old Guadalupe.
The strange figure, she said, was about 5,40 ft tall. As they turned off their lights in their apartment in order to take a better look, they were able to confirm that the humanoid was “traveling in the air”.

Source: cryptozoologynews

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Reptilian Aliens and the Council of the 13 'Royal' Families

Excerpts from Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict & Creation

The leader of the Earth's Illuminati is called the "Pindar". The Pindar is a member of one of the 13 ruling Illuminati families, and is always male. The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for "Pinnacle of the Draco", also known as the "Penis of the Dragon".

Symbolically, this represents the top of power, control, creation, penetration, expansion, invasion, and fear. The holder of this rank reports to the purebred Reptilian leader in the inner Earth. 

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Mysterious "woman in black" spotted in Tennessee

A mysterious figure is capturing the attention of social media. She's been nicknamed "the woman in black" and she's been spotted in different parts of east Tennessee and Virginia. 

Few people claim to know much about the so called "woman in black" spotted in the Mossy Grove, Tenn. area Friday. Alexandria Schubert was ringing someone up at the convenience store she works at when she saw the woman walk by. 

"Nobody knows the story to her. She won't talk to nobody. It's like a mysterious story on the internet," said Alexandria Schubert.

The "woman in black" is sharing some details about herself. The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office told WCYB in the Tri-Cities area that her name is Elizabeth Poles and she's from Motts, Alabama.

"That is a first and I'm a 42 year old. I have never seen anybody dressed like that or around here like that," said Mary Hawn of Oakdale, Tenn.

The 56 year old woman claims she's on a bible mission and it looks like she's making her way down south. 

Last month, she was in Wise, Virginia and was captured on YouTube arguing with a man in a Walmart parking lot about religion. Videos like that and plenty of pictures posted to social media are making people pull over when they see this woman.

"We passed her maybe twice and the third time we stopped to see if she needed anything because my daughter was telling me she's been on Facebook, everywhere," said Hawn.

For most who saw her in Tennessee Friday, they can't believe they saw the woman everyone's been talking about.

"Where's she going? What is she doing? Still wondering her story," said Schubert.

A reporter from WATE in Knoxville tried to ask the "woman in black" some questions, but it seems like she wants to remain a mystery. 

The "woman in black" also told investigators she was from an Islamic nation and worked at the Pentagon, but they determined that wasn't true. 

Source: 7WSPA

Look! We’re on top of a whale! Kayakers lifted by southern right whale in Puerto Madryn, Argentina

IT may sound like a whale of a tale, but a pair of kayakers in Argentina had an extremely close encounter with a southern right whale after it dipped under their boat and lifted it — twice.

The commentary recorded in Spanish translates as:
Male: I’m filming. Look, that one is coming over here. Can you see her?
Female: Yes.
Male: Look. (whale growls) That one got angry at you. Look, here you have another one ... that one’s going to crash into us, eh?
Female: Take pictures of them, take pictures of them.
Male: I’m filming them.
Female: But I want one for Face (Facebook)
Male: I’ll get one later.
Female: Aahhhhh!

Male: Look! It’s coming to bite your oar. Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Look! Incredible, incredible, incredible! Loooooook! It touched us. We’re on top of the whale, we’re on top of the whale, we’re on top of the whale. Look, look, look, we have two. Maintain your balance, maintain your balance only. Look, look, look, look. Incredible. Look, look. Look look. Look.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


NASA has received radio signals from the center of the earth. These signals are being picked up by tracking satellites.  NASA has decoded them but won't reveal the contents. The source of this information leak states that, "They obviously know more about us than we do about them.  For one thing, they have found a way to communicate with us on a regular basis, but we have little or no inkling on how to communicate with them in return."

UFO in the sky of the Summer’s Triumph tapestry?

In 1538 AD a tapestry was created in the city of Bruges in Belgium, known as the Summer’s Triumph. It depicts the victorious ascension of a ruler to power. However, there is something far more interesting depicted in the tapestry, which would be easy to miss unless you were looking closely – multiple objects in the sky, which have the classical UFO shape that is popularised in the media.
The city of Bruges is the capital and the largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium in the northwest of the country. The origins of the city go back to the pre-roman Era and it has been the target of many invasions because of its strategic location. If you look at the top of the tapestry, especially towards the left-hand side, it is possible to see a number of ‘hat shaped’ flying objects in black – that are not related to any religious depictions that are frequently seen in the sky in other medieval artworks. Some historians have suggested that these objects represent the significance of this ruler coming to power and that he had the support of the ‘divine’.
But since when are flying disc shaped objects considered as a symbol of divine intervention? And if they are, why? If the people in that era associated flying saucers with divinity, it means they were seeing such objects in the sky and linking them to a ‘godly’ phenomena. Of course on the other hand there are those who have claimed that these unusual hat-shaped objects are simple strangely-shaped dark clouds… We have verified that the tapestry is indeed named the “Triumph of Summer”, Bruges, 1538, and is held at the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum on extended loan from the HypoVereinsbank UniCredit Bank AG. The museum has no other information regarding the tapestry’s history.

UFO causes chaos in CHINA !!! 2014

UFO spotted hovering over the road and attacking some cars in SiChuan. We can see that it was starting to cause panic for some people… just before the huge explosion.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Is This Footage of Bigfoot Raiding a Garden?

This video, filmed somewhere in New Mexico supposedly shows Bigfoot running away after raiding a family farm. The witness, Brenda Harris has photos and evidence of this actually happening! It's mind blowing! Here's the raw footage:

WELCOME TO UTOPIA - On a remote island, a rich former executive and his wife wait for the world to end.

IT’S often how the best stories arrive: a relative of a friend tells another friend and eventually that information ends up with a journalist who thinks, “What a great yarn.”
That’s what happened to Trent Dalton when he heard of a strange place being built in the wilds of Vanuatu by a wealthy businessman preparing for the end of the world. Only 23 people will be allowed in the 800ha sanctuary before it is sealed off from civilisation. Dalton and photographer Eddie Safarik set off to visit the ark, wondering whether they would find a weird cult or just a couple of cashed-up hippies searching for life’s meaning. It was a bizarre journey during which Dalton would have his own light-bulb moment.
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Giant Human Remains Found Along America's Coasts

Below are a series of images (in no particular order) which depict items ranging from actual Smithsonian card entries on large human remains, to photos depicting specific items kept in storage at the Smithsonian offsite storage facility. Also note the image depicting bodies uncovered on Catalina Island, in a grave where it is noted that several bodies exceeding seven feet in height were discovered 

Aleutian Skull, Rochester Journal - Oct 5, 1936 pg 10
Compare with Graham
Dehart Jaw Card
Giants in Old Gaul
Graham Skull Card
Graham Skull
Hrdlicka Skull Card
Sioux Full Blood Accession Card
Texas Giant, 1940

Giant Human Skeletons Headlines of Remains Found Along the Coasts

Giant Human Skeletons Found In California

Giant Humans Were Found In A Shell Mound in San Francisco

Giant human skeletons remains baffled scientist with their "archaic" traits that were described as being more Neanderthal

Many of the remains of the giant human skeleton had more archaic" or Neanderthal like physical traits.

Giant Human Prehistoric Skull that was found In Oregon.  Many of the skulls were described as the "Missing Link" with sloping foreheads, protruding brow ridges and massive jaws.  Identical skull types were found on the Atlantic coast.

Giant Humans Skulls with Archaic or Neanderthal Skulls were found the extent of the Pacific coast.

Several accounts of giant skeletons were found in the Aleutian Islands that is evidence f a Maritime migration to this continent.

Remains of Giant Human Skeletons can be traced across the Aleutians to the northern Japanese Islands. A similar material culture extends back to the west to the Baltic Sea and onward to the Eat coast of North America.

Giant Human Skeletons were found the extent of the Atlantic seaboard

Giant Human skeletons were found in Brooklyn New York

This is just one of the many historical accounts of giant human skeletons that were found in New York State.

More giant humans were found while constructing a railroad through the city of New York

Giant Humans were also found in Mass.  Many of the finds being  near or o the coasts that was evidence of a Maritime people.

Headline is from a find of a giant humanskeletons in Ireland. Evidence of migrations from north western Europe is not only evident from the large skeletons found over there, but an identical material culture.  So much so, that placed on a table, even an expert can not tell the difference between those of Europe and the Coastal North America.

Reports of giant humans were found across northern Europe.  The origins of the giants was with the Cro magnonspecies of early man.

Large Skull from northern Europe displays the same "archaic" type traits as those in North America with a sloping forehead and protruding brow ridge. Yes, the were the same peoples.

Continuing down the Atlantic seaboard, giant skeletons were found o the coastal city of Jamestown Virginia.

Giant human skeletons found along the coast of Georgia.

A closer look at the giant skeleton in Georgia reveals that it was similar to those "archaic" type skull that were found on the west coast.

Giant human skeletons were found along the Florida coast.

More giant skeletons found in Florida

Across the Gulf of Mexico,more giant human giants were found.

Skull from a mound in Louisiana with archaic traits of a sloping forehead.

Skulls of large skeletons from a shell mound in Alabama with "archaic" skull types