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DreamTemplate also offer a generous 300+ open source web templates that can be downloaded and even redistributed for free. They are CSS templates available across three categories, personal, business and miscellaneous which has lots of interesting and fun designs. If you re building a site and you want to get it up and running as cheaply and as fast as possible, these templates offer enough variety to suit the majority of sites. Modify them slightly to personalize them if you have the know how or simply leave them as they are, it’s up to you.

After you purchased the membership, you have to wait some time for your account to be activated.During this time, they'll manually verify your account and transaction details. Normally, they do this very fast, but due to the increase of fraudulent transactions these days, it'll take some more time.

Once you activate your account, you can download unlimited files, and you need winzip or winrar software to extract those downloaded files. Most of these web templates use html,css,etc.. so, if you are a newbie in programming, go for any template editing softwares like Dreamweaver, frontpage,etc for editing the templates.. (or) there are a few freeware softwares available, just google search it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new site called has a Google map mashup that combines I-70 traffic cams with ski area snow cams. That way, if you live in Denver you can look at the slopes, and see if they are worth braving the traffic jams.

Now, thanks to Powder Chimp, you can take a look at both traffic conditions on I-70 and snow conditions at some of the major resorts to gauge whether or not it’s worth the drive. Once you’re up there, it’s always worth it… until it takes you 5 hours to get home.
is a simple little site that displays all the conditions on the way to the big resorts in Colorado along i70 and at the resorts themselves. You can click various icons to see actual realtime camera views. It's done with both a map and with a Google earth plugin. Get the plugin - it lets you select a resort and fly over it! Check it before you start your drive for i70 conditions and while your up there for conditions on the slopes. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If you own a home or you’re operating a business in Texas, you’ve probably heard about the deregulation of Texas electricity. Deregulation means you now have a choice about who you purchase your electricity from in Texas.

At Texas Electric Company, they value the importance of customer relationship and customers having optimum electricity savings.

They work with some of the best independent electricity experts in the Texas to help formulate an energy plan that’s right for your business. The goal is to help you achieve tremendous savings on your electricity bills from reliable retail electricity providers in Texas.

Texas Electric Company will examine and evaluate how much electricity your business uses and when. What days of the week you use the most electricity, your highest rates of usage and peak periods can all be used to help formulate a plan that will save your business money on Texas electricity. Texas Electric Company will match your needs with the electricity provider in Texas that is best suited to your usage for optimum savings and reliable service.

So if you decide to save money by using this Texas electricity saving program website visit this page to order.

Last year I was searching for electric providers in Texas because my energy contract came up for renewal and I needed to find a new competitive provider.

Now I recommend a website for you, that is Texas Electric Rate .com gets the best electric rates from reliable electric companies in your area. You can view many Texas electric power companies in your area and choose an electric plan for your residential or business electric needs.

For most people, electricity costs depend on what part of Texas you live in, when you use electricity and how much electricity you use. There are also electric plans for people who want a simple and easy to understand electric bill.

Some electric companies in Texas charge higher rates when you exceed your monthly quota or so called "customer service charges". Others charge more during summer months when demand for electricity is higher.

Here are some factors that you should take into consideration when choosing your electric plan:

- does your electric provider charge more at certain times of the day?

- does your electric provider charge more in summer?

Ask any electric provider these questions before signing on with them. If you can minimize your household's electric use during these periods or get better electric management plans that have cheaper rates during these periods of high electric use, you are in actual fact saving lots of money in the long run!

Cirro Energy provides cheap and reliable electricity in Texas. So why choose Cirro Energy? Because it is cheape and it is safe.

And also I want to recommend Gexa Energy company for it is one of the most competitive electric companies for residential and business.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No one can call me a non-equal-opportunity partisan. Barack Obama won the election, garnering a massive amount of support from Chicago politicians and voters. As apprehensive as I may be about the coming presidential term, I have accepted the fact that, Constitution or no, Barack Obama will be our next president.

The Inaugural Pins features the Presidential seal with Obama logo as well as the date of Inauguration and it is made from brass. The regular price is $6.99 but with the 20% discount, it is now at $5.49. Each pin raises 25 cents for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program, or 50 cents on orders of 10 or more. Flat rate shipping for all orders, just $1.79 (Domestic) - international rate is $3.00 is applied. If you are looking to market these pins wholesale, please email for inquiries. Do your part to make this event memorable by checking out the pins.

The nice thing about the pins is that some of the money raised is going to charity-- one of my favorite charities, the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. Twenty-five cents for every singular pin sold goes to the charity!

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