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WOW this is serious business : Tiny, low-cost drones may one day assassinate corrupt politicians, corporate CEOs and street criminals.....

This is an important analysis article on what I believe will be a coming wave of "Kamikaze assassination micro drones" which will soon be affordable enough for everyday citizens to deploy against selected targets. Why is this discussion important? Because these micro drones have the very real potential to re-shape the distribution of power across our planet... and they may pose a real danger to public safety and security across society.

(As you read this article, please bear in mind that I do not in any way condone the tactical applications described herein. This article is a WARNING, not an endorsement, of this very dangerous convergence of trending technologies which may threaten us all.)


(Video) Guide Feeds Alligators By Mouth In Louisiana Swamp

This is either incredibly brave, incredibly stupid or incredibly crazy -- or probably all three at once.
In a series of videos going viral on YouTube and Facebook, tour guide Lance LaCrosse is shown in a Louisiana swamp swimming with several large, wild and hungry alligators.
And that's not even the crazy part.
LaCrosse not only feeds them chicken, by hand, he also feeds them marshmallows... with his mouth.

Source: HP

Russian Scientist Claims That Around 200 YETIS are Living in Siberia

Professor claims scientific tests, such as DNA  checks, prove hair samples from remote cave belonged to human-like mammal  unknown to man

A row has erupted in Russia over a biological  scientist’s claim that some 200 Yeti live in a large area of southern  Siberia.
Professor Valentin Sapunov has  infuriated  academics with his assertion that scientific tests, including  DNA checks, found  that hair samples from a remote cave belonged to a  human-like mammal unknown to  man.
Now he has gone further by claiming a population of 200 Yeti exist in the forested Kemerovo, Khakassia and  Altai  regions of Siberia.
This number allows them to successfully  reproduce, said the academic from the Russian State HydroMeteorological  University.
‘He claims there have been no  confirmed  sightings of the Yeti because they have an acute sense of  danger,’ reported the  Siberian Times.
But other Russian experts are deeply  unimpressed by Professor Sapunov’s theories, saying he has put his Big Foot in  it  with claims that there is DNA backing for the existence of the  Yeti.
Far from finding the Abonimable  Snowman, his  scientific claims on the subject amount to abominable  lies, Oleg Pugachev,  director of the Zoological Institute of Russian  Academy of Science, told  state-run newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
This institute was one of three where  Professor Sapunov claimed the ‘Yeti hair’ – found a year ago – was  tested.

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The strangest things you will ever see on Google Street View

Google Maps completely changed the way we travel. Planning even the shortest of trips to unfamiliar areas had been a huge hassle, but Google changed all that. Then the company took things a step further when it launched its Street View initiative, which provides users with actual imagery of the areas they search in Google Maps.
Of course, the vehicles Google uses to photograph the world’s roads also catch some peculiar things from time to time.
The Roosevelts has compiled a great collection containing 57 of the most bizarre things you will ever see on Google Street View (actually it’s 56, since they accidentally used one twice). Some of them are well-known and were staged for Google’s Street View cars. Others, however, were definitely not staged.
Five of our favorites can be found below and the rest can be seen on The Roosevelts’site. 

Dracula's tomb 'found in Naples

An Italian newspaper has claimed that the tomb of Dracula - the brutal Romanian leader linked to the modern vampire novel and films - has been found in the centre of Naples.

Count Dracula gained notoriety as a blood-thirsty vampire in Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel, hundreds of years after the death of the Romanian leader Vlad III Dracula.
The cruel nature of real-life Dracula was equally well-known in the 15th century, when “Vlad the Impaler” punished his enemies by impaling them alive on stakes.
More than 500 years after Dracula’s death, a report in Il Gazzettino on Tuesday claimed a group of academics believe they have uncovered the mystery behind his burial site. 
A video published by Il Gazzetino reportedly showing Dracula's tomb.
Two of the academics, named as brothers Giandomenico and Raffaello Glinni, reportedly traced Dracula to a tomb in the heart of Naples with the help of Nicola Barbatelli, director of Italy’s Museum of Ancient Populations (Museo delle Antiche Genti).
When contacted by The Local, Barbatelli was not immediately available to comment.
Using historical documents, the group is said to have linked “Vlad the Impaler” to a cloister in Piazza Santa Maria La Nova, on the edge of Naples’ historical quarter, the newspaper said.

"Lizard People" Underground in Los Angeles.....

The Hopi Indians of northern Arizona have traditions that recall a time when their "Snake Brothers" built and occupied underground cities in Arizona, California, Mexico and Central America.

Once such underworld city is believed to have been built on the west coast, near the Pacific ocean, under Los Angeles, California.

Strangely enough, one engineer's search for LA's mythological underground city gained enough credibility to have his efforts presented as front page news in the Los Angeles Times newspaper, January 29th, 1934.

"Lizard People's Catacomb City Hunted: Engineer Sinks Shaft Under Fort Moore Hill to Find Maze of Tunnels and Priceless Treasures of Legendary Inhabitants."
 "Lizard People's Catacomb City Hunted
Engineer Sinks Shaft Under Fort Moore Hill to Find Maze of Tunnels
and Priceless Treasures of Legendary Inhabitants
by Jean Bosquet
January 29, 1934

Busy Los Angeles, although little realizing it in the hustle and bustle of modern existence, stands above a lost city of catacombs filled with incalculable treasure and imperishable records of a race of humans further advanced intellectually than the highest type of present day peoples, in the belief of G. Warren Shufelt, geophysicist mining engineer now engaged in an attempt to wrest from the lost city deep in the earth below Fort Moore Hill the secrets of the Lizard People of legendary fame in the medicine lodges of the American Indian.

So firmly does Shufelt and a little staff of assistants believe that a maze of catacombs and priceless golden tablets are to be found beneath downtown Los Angeles that the engineer and his aids have already driven a shaft 250 feet into the ground, the mouth of the shaft being on the old Banning property on North Hill street, overlooking Sunset Boulevard, Spring street and North Broadway.

And so convinced is the engineer of the infallibility of a radio x-ray perfected by him for detecting the presence of minerals and tunnels below the surface of the ground, an apparatus with which he says he has traced a pattern of catacombs and vaults forming the lost city, that he plans to continue sending his shaft downward until he has reached a depth of 1000 feet before discontinuing operations.


Shufelt learned of the legend of the Lizard People after his radio X-Ray had led him hither and yon, over an area extending from the Public Library on West Fifth street to the Southwest Museum, on MuseumDrive, at the foot of Mt. Washington.
"I knew I was over a pattern of tunnels," the engineer explained yesterday, "and I had mapped out the course of the tunnels, the position of large rooms scattered along the tunnel route, as well as the position of deposits of gold, but I couldn't understand the meaning of it."
Then Shufelt was taken to Little Chief Greenleaf of the medicine lodge of the Hopi Indians in Arizona, who's English name is L. Macklin.

The Indian provided the engineer with a legend which, according to both men, dovetails exactly with what Shufelt say he has found. 


According to the legend as imparted to Shufelt by Macklin, the radio X-Ray has revealed the location of one of the three lost cities on the Pacific Coast, the local one having been dug by the Lizard People after the "great catastrophe" which occurred about 5000 years ago.

This legendary catastrophe was in the form of a huge tongue of fire, which,
"came out of the Southwest, destroying all in it's path," (continued on Page 5, Column 2) "...the path being several hundred miles wide."
The city underground was dug as a means of escaping future fires.

The lost city, dug with powerful chemicals by the Lizard People instead of pick and shovel, was drained into the ocean, where it's tunnels began, according to the legend.

The tide passing daily in and out of the lower tunnel portals and forcing air into the upper tunnels, providing ventilation and "cleansed and sanitized the lower tunnels," the legend states.

Large rooms in the domes of the hills above the city of labyrinths housed 1000 families "in the manner of tall buildings" and imperishable food supplies of the herb variety were stored in the catacombs to provide sustenance for the Lizard folk for great length of time as the next fire swept over the earth.


The Lizard People, the legends has it, regard the lizard as a symbol of long life.

Their city is laid out like a lizard, according to the legend, it's tail to the Southwest, far below Fifth and Hope streets, it's head to the northeast, at Lookout and Marda streets.

The city's key room is situated directly under South Broadway, near Second street, according to Shufelt and the legend.

This key room is the directory to all the parts of the city and to all record tablets, the legend states.

All records were to be kept on golden tablets, four feet long and fourteen inches wide.

One these tablets of gold, gold having been the symbol of life to the legendary Lizard People, will be found the record of history of the Mayans and on one particular tablet, the southwest corner of which will be missing, is found the "record of the origin of the human race." 


Shufelt stated he has taken "X-Ray pictures" of thirty-seven such tablets, three of which have their southwest corners cut off.
"My radio X-ray pictures of the tunnels and rooms, which are subsurface voids, and of gold pictures with perfect corners, sides and ends, are scientific proof of their existence," Shufelt said.

"However, the legendary story must remain speculative unearthed by excavation."
The Lizard People, according to Macklin, were of a much higher type of intellectuality than modern human beings. The intellectual accomplishments of their 9-year-old children were of equal of those of present day college graduates, he said.

So greatly advanced scientifically were these people that, in addition to perfecting a chemical solution by which they bored underground without removing any earth and rock, they also developed a cement far stronger and better than any in use in modern times which they lined their tunnels and rooms.


Macklin said legendary advise to American Indians was to seek the lost city in an area within a chain of hills forming,
"the frog of a horses hoof. The contour of hills surrounding this region forms such a design, substantiating Shufelt's findings," he said.

Shufelt's radio device consists chiefly of a cylindrical glass case inside which a plummet attached to a copper wire held by the engineer sways continually, pointing he asserts, toward minerals or tunnels below the surface of the ground, and then revolves when over mineral or swings in prolongation of the tunnel when above the excavation.

He has used the instrument extensively in mining fields, he said."

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(Video) Woman’s Cataracts Healed After Remembering Past Life as Hermit Whose Eyes Were Burned

Amy Weiss is the daughter of past-life regression therapist Dr. Brian Weiss, a Yale-educated psychiatrist who was recently featured on Oprah. Though her father has long guided patients to remember their past lives, she had never recalled a past life under hypnosis.
She attended a session her father was holding at the hospital she worked at as a social worker, not really expecting any results. She was 25 years old at the time and had been told she may lose her eyesight due to cataracts.
When her doctor told her she may become blind, she thought, “Why do I have the eyes of an old man?” That description of her condition was fitting in a way she didn’t imagine at the time.
She was in the room at the hospital with several others, closing her eyes and listening to her father tell the group to go back in time to when their symptoms first began.
“Immediately, I saw myself in the body of an old man with long, white hair living in the Middle Ages. So here I am in the 1400s or 1500s living in a hut, and I was basically a hermit. I never interacted with other people.
“These townspeople thought I was a wizard and I was evil. So they came in with their torches and set fire to everything I owned and the fire burned my eyes and it blinded me.
“I felt like my heart linked into this man’s heart, and I could feel his pain. That man just sunk into a deep depression.”
Her father told the group to go to the end of that life and hear the message they should take away from it. She heard, “Sadness clouds the eyes.”
“For me that had a double meaning, not just that I had been carrying the cataracts and the literal blindness from the past life, but I was also still seeing the world unclearly. I had been carrying that man’s sadness in the present life too,” she said.
Shortly after this session, her cataracts were healed. Weiss said there could be biological explanations for the healing that she’s not aware of, “but it doesn’t really matter to me. What matters to me is that they were gone and that they healed.”
She said her relationship with her father was strengthened, as she gained a deeper understanding of his work. 

Man claims to have spent HOURS next to a Sasquatch

An amazing story of a man chopping wood for hours next to a Sasquatch eating berries! He provides a detailed description of the creature.

Skegness Monster! Mysterious sea creature spotted

With its mysterious dark hump floating in the water, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d just spotted the Loch Ness Monster.
And onlookers thought just that – after they were fooled into believing it was the legendary creature.
On closer inspection, experts say it is likely to be a basking shark lurking near the shoreline of the famous beach resort of Skegness.
The footage shows several fins bobbing up and down in the choppy water, just metres off the coast where children can be seen paddling in the shallow water.
People can be heard on the YouTube video shouting it is a basking shark.
But some observers likened the creature to the Loch Ness Monster because of a humped-back similar to the legendary Scottish beasts’.
Miss Clarke, who filmed what is believed to be a shark, thought at first glance it was rubbish floating on the surface but on further inspection realised it was alive.
She said: ‘It might seem silly but I thought it looked rather reptilian, like a crocodile or a dragon as the fins seemed more rigid than they do on sharks

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VIDEO-Alien Structures Below Ocean Off Santa Monica, California

Coordinates for long structures.
33° 54' 42" N 118° 27' 11" W

Coordinates for 16 round structures.
 33°58'3.76"N 118°29'4.15"W

Very unique and may be linked to the 1940s Battle of Los Angeles UFOs seen over the city. They are at the edge of Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey. 

The long structures are all pointing to each other and in the center between them all the area is pixalated and obscured...thus evidence that something is being hidden from the publics view. Most likely and entrance area to an underwater alien base. This could be an ancient one and not necessarily a currently used base. 

Source: ufosightingsdaily

Was Father Krespi Hitler?

Tales and stories have started to surface over the last 10 years that Adolf Hitler did actually escape from Berlin, and resumed life in the South America as  Father Krespi. But what evidence really exisits that  Father Krespi was Hitler?
In 1993, Father Krespi died, reportedly at the age of 90. More than 2000 people attended his funeral, which was marked with ceremony rivaling that of a King. He was laid to rest in a white marble sepulcher, which is still reported to be cleaned weekly, and adorned with flowers constantly, all paid for by anonymous admirers.
After his passing, some interesting things were discovered about him. He left behind millions of dollars worth of artwork. Local Germans and others later identified much of this artwork as belonging to the private collection of Adolph Hitler. Hitler was a known collector of art, and most of his private collection was never found after the war. Witnesses say that soon after the funeral on May 16 1993, two cargo jets were loaded with Father Krespi’s art collection and departed. It has never been seen again.
The Chief of Police for the town of Cuence reported that what he termed as “teams of European men” invaded the small town the day prior to the funeral. Several attendees of the funeral were German, and had armed escorts.
Is it possible that the most evil man in the history of the world escaped justice and posed as a man of God for 40 years?
How is this possible?
It is known that during the last year of the war, Hitler’s medical records were destroyed, and all the doctors who had seen him mysteriously vanished. The single exception was a young dental assistant who was called in to assist a dentist with cleaning Hitler’s teeth two times. She was later captured by the Russian Army and made to make a drawing of Hitler’s teeth so the Russians could match the charred remains they found in the Berlin bunker with her drawing since no authentic dental records could be found. After days of torture, she still had only a vague memory of the actual teeth of Hitler, but the Russians decided that it was a match. Stalin was never convinced but could not allow the world to think that Hitler had escaped the Russian Army.
In 1981, a retired US Army Colonel named Wendell Stephens made a trip to Ecuador. During his trip, he met a priest in a small town called Cuenca. The priest was named Father Krespi, and Col. Stephens was convinced he was in fact Adolph Hitler. He could not get people to listen to his claims that this priest was in fact Hitler. He examined thousands of Hitler photos, and was more and more concerned he has found Hitler.
He even described priceless artwork that Father Krespi had in his secluded home in the mountains of Ecuador. But nobody would listen to his claims.
Father Who?
Father Krespi’s background is also mysterious. Krespi claimed he was from an Italian/Austrian family in Northern Italy. He came to the Vatican in fall of 1943. There, he attended seminary and served as a Novitiate. Later, he was ordained into the priesthood. All this was behind the closed walls of the Vatican. Unheard at the time, and has never been repeated since. He never set foot outside of Vatican City, a city with the status and diplomatic immunity of a sovereign nation. Krespi was given a position as Curator of Art for the Vatican Achieves, a position far above his humble rank as Novitiate.
His position made him responsible for cataloging a collection of art worth billions of dollars. He would also have been in a position to receive priceless art collections, similar to those that had been looted by the Nazis and somehow fell into the hands of the Vatican after the war.
In 1956, Krespi was sent as a priest to the town of Cuence in Ecuador. A town known to Nazis Hunters as a hideout of Martin Borman and other high level Nazis that had escaped Germany. There, he lived a reclusive life as village priest and reportedly gave money to every member of his congregation at the conclusion of services. He also reportedly paid the villagers to protect his mission. Villagers say German men often visited him.

footage of mysterious ‘Bigfoot’

It has been the stuff of legends for as long as hikers have been traipsing through the wilderness.
But whether you believe this figure caught on camera by hikers in the Canadian wilderness is actually the legendary Bigfoot, or just a man in an ape suit, is all a matter of opinion.
Either way the sighting of the figure, which appears covered in thick black hair and is seen lumbering across the mountain top, has sparked plenty of excitement among Bigfoot fans.
In the footage the figure walks from the trees into the open, pausing briefly before disappearing back into the trees.
It remains unclear exactly where the video was shot but it is believed to have been filmed on a trail near Mission, in British Columbia.
The footage has been viewed thousands of times on YouTube with believers claiming it is evidence that the ape-like creature, known as sasquatch, actually exists.
But scientists have dismissed the Bigfoot theory, claiming it is a mixture of a hoax, folklore and incorrect identification.

What Does Hell Sound Like? Find Out Here…

There’s something about kids, little boys in particular, but girls too; something in their little minds that drives them to dig.  Digging holes is a favourite pastime of many kids the world over.  Digging in the sand on a sunny beach.  Digging in the dirt of a farmer’s field.  Digging in the playground at the park, likely with their parent or caregiver asking them not to the whole time.
Why do we dig?  I’m sure some superstar psychologist somewhere has the answer, and it probably relates to some obscure survivalist feature of our evolution.  But whether it’s a throwback to our prehistoric behaviour or some weird advent of modern culture, it can hardly be denied that we like to dig.
I once dug a hole so deep I could sit in it and not be seen from the surface.  I was industrious as a kid.  Of course, my memory of that incident may have exaggerated the size of the hole, which in reality was probably only a few inches deep, but to me, at the time, I was halfway to China.  And I’m certain there are many people who have similar stories.
In the vein of digging, have you ever wondered how deep mankind has ever dug?
The easy, official answer is 12,345 meters (40,503 feet), or 12.345 kilometers (7.67 miles).  Let’s put that into perspective.
  • The average commercial airliner cruises at an altitude of 9,000 to 10,000 meters (30,000 to 40,000 feet)
  • The Concord Supersonic Transport (retired) had a maximum cruising altitude of 18,300 meters (60,039 feet)
  • The second principal layer of Earth’s atmosphere (counting outwards from the surface) is the stratosphere, which begins at 12 kilometers from the surface, and extends to 50 kilometers
  • The current official height of Mount Everest in Nepal, known as Earth’s highest mountain, is 8,848 meters (29,029 feet)
  • The Earth’s continental crust is approximately 30 to 50 kilometers (20-30 miles) thick, while the oceanic crust is approximately 5 to 10 kilometers (3-6 miles) thick
So, as you can see, we’ve dug down to a depth that is equivalent to heights venerated by aviation enthusiasts and mountaineers.  And we dug almost halfway to the next geologic layer, the mantle
Now to the question…why did we dig that deep?
That official depth noted above, comes from the Russian Oil and Gas industry (of course), who, through the joint projects Sakhalin-I and Sakhalin-II, have dug the deepest hole in the history of mankind, reaching the depth of 12,345 meters in 2011.  Before that, the record was held by the Al Shaheen oil well in Qatar (12,289 meters) in 2008.  And before that it was the Kola Superdeep Borehole in Russia (12,262 meters), which began in 1970.
Unlike the oil drilling, the Kola Borehole – situated in the Pechengsky District of the Kola Peninsula in the far northwest of Russia – was a purely scientific endeavour, undertaken to observe tectonic formations at depth, all in an effort to understand crust stratification and tectonic mechanics.  The Kola Superdeep Borehole (KSB) is actually a collection of several boreholes drilled off of a central hole.  One of those branching boreholes, SG-3, was the record holder, and remains the holder of the deepest artificial point on Earth title (which is influenced by the relatively low elevation of the region in general).  The KSB was capped off in 2005, and the site was abandoned due to a lack of funding in 2008.
You may have heard of the KSB, though perhaps not by name.  It has been the focus of a rather pernicious urban legend in recent years.  It was said by some, as early as 1989, that the drilling crew and researchers were so ambitious in their digging, that they actually breached the gates of hell (or at least knocked on them with their drill).  I hope I don’t need to point out how utterly ridiculous that idea is, but in case I do, it should be known that the entire notion has been thoroughly debunked, and all of the related claims are patently untrue.
Except one, maybe.
When you think about those boreholes, it’s difficult to wrap your head around the conditions you might face at 12,000 meters below the planet’s surface.  During the drilling, researchers encountered temperatures in excess of 600 degrees Fahrenheit.  They hit pockets of boiling hydrogen, and pulled up rock samples greater than 2.8 billion years old.  Those are fairly extreme conditions, and many since have wondered what it smelled like, and even what it sounds like that far away from the surface.  And thanks to one such curious mind, we now know what songs the Earth sings in her heart.
Dutch multimedia artist Lotte Geeven embarked on a mission in conjunction with National Geographic, and with the help of scientists and an acoustical engineer from Arup.  Geeven and his team plunged sensitive recording equipment into the depths of the Earth at the KTB Borehole (Kontinentales Tiefbohrprogramm der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, or the German Continental Deep Drilling Program) located in southern Germany, which is currently the deepest accessible hole in the world, and the resulting recording is actually sort of anti-climactic.
As you can see from the video (below), there was plenty of low frequency vibration, which is often outside of our (human) audio range, and isn’t exactly unexpected.  The recording offers several faint pops and crackles, and a little rumbling.  If you were expecting to hear demons, or the crackling of hellfire, or perhaps the endless screams of the damned, I’m sorry to have let you down (and might I suggest you seek counselling).  Though if you think about it, the sounds Geeven recorded are pretty much exactly what we should expect in such an isolated and geologically insulated area.
Geeven isn’t alone in this endeavour though.  There are several other artists and scientists recording the sounds of deep-Earth both for research and for posterity.
The US Geological Survey (USGS) has long maintained records of earthquake sounds, and actually hosts a website where you can download and remix seismic recordings.  There’s also the somewhat morbid recordings offered by sound artist Mark Bain of the seismic noises made deep underground in New York City on 9/11 as the buildings fell.
So, while our imaginations will have to suffice for answering the title question of this post, at least our scientific curiosity has been sated by the efforts of geologists, deep drillers and artists, all working in collusion to expose whatever it is that lies beneath our feet.
Source: MU

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The mysterious grave of Lilly E. Gray, victim of the beast 666!

The grave of Lilly E. Gray stands in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. It’s a simple, plain flat stone that lists here birth date and death date (June 6, 1881 and November 14, 1958). It’s what’s written next to these figures than makes this stone legendary: Victim of the Beast 666.
That’s all that is carved on Lilly E. Gray’s grave, except for a few flowers (primroses, to be exact, which are often referred to as “The Devil’s Lantern.”) According to hospital records, she died of natural causes. Her short obituary listed nothing extraordinary. In other words, there are no records or hints to explain this mysterious message.
Heightening the mystery is the fact that Lilly’s husband, Elmer Gray, is buried in the same cemetery, but far away from Lilly in a different section. This has led to much speculation that he was the beast in question in Lilly’s life. Was he responsible for her death? Did one of Lilly’s friends or relatives intend the inscription to condemn Elmer? Or was this, as some people seem to think, a reference to occultist Aleister Crowley, who liked to call himself The Beast 666? If so, how was he connected to Lilly?
Nobody knows the answers. Only the bare facts remain. Lilly moved to the area in 1950, only eight years before her death, and her grave has grown into a local Salt Lake City legend. And this strange epitaph deserves its prominent place in USA folklore.