Wednesday, December 24, 2008, great free resource, this one for NLPers. A very extensive forum covering almost anything you can associate with NLP. Great for getting advice on NLP / hypnosis or just having a great NLP related discussion with some top practitioners.

NLP Connections is a great big resource site and forum for people interested in NLP. they have over 8,000 members in 56 countries around the world. Everyone is welcome!

You can use the site to meet other people in your area and set up informal practice groups. They offer resource packs and can help you find local trainers to support your group. The days of NLP being too expensive to learn are gone. Now you can learn more, easily.

NLP has since evolved, not only into an incredibly powerful set of techniques for achieving human excellence in both business and personal development, but also as a philosophy and attitude that is essential for anyone whose goal is one of excellence.