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(VIDEO) Best Ufo Sightings Of Italy

(VIDEO) Best Ufo Sightings Of Italy

Red Haired Mummies of Egypt

                                                                 BLUE BLOODS.
                                                   WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN???

There were the blue-bloods of Ancient Times which extended into European Times. . They 
actually did have blue blood, and it was not hemoglobin based but copper based. They were 
semi-human. There are still to this day, some animal species in South America that have 
copper based blood systems. There was a problem with hemophilia, and not because of 
intermarrying. The problem was that they started to marry outside of the copper based blood 
system. Hemoglobin and copper systems don't mix. That's where the laws against marrying 
commoners originated.
Lobsters, octopuses, squids and horseshoe crabs have copper based blue blood

Were the patriarchs and the Egyptian Pharaohs the Same?
History describes them as a darker race, but in truth they were Caucasian .

In the study of Egyptian Kingdoms things can get quite confusing. For example the reigns of the 
early New Kingdom pharaohs  Tao II, Kamose, Ahmose, Amenhotep I, Thutmose I and 
Thutmose II were not sequential, but overlapped substantially. many names were given to one 
individual and several nations could claim the pharaoh as their own under another title, ie. King, 
Emperor, etc.

Thutmose is a compound name  made from Thoth, (the Egyptian God of Wisdom) and Mose 
(an Egyptian title or suffix indicating son of  or rightful heir) .

Egyptian Female Pharaoh: Queen Hatshepsut, wife of Pharaoh Thutmosis II. She ruled Egypt 
after Thutmosis' death in 1520 BC. Her long blonde hair and  facial structure has been well 
preserved by the embalming process of the time

The myths and legends of Greece, India and South America describe the rule of Osiris and Isis. 
" The Mighty Osiris and Isis walked into the Egyptian Valley out of nowhere and assumed 
command.' They were taller and more imposing than the men of the time, with long blond hair, 
marblelike white skin and remarkable powers that enabled them to perform miracles"
Abraham - In Genesis 14, Abraham is given the pseudonym of Shem-eber king of Zeboiim 
(Memphis). Shemeber is translated as "Illustrious." However, it is also a compound name 
comprised of Shem (Sabium) and Eber (Hammurabi). These two ancestors were not only 
kings, but also masters of the sciences, law and philosophy . Abraham was placed in their 
company, not only with respect to wisdom, but also in kingship. Zeboiim, that is Memphis, was 
the ancient seat of kingship and wisdom in Egypt. (Ref: Living in Truth: Archaeology and the 
Patriarchs by Charles N. Pope)

ThutmoseIV According to legend, nearly three and a half thousand years ago, one of the sons of 
the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenophis II was out hunting near a plateau some ten miles from Cairo. 
Tired from his endeavours, the Prince Thutmose rested in the shadow of a mysterious head 
protruding from the desert sands.  Thutmose duly fell asleep and, in a dream, heard the carved 
stone head whispering to him that one day he would become ruler of all Egypt ahead of his 
older brothers. The prince was also told that he would then free the body of the forgotten god 
from the desert sands where it had lain buried for centuries. Thutmose awoke refreshed, and, 
recalling the dream silently committed himself to clearing away the sands, intrigued that as a 
younger son, he could possibly become Pharaoh. He then left to continue his hunting. On the 
death of his father the prophecy become true, with the former hunter ascending the throne as 
Pharaoh Tuthmosis IV. Shortly afterwards the Pharaoh, who was only to reign for eight years 

(1413-1405BCE), honoured the pledge made as a younger man and cleared the area around 
the Sphinx revealing the God in its true magnificence

Thutmose IV and Joseph (YUYA)Biblical Joseph was  Prime Minister Yuya.    Working backwards from the time of Yuya in the 
Egyptian 18th Dynasty, the identity of the first Joseph can be found among the great princes of 
the 12th Dynasty. Revealing his  identity to his kinsmen who had sold him into slavery, Joseph 
claimed that "God had made him 'A father to Pharaoh'. Throughout the long history of ancient 
Egypt, only one man is known to have been given the title 'A father to Pharoah' - Yuya, a vizier of 
the eighteenth dynasty King Tuthmosis IV.
Yuya has long intrigued Egyptologists because he was buried in the Valley of Kings even 
though he was not a member of the Royal House.

Pharaoh Akhenaten was able to abolish the complex pantheon of the ancient Egyptian religion 
and replace it with a single god, the Aten, who had no image or form.
Pharaoh Akhenaten's Hymn to Aten is  the same as Psalm 104 of the Bible.

The time of departure of the Hebrews from Egypt would have been during the  reign of Ramses 
I, the first king of the nineteenth dynasty.

 The mummy of the red 
haired Egyptian King, 
Ramses II, is on public 
display at the Egyptian 
Museum, Cairo
Forensics tests were done 
on Ramses, proving that 
his red hair was 'natural'. 
Ref: Ramses the Great by 
National Geographics.

Source:  burlingtonnews

(VIDEO) Man declared dead wakes up in body bag.

Walter Williams was declared dead when workers at a Mississippi care home discovered he was alive, zipped inside a body bag

A man declared dead in Mississippi later woke up and began kicking at the body bag he had been zipped up in, ready for embalming at a funeral home.
Walter Williams, 78, was declared dead on Wednesday night at his home in Lexington, central Mississippi, when the local coroner could not find a pulse.
The former farmer and education department worker was transferred to a funeral home and his family began mourning his passing.
A few hours later as undertakers were preparing to embalm him, they were startled when the body began to move, kicking at the inside of the bag.
Once the county coroner pronounced Mr Williams dead the “corpse” was taken to Porter and Sons, a local, family-run funeral home.
In the early hours of the following morning, staff were shocked when Mr Williams began to struggle inside the body bag.
“He was not dead, long story short,” said undertaker Byron Porter.
The workers quickly unzipped it and found Mr Williams alive, then immediately rushed him to hospital.
“I asked the coroner what happened and the only thing he could say is that it’s a miracle,” said Willie March, the county sheriff.
Mr Williams was rushed to hospital and the family was alerted.
“About 2.30AM my cousin called and said ‘not yet’, I said what do you mean, not yet? And he said ‘Daddy’s still here’,” said Mr Hester.
Pictures on local television showed Mr Williams looking frail in hospital, but family members said he has told them he is glad to be alive.
The coroner later speculated that Mr Williams’s pacemaker had stopped working temporarily and then started again, reviving him at the funeral home.
“I stood there and watched them put him in the body bag and zip it up,” Eddie Hester, Mr Williams’s nephew, told US media.
“I don’t know how long he is going to be here but I know he is back [with us] right now and that’s all that matters,” added Mr Hester.

Source: The Telegraph

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(VIDEO) Fallen Angel Discovered In Russia?

Archaeologists have been extremely puzzled when they found a medieval mound strange creature, and at some distance from his gigantic horse herbal bath.

In Nevinnomyssk ordinary, in general, the excavation of an ancient burial mound became virtually episode of "The X-Files." Archaeologists have found so mysterious artefacts that the experts, just as Dana Scully in the series, denying all non-scientific version of the scientific explanation, yet to offer anything they can not.

NTV correspondent Maxim Berezin considered the findings.

The name of this unique artifact was not invented by science fiction fans, and most that are on the conservative scholars. In the ancient burial place, uncovered during the excavation, it was discovered a strange thing - sheep skeleton with a human skull. More refined definition than chelovekobaran, their discovery, archaeologists were not able to pick up.

Anna Shvyreva, Department of Nature in the Stavropol Museum: "What is it chelovekobaran? That is, there was a combination of cranial young person under 25 years of age and body rams. "

Sergey Savenko, one of the discoverers of chelovekobarana in the head at first climbed unscientific thought: what if the Stavropol archaeologists have discovered a previously unknown anomalous creature to mankind? Order not disturb the UFO, the skeleton was sent for examination.

Sergey Savenko, Pyatigorsk museum: "They found an analogy, it's even geographically not so far, this is the territory of Crimea. There have been dumping human skeleton was almost complete, but the hands and feet were cut somewhere to elbow and put in charge of the animal bones were, presumably, a goat. " 

Experts anthropologists have refuted all the fantastic theories, but none of the puzzles Nevinnomyssky burial is not disclosed.

Mysterious burial can excite the imagination of not only archaeologists. Dark Ages - that is all that is known about him yet, some information about the ritual of the specialists there, perhaps because of such artifacts in the North Caucasus had been found.

For all other archaeological features Nevinnomyssk burial is typical for its era. In the afterlife of the deceased was seen off, observing the necessary rituals. The tomb was found weapons and utensils.

Sergey Savenko: "It's really kind of a unique ritual situation. Whether it was a special man, who had to bury so. "

The Adventures of archaeologists from the very beginning Nevinnomyssk bought some anti-scientific tone. Not far from the first discovery expedition accidentally unearthed the remains of a horse epic proportions. Warhorse had giant growth - almost two meters at the shoulder(1 meter ≈ 1.09361 yards), and was buried with honors uncharacteristic of the animal.

Anna Shvyreva, Department of Nature in the Stavropol Museum: "For this horse had been dug in the ground a special bath. It was filled with grass, and horse in the tub on his back. "

Ancient pyramids, possibly man-made, discovered in Antarctica.

Three ancient pyramids have been discovered in the Antarctic by a team of American and European scientists. Two of the pyramids were discovered about 16 kilometers inland, while the third one was very close to the coastline. An expedition to the bizarre structures should answer the intriguing question whether they are artificial or natural.

The first reports about the pyramids appeared in western mass media last year. A few pictures were posted on some web-sites with a commentary that the strange structures could serve evidence that the ice-covered continent used to be warm enough to have had an ancient civilization living there.

At the current moment little is still known about the pyramids and the team continues to keep silent about the discovery. The only reliable information provided by the scientists was that they were planning an expedition to the pyramids to research them more thoroughly and determine for sure whether the structures were artificial or natural. No details about the time frame of the expedition were offered.
In case the researchers prove the pyramids are man-made structures, the discovery may bring about the biggest revision of human history ever made.
Meanwhile, a number of strange but interesting discoveries have been made lately in the Antarctic. In 2009 climate scientists found particles of pollen there, which could possibly testify that palm trees once grew in Antarctica and summer temperatures reached 21C. Three years later, in 2012, scientists from Nevada's Desert Research Institute identified 32 species of bacteria in samples of waters of Lake Vida in East Antarctica.

Source: Voice of Russia, 

(VIDEO) Astonishing Olympic UFO, Not A Blimp

(VIDEO) Astonishing Olympic UFO, Not A Blimp

UFO Crash In New Mexico - Video Footage Analyzed and Enhanced.

In This Presentation The Original Footage Has Been Enhanced And Is Available In High Definition (HD). Evidently This Footage Was First Released At A UFO Conference In Australia.

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(VIDEO) The Best Ufo Evidence Ever Captured On Video In Japan

(VIDEO) The Best Ufo Evidence Ever Captured On Video In Japan

20,000 plant species added to ‘Doomsday Vault’ to protect against agricultural apocalypse.

Some 20,000 plant species from more than 100 countries and institutions will be added to the global seed bank in Norway
A Noah’s Ark of 20,000 plant species will unload this week at a remote Arctic port to deposit humanity’s latest insurance payment against an agricultural apocalypse or a man-made cock-up.
Brazilian beans and Japanese barley are among the botanical varieties that are carried aboard the ship that is shortly expected to dock near the Svalbard global seed vault, that celebrates its sixth anniversary this week.
The facility, which is bored into the side of a mountain by the Barents Sea, is primarily designed as a back-up for the many gene banks around the world that keep samples of crop diversity for agricultural businesses.~
But its operators, the Global Crop Diversity Trust, say the “Doomsday Vault” could also help to reboot the world’s farms in the event of a climate catastrophe or a collapse of genetically modified crops.
Built to withstand a nuclear strike, a tectonic shift or rising sea levels, the vault has the capacity to store 4.5m different seed varieties for centuries.
Currently, it holds 820,619 samples of food crops and their natural relatives, but this is steadily increasing with one or two shipments each year, according to the trust, which maintains the seed vault in partnership with the Norwegian government and the Nordic Genetic Resources Centre.
The latest shipment contains deposits from more than 100 countries and institutions, including the International Potato Centre, the Australian Tropical Crops Collection and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre.
A first collaboration with the Barley Germplasm Centre of Okayama will see the addition of the plant widely used for Japanese whisky and shochu. The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation is sending 514 samples of “the common bean” which is the primary ingredient in the national dish of feijoada.
Eventually it is thought that the vault may serve as a repository for every plant species used by humans.
“Each and every single deposit into the vault provides an option for the future,” said Marie Haga, the Crop Trust’s executive director. “At a time of unprecedented demands on our natural environment, it is critical to conserve plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. This will guarantee farmers and plant breeders continued access to the raw materials they need to improve and adapt crops.” © Guardian News and Media 2014
Watch video of biodiversity archivist Cary Fowler, from his TED Talk in 2009:
Source: Raw Story

Amazing Video, UFO Sighting over Stuttgart Germany.

Amazing Video, UFO Sighting over Stuttgart Germany.

Baltic Anomaly: Far Stranger Than Any UFO Discovery.

This is turning into one of the most amazing and perplexing discoveries in history. If you thought all of the questions surrounding the Baltic anomaly would be answered by the return trip, then you’d be wrong.  The OceanX team have discovered right angles, walls with absolutely smooth surfaces and cavities-like corridors inside the object as well as something resembling a staircase – the weird just got weirder.
“When we went out and saw the walls which were straight and smooth, it was frightening, as in a science-fiction film” – Dennis Åsberg – Ocean Explorer Co-Founder

From the different reports and interviews given we have amassed the following details of the anomaly.
    • Completely circular plate-like exterior.

    • 180 metres in circumference.

    • Object is 200ft accross mushroom shaped comprising a thick pillar rising 8 metres out of the seabed with a 4 metre thick dome on top (like a mushroom shape) – rising a total of 12 metres (approx 40 feet) high above the surrounding seabed.

    • Cavities-like corridors inside the object.

    • Straight and smooth walls  in certain areas with many right angles.

    • There are visible formations on top of the object, which are set at a 90 degree angle and look like passageways or walls, as well as something that looks like it could be a staircase.

    • Stone circles, like “fireplaces”, of hard black “almost petrified” burnt looking stone each a few inches in diameter, like 4 or 5 pearls in a necklace in various arrangements on top of the dome.

    • Spherical object nicknamed “The Meringue” (pictured below) is 4 metres wide and sits on top of the object.
    • Twenty-five centimetre hole on top of the object, it’s not known yet where it leads or what if anything is inside.

    • Long runway or “skid marks” leading to object point north.

The latest revelations of right angles, walls with absolutely smooth surfaces and cavities-like corridors inside the object are if possible, far stranger than any UFO could ever hope to be. In fact a UFO find would now seem positively mundane.
Now it seems that as more and more information is revealed, the mystery surrounding the object grows.  The good news for everyone who is intrigued by this story is that a THIRD expedition by the team will set off in approximately two weeks – the OceanX team will be hoping to rule out some of the possible explanations and collect even more data to shed light on this most perplexing mystery.

“A new expedition will take place in approx three weeks.” – Peter Lindberg, co-founder OceanX Team (approx 2 weeks now at time of publishing)
Right angles, smooth surfaces and cavitiy-like corridors inside the object

In a recent Swedish radio interview, Aasberg described some amazing features which seem to indicate that the object is man made, or perhaps a natural formation that has been altered or engineered.  In various radio and TV interviews the team have described the surfaces of the dome to be similar to concrete both in texture and appearance.  The massive pillar on which the dome rests may be made of a different material indicating that the entire anomaly may not be one complete piece but rather two separate objects with the dome resting on top of the main pillar, and if so, who or what placed the dome on top?  Also, when we say pillar – this is a pillar that is approx 180-190 feet thick.

“We arrived there twice, and the question mark has become so much bigger now, “says Dennis Åsberg.The area is a completely circular plate with 180 metres in circumference, and therefore believed that it was the first traces of a meteor.”

“But there are 1,500-metre track in bed until the subject matter-and they have also discovered right angles, walls with absolutely smooth surfaces and cavities-like corridors inside the object.– When we went out and saw the walls which were straight and smooth, it was frightening, as in a science-fiction film, “says Dennis Åsberg on Ocean x-team as soon exploring the unknown object again.
Stone Circles or “Fireplaces”

During the dive, the team swam slowly over the top of the object looking down where they encountered the first of many strange sights. Stone circles, like “fireplaces”, of hard black “almost petrified” burnt looking stone each a few inches in diameter, like 4 or 5 pearls in a necklace in various arrangements on top of the dome some 12 metres high off the seabed. The stones appear to be arranged in definite circular shapes, so there is no possibility of this being done through any natural process of weathering or even glaciation.

Stefan Hogeborn, 47, is a veteran of 6000 dives spanning his 20 year career and is one of the expert divers who was completely mesmerized by what he saw. “Normally stones don’t burn,” Hogeborn said. “I can’t explain what we saw, and I went down there to answer questions, but I came up with even more questions,” he added.

The Hole

Also visible and shown in some of the released video footage is a strange hole  (pictured below) in the top of the object.  The hole is described to be approx 25 cm in diameter.  Where it leads to or exactly what it’s purpose is is yet unknown.  It is thought that this feature will be investigated further when the team return to the site again in 2 weeks time.
The Trail or Path Leading To The Object

In the initial sonar imagery there appeared to be what looked 1000+ metres of what looked like like skid marks or a disturbed seafloor area leading to the object.  According to the dive team what it now looks like to them is what can only be described as a “runway” or “downhill path” that is flattened at the seabed with the object at the end of it. Co-Founder Peter Lindberg describes this feature of the site as a ridge raising slowly up from the bottom to a height of approx 8 meters above the surrounding bottom. He  also believes that this ridge is made of softer material than the pillar and the dome.

The second anomaly

Some 200 metres away lies the second strange anomaly which is amazingly yet to be explored!  The initial sidescan sonar images show something described by the team as shaped like a “gothic church window”.  Similar to the main anomaly this object also has an area leading up to it of disturbed seafloor or what could be a ridge.  The divers were so amazed by the main anomaly that they simply didn’t have time to dive on the second one.  The return trip in two weeks time should present an opportunity for this to finally be explored.

There is the real possibility that the second anomaly may help give clues to the origin and nature of the main object.
The Remote Viewers Were Correct

Several weeks before the second expedition several set off, several remote viewers described the anomaly in “blind” sessions where all they were given was a target reference number.  The preliminary findings of the OceanX expedition have confirmed some remarkable similarities and details which were amazingly predicted by the remote viewers.

One of the remote viewers described the anomaly as the same feeling as “very large” , “light grey”, “looks like cement colour”, “like a dam – but it’s not a dam, but it reminds me of a dam, just that it’s so big, massive and huge, going down whenever you stood and you look down on it, on a dam and I can see how it just moves down away from me”.
Another viewer described it as round, semi-buried, thick, from above to below ground, AOL “like a weapons bunker or missile silo tube, something like that, way thicker than it ought to be or you would expect,”

“It just so straight up and down inside ,the Millennium Falcon from the Empire Strikes Back”.
(Editor’s Note: An AOL is what Remote Viewers refer to when an image of the target comes into their mind)

Lindberg too was impressed with the quality of the data predicted by the remote viewers - “Regarding the “remote viewing”: Yes, the last guy gives quite a spooky resembling explanation. Maybe he’s right if we find any more holes” – he said.

“3D Multibeam sonar data take a while to process. It will not be until end of next week we will be able to see the first 3D images from the area. I have seen the raw data though and if what I have seen will be confirmed by the finished result we will get some quite amazing facts to think about.”

“More pictures will come, no more diver taken pictures though, not before until next expedition.  The production company is right now working with the ROV films and still pictures from them will be released. Before the expedition” – “It is up to the production company, who makes the documentary, which pictures will be released.”

The Meringue

Initially when the first images were released by Swedish media the image below caused a lot of confusion for many people, with many thinking the image showed the complete anomaly.

However, after the confusion cleared it became obvious that the image below was of something now nicknamed “The Meringue”.  The meringue as it is now known is a circular 4 meter wide feature that actually sits on top of the main 200 foot wide mushroom-like dome. What looks like the seabed towards the bottom of the feature is in fact the TOP of the mushroom dome.  The seabed is another 40 feet further down!
Resolution of the object

Lindberg was asked, “What kind of resolution/accuracy can be expect of the ROV?(Remotely Operated Vehicle),  he  said – “Bad resolution, we have been sponsored by Ocean Modules with an “older” model of the V8 Sii ROV. It should not be able to send both video and the “real time sonar” images at the same time through a 450 meter cable (which we had) but it worked, though on the expense of the quality of the video. On the next expedition they will provide us with a newer model and then we will probably get much better quality on the video.”

He continued – “They do not know about all we have seen with the ROV. It take some time to tape everything over to a format with which they can use, and people have their working hours. I think though that they must be like 10 persons working with this now.”

Rock samples

In a recent Facebook Q&A the loose stones that make up the “fireplaces” sitting on top of the dome were discussed with co-founder Peter Lindberg – “So have any scientists results been brought back from the samples yet Peter?” – “We have recovered two loose stones laying on the circle. They are doing lab tests on the stones right now. But I think we will find that they are made of quite common minerals. I believe that since there is loose stones laying on the circle the circle must be from pre-ice age. The ice has dropped the stones when it melted away.”

“I do not know but if I must bet my money on something I would go for the possibility that the circle is of pre-ice age – age.”

Unexplained Equipment Failure

A curious phenomena that has been experienced by the dive team is one of constant electrical equipment failure when they are in close proximity to the anomaly and could be related to a magnetic disturbance in the area.
“Why isn’t anything working, anything electric out there and the satellite phone as well stopped working when we were above the object and then we got away about 200 meters and it turned on again and when we got back over the object it didn’t work so that’s kind of strange as well.” - Stefan Hogeborn

“The divers said that a “blackish” powder had been attracted to the camera,  I did not see it myself though.  Another thing is that we could not use the satellite phone when we where laying above the circle, but just some tenth of meters off position the phone worked.  I do not know why but it is a fact. Furthermore, the video camera’s lights blow when the diver started them up on the surface when testing them before dive # 2. They decided anyway to bring the video camera with them and try to use their ordinary lights to illuminate for the video. When they descended the video camera started to showing an “error” message on the small monitor”. – Peter Lindberg

“The diver restarted the camera several times and finally it seamed to work.  So he filmed their dive but nothing was on the tape when watching it afterwards. The only problem we had with the ROV was that we constantly had to restart the sonar. Finally it did not work and we continued with just the video camera. When we left the circle we went to a wreck and spent like 35 hour of ROV flying on the wreck and the sonar worked all the time. Magnetic disturbances, well you tell me!”

“Someone asked about what temperature we had down there. Well the divers thermometer showed -1 degree Celsius when they were on top of the circle, it should be +4 degree Celsius. The thermometer may have showing a wrong value of course.”

“We looked at our dive computer, the deep sea diver computer, and it said minus one degree that’s pretty cold for a diver it should really be impossible to have that cold water it actually turns into ice at zero degrees but that could be explained by the movement of the water.” – Stefan Hogeborn, Professional Diver

“I can not reveal the truth before I have all the facts. Till then everything is pure speculations, even from my side. I have not thought about if it can be hollowed, I have not even penetrated the surface yet…”

“We still have some months before it is too late going out to the site. But as it looks like now it will be last expedition for us. I think a real scientific team should take over and make a real scientific expedition to the area. After all, we are just wreck hunters who’s trying to find out what we a have discovered.”
Can it be brought to the surface?

When asked if there was the possibility of bringing the object to the surface, Lindberg was quick to respond with an emphatic – “God no! It must weight tremendous much, like thousands of tons”

The Straight Lines / Grooves

The original sonar images show large and unbelievably straight grooves or lines in the structure.  When someone on the Facebook group speculated that the grooves were a few tens of centimetres, Lindberg wasted no time in correcing them  – “No the graves are more like 1-1,5 meter wide and 0,5-1,5 meters deep.” Later he said – “The lines can be made by natural causes, but they looks very “man made”.
Peter Lindberg shares his thoughts

A few days ago co-founder of the OceanX Team Peter Lindberg popped into the OceanX Facbook page for an impromptu question and answer session which was utterly fascinating.

Hello friends, I have not written anything here in a while, can maybe be explained by the fact that I have really been out there… I will drop you some of my believes:
1. I do not believe that the circle is a wreckage of an flying craft from WWII till recent time (or from some thousands of year back for that matter).

2. I do not believe the circle is a wreckage of any kind of known floating vessels from the past or from modern time.

3. I do not believe the circle is a construction made by someone after the ice age (submarine bases etc included).

4. I do believe the surface of the circle is made of mineral.

5. I do believe that the surface looks like concrete through the ROV camera but I do not believe it’s made of concrete.

6. I do believe that the very strait lines and angular formations we can see on the side scan sonar image from last year really excists. The odd thing is that I thought, before this expedition that when we could get close these shapes maybe should appear not being so straight as on the side scan sonar image, in reality they are even straighter! It really looks like constructed parts on the circle.

7. I do believe it might have been volcanic activity in the area and even on (or in) the circle after the ice age, or before, but then it do not fit with what we know about the ice age.

8. I do believe that the circle “rests” on top of what looks like an pilar of rock, raising approx 8 meters above the surrounding bottom. The circle it self appears to be approx 4 meters thick. In other words, the top of the circle raises 12 meters above the surrounding bottom.

9. I do believe we must find out on the next expedition if the circle and the pillar are fixed in one piece or if they are separated in some way.

10. I do believe that the path, or the track, is a ridge raising slowly up from the bottom to a height of approx 8 meters above the surrounding bottom. I also believe that the ridge is made of softer material than the pillar and the circle.

“What I do not believe because I know, is the fact that we found a round hole approx 25 cm in diameter going straight into the surface of the circle, how odd is not that? How deep? No idea, we just saw it for some seconds before we decided to back off to preserve the visibility for the divers that was going down later on. They did not find the hole though.  It might be some more holes, at this moment we do not know.” – Well some comments on that before I continue with some more believes. Cheers.


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