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Ancient Aliens On Mars: Discovery Of The City By The Image SOL 951

Ancient Aliens On Mars: Discovery Of The City By The Image SOL 951

Nasa source:

UPDATE - Crashed UFO Antarctica! Tanks Surround Flying Saucer? 2015

Crashed UFO Antarctica Update! Tanks Surround Flying Saucer? 2015! Caller into Thirdphaseofmoon shares updates on the UFO Image captured by google earth of what looks to be a Flying Saucer That Crashed Landed and Surrounded by Military Tanks! 

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Real Alien Hybrid Creatures Caught On Video.

Alien Mysteries: Real Alien Hybrid Creatures Caught On Video. (UFO Alien OVNI)

Rake Monster (1st clip) source:

Alien In Massachusetts source:

NASA Confirm UFO Moon Footage

Remarkable footage has emerged of a possible UFO flying close to the moon.

Is it possible that this object is a top secret space ship possibly from the secret space program which was accidentally captured by the Lunar Observatory's video cameras or is it an extraterrestrial space ship?

Raw Footage Here:

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Is This A Proof That A Shadow Spirit ‘Possesses' an Elderly Man?

Ghosts or spirits are always tagged as sinister entities that will cause wrath to everyone they want to haunt. But what if a certain spirit aims to protect a human being from impending tragedies? Could this be possible to happen?

A video which shows an old man crossing the street amidst the dangers of meeting an accident due to cars on his way has gone viral due to a mysterious spirit that's been following him. It was then debated by people who have seen the video whether the old man is being haunted by the spirit and is eventually getting possessed by it or the spirit is actually making sure that the old man crosses the street safely.

Be the one to decide when you see the video. Watch the video here:


Andrew Danziger:Obama's Pilot Saw a Giant UFO during campaign flight

Virtually all pilots believe in UFOs’: Veteran who flew Obama’s campaign plane saw a ‘giant red ball’ flying through the sky

Andrew Danziger flew President Obama during 2008 election campaign
Claims to have seen a UFO on flight between Kansas and Iowa in 1989
Saw a 'giant red ball' flying parallel to his jet in the sky for 30 seconds 
The aircraft captain revealed that nearly all pilots believe in UFOs

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Is there a hidden reason we're going to mars? A reason that 98 percent of the human race does not know about? The amount of video footage I toss on the editing floor is astounding. This is what's left of two weeks worth (the best of the findings). :) It's all in the eyes. Watch the eyes. Do aliens pose as human beings and walk among us? Watch this video. Did man live along dinosaurs? Yes. Are their shape shifters around us? Is an alien race using holograms to hide themselves from human beings? Is there a reptilian race among us that, with the more awareness we humans have of them, are losing their cloaking ability? It seems that way after watching this video. Does it have any relevance to Mars? This video may open your mind. What do you think? I think there's enough evidence in this video to ponder realities, outside of the box we live in, that just may be possible, if not entirely probable.

I hope you ponder. :)

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Basiago and Eisenhower: "Marsgate" and the "Alternative 4" Dimension of Human Consciousness

“The Watchers” - Aliens Are Real And Are Watching Us - Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Are Aliens Real – Edgar Mitchell on the moon!
Edgar is a famous NASA astronaut that has walked on the moon. He says he has proof that the Grey aliens are real and that right now aliens are watching us!
UFO Aliens
Edgar was part of the Apollo 14 space flight January 31, 1971, proceeded by the lunar landing on February 5th. During the two lunar EVAs (Extravehicular Activity), Mitchell along with his Commander Alan Shepard spent about 33 hours on the Moon.
Edgar claims that he believes in Aliens and UFOs – Aliens are Real! Claiming that we have been watched and observed for a long time. He mentions the Roswell alien crash in the summer of 1947. Pointing out the reason for the US government denial was they weren’t sure if the specimen found was hostile. He also says the US didn’t want the soviets to know so a cover up was decided. Edgar claims he is positive that we are being watched right now.
When asked how many Alien Civilizations there are Edgar’s answer was – Billions.
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man on the moon, testifies to extraterrestrial visitation and military coverup.
Aliens UFO
Edgar also gives us some insight to the reason our government has kept Aliens and other UFO related information above top-secret. He stated that the Air Force is responsible for protecting our skies, and they and various other governmental agencies did not know what to do with the alien crashed saucer, and its superior technology.
They certainly did not want the Soviets to get their hands on it, and at the same, the best course of action was to just lie about it, and keep it to themselves. They labeled it “above top-secret,” and that created the long running iron curtain separating a secret group within the government, and the American public. It is believed by some UFO researchers that this group was the Majestic-12, which is often referred to as MAJ-12.
Mitchell’s reference to this secret group does not in any way give validation to the so-called Majestic-12 documents, but it does give us proof that a group to protect UFO information did exist, and with ongoing UFO events of importance, it is only reasonable to assume that the group continues today.
UFO Interview
There is no doubt that Dr. Mitchell’s statements will have long reaching consequence in the UFO community, and hopefully, mainstream media will pay a more serious look at reports of UFOs. So now, we who have always believed that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, can know without reservation that this belief is based on fact.
We will continue to look for answers as to why they are here, where they come from, how they get here, and what we will do when and if they decide to make themselves known openly to this curious, tiny, third planet from the Sun we call Earth.
Aliens have contacted humans several times but governments have hidden the truth for 60 years, the sixth man to walk on the moon has claimed.
Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, said he was aware of many UFO visits to Earth during his career with NASA but each one was covered up.
Dr Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview that sources at the space agency who had had contact with aliens described the beings as ‘little people who look strange to us.’
He said supposedly real-life ET’s were similar to the traditional image of a small frame, large eyes and head.
Chillingly, he claimed our technology is ‘not nearly as sophisticated’ as theirs and “had they been hostile”, he warned ‘we would be been gone by now’.
Dr Mitchell, along with with Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard, holds the record for the longest ever moon walk, at nine hours and 17 minutes during their 1971 mission.
‘I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we’ve been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real,’ Dr Mitchell said. It’s been covered up by all governments for 60 years.

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Ultraviolet light reveals Gray Alien ghostly faces from medieval Black Book of Carmarthen

Unseen for 500 years, ultraviolet light has revealed two hidden portraits in a medieval Welsh manuscript

Scholars researching one of the UK’s most important medieval manuscripts were left surprised if not a little shaken last year when the use of ultraviolet light revealed two ghostly faces staring out at them from one of the pages.

The discovery of the sketches – not seen since they were erased in the 16th century from the Black Book of Carmarthen – came as a “complete surprise” to the two researchers.

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Meet the Chinese Lumberjack Who Slept With an 10-foot-tall, 6-fingered Alien Woman

"If you can't find me," Meng Zhaoguo said over a cell phone whose signal faded from its isolation, "Just head to the last house on the logging commune lane. Or ask anyone who's around." Everyone knows the first Chinese person to allegedly be abducted by aliens.

With its surging economy, China is summiting once-unseen heights in world rankings: millions of English speakersalmost the most millionaires and actually the least frugal tourists. Yet despite being slightly larger in area than the United States with four times as many people, China trails far behind when it comes to visitors from outer space. To date, only one Chinese person -- lumberjack Meng Zhaoguo -- claims to have slept with one.

meng zhaoguo
Meng Zhaoguo, a rural worker from northeast China's Wuchang city, taking a lie detector test in Beijing.

I first visited Meng at his home on the Red Flag Logging Commune, set among the remains of a forest in China's far northeast, an area historically known as Manchuria. Chinese characterize Northeasterners as big-hearted, industrious and sometimes a bit touched in the head. So it was not a shock when the nation's first person claiming interstellar relations came from here. In 2003, I traveled over a winding, ice-covered, one-lane road through the forest to meet him.

On the commune, Meng lived in a two-room timber frame house he had built with his own hands. Bare yellow light bulbs dropped from the ceiling, and there was no phone -- or cell reception. But a big-screen Sony television filled one end of the room.

"Out here, it only picks up two channels," he said. "So it's a waste of money, but I didn't buy it. A businessman brought it, after he heard about my story." Another visitor, from Malaysia, had brought him a cow. "I sold that," Meng told me. "Cows cost money to take care of. What am I going to do with a cow out here?"

We stepped outside, boots crunching snow, and faced the Dragon Mountains, veiled in purple mist as the day's light faded. Meng said that on a night much like this in 1994, he saw a metallic glint shimmer off those peaks.

"I thought a helicopter had crashed, so I set out to scavenge for scrap." He made it to the lip of a valley, spying the wreckage in the distance, when "Foom! Something hit me square in the forehead and knocked me out."

He awoke at home, he told me, with no memory of how he got there. A few nights later he woke to find himself floating above his bed. As his wife slumbered beneath him, a 10-foot-tall, 6-fingered alien woman with thighs coated in braided hair straddled his waist. Meng and the alien copulated for 40 minutes.

"She then disappeared through the wall and I floated back down to bed. She left me with this." He undid his trousers to reveal a two-inch-long jagged mark that he insisted bore only a coincidental resemblance to a scar resulting from a slipped stroke of a saw.
I asked him to draw the creature, and he took my pen and tore off a sheet from a roll of rough, unbleached paper. To my surprise, I recognized the alien. As he made tiny x's on the alien's inner thighs, I realized Meng was sketching a hairy cousin of the Michelin Man. His smiling, puffy white face waved from atop an auto repair shop at the base of Red Flag Logging Commune. I thought of that, and the empty crates of Five Star beer stacked just outside Meng's front door, and the remote loneliness of a Northeast winter.

But Meng told the story calmly, not in a desperate or pleading tone, cajoling the listener to believe. I kept my deductions internal, and he suggested we go outside with his kids and light the fireworks I had brought for them. That night I slept fitfully on Meng's bed, while he took the couch.

Continue reading HERE

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Ancient Submerged Temple Discovered Beneath Lake Titicaca

According to an article posted by the BBC back on August 23 , 2000, the ruins of an ancient temple were found submerged beneath Lake Titicaca (the world's deepest and highest navigable lake) by members of the expedition “Atahuallpa 2000" (backed by international scientific group Akakor Geographical Exploring).

They discovered the sacred temple (found between the town of Copacabana, the Island of the Sun and Island of the Moon) after following a submerged road, in an area of the lake not far from Copacabana town.

The holy temple measures 200m by 50m (660ft by 160ft) almost twice the size of an average football pitch. A terrace for crops, a long road and an 800-metre (2,600 feet) long wall was also found.

Dating at least 1,000 to 1,500 years ago, the ruins are said to be pre-Incan, attributed to the indigenous Tiwanaku or Tiahuanaco people, said Lorenzo Epis, the Italian scientist leading the Atahuallpa 2000 scientific expedition.

Legends of lost city

The lake has long drawn fascination with various legends around it, including one of an underwater city called Wanaku and another of Inca gold lost by the Spanish.

The Incas also regarded the lake as the birthplace of their civilization, and in their myth, the Children of The Sun emerged out of the waters.

For centuries the locals have spoken of a lost underwater City of Wanaku. Could this discovery prove that such a city did actually exist? 

Lying on the lake bed was a giant figurine of a human head, that upon comparison looked identical to the stone works in found in the nearby city of Tiahuanaco, just 12 miles south of Lake Titicaca.

Stories of the lost treasure were enough to draw the famous French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau to explore the lake. However, he discovered only ancient pottery and a large species of aquatic frog. National Geographic also launched an expedition in 1988.

New UFO Disc Found On Google Mars!. Here’s How You Can Find This Alien Saucer Yourself

A new UFO on Mars has been sighted in NASA images compiled by Google — and easily accessible to anyone using the Google Earth app, in its “Google Mars” setting. Whatever this strange disc-shaped structure that appears to be “parked” on the Martian surface turns out to be, one thing is for sure. The object is enormous.

Using the Google Mars “ruler” tool, the circular object is shown to measure 3.52 miles across.

The object was spotted by a sharp-eyed Google Mars UFO hunter, Marcelo Irazusta, and posted on March 28 by Sandra Elena Andrade. The video that Adrade created from the Google Mars image can be viewed above.

As one commenter on the video notes, the object is technically not a UFO as in “Unidentified Flying Object,” because it is apparently stationed on the ground.

Amazingly, this is the second such UFO anomaly allegedly spotted in a NASA image on the surface of Mars in less than a week. On March 29, we reported on “a giant UFO flying saucer abandoned on rugged Mars terrain.”

But when the latest UFO video came to the attention of top online UFO researcher Scott Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily site, Waring found not only the saucer shaped object, but also “two gold faces.”

You don’t have to be a full-time UFO hunter to locate this weird anomaly. Download the Google Earth app to your mobile device, or to your personal computer. The computer app can be found at this link.

Once Google Earth is installed and set up, go to the “planet” icon on the toolbar directly above the main image screen. Select “Mars” from the drop-down menu.

Once you are in Google Mars, enter the following coordinates: 79°52’20.16″N 166°55’34.16″W

There, you’ll see the apparent UFO object. What do you think it is?

Readers fascinated by anomalies that turn up in NASA images don’t have to spend hours searching the Google Mars.

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Navy Engineer: I Saw UFOs, Aliens, And Top-Secret Bases In Antarctica!

On January 2nd, 2015 the editor of website received a very unexpected letter from an alleged retired U.S.  Navy Petty Officer First Class Flight Engineer.

The letter received recounts experiences where the anonymous Navy officer (refers to himself as “Brian”) recounts his bizarre and extraordinary experiences flying cargo and rescue in Antarctica between the years 1983 to 1997. He claims that a collaboration between humans and aliens exist, and that the Antarctica is a major research ground for these incredible collaborations.

Brian’s high strangeness experiences flying cargo and rescue in Antarctica were in the 1983 to 1997 time period and included several observations of aerial silver discs darting around over the Transantarctic Mountains. He and his crew also saw a big hole in the ice only about five to ten miles from the geographic South Pole (pink circle on map) that was supposed to be a No Fly Zone. But during an emergency medevac situation, they entered the No Fly Zone and saw what they were not supposed to see: an alleged entrance to a human and E. T. science research base created under the ice. Then at a camp near Marie Byrd Land, some dozen scientists disappeared for two weeks and when they re-appeared, Brian’s flight crew got the assignment to pick them up. Brian says they would not talk and “their faces looked scared.”

In the strange letter sent to Earth Files the officer states that he experienced things such as:
  • Silver discs darting around over the Transantarctic Mountains
  • During an emergency they entered a No Fly Zone and saw an entrance to a human and E. T. science research base under the ice
  • His crew picked up a dozen scientists who had disappeared for two weeks previous. They would not talk and their faces looked scared.
He has decided to share what he experienced between those years in the following letter, reproduced in full below:

Subject: Antarctica UFO
Date: January 2, 2015

Hi Linda
I am a retired United States Navy LC130 Flight Engineer that retired after 20 years of service in 1997. I have been wanting to write you for a long time about my experience on the Antarctic continent with flying vehicles that I was told not to talk about. I served part of my 20 years in the Navy with a Squadron called Antarctic Development Squadron Six or VXE-6 as it was also known. I served with this squadron from around 1983 till I retired March of 1997. Being a flight engineer and flying more then 4000 hours in that capacity I have seen things that most people have not even imagined on the Continent of Antarctica. The land there seems more alien then earthly. Our deployments to this land started in late September and ended the end of February every year until the Squadron was decommissioned in 1999. This time of year was the summer season when most of the science was done do to warmer temps and 24 hours of daylight.

During my time in the squadron I flew to almost every part of the Antarctic Continent including the South Pole more the 300 times. McMurdo Station which is 3.5 hours of flying time from the South Pole station was the point of squadron operation during our yearly deployments. Between these two stations is a mountain range called the Trans Antarctic’s. With what we called Severe Clear weather from McMurdo to South Pole the Trans Antarctic’s are visible from the altitudes which the aircraft flew approximately 25,000 to 35,000 feet. On several flights to and from South Pole our crew viewed air vehicles darting around the tops of Trans Antarctic’s almost exactly in the same spot every time we would fly by and view them. This is very unusual for air traffic down there due to the fact that the only aircraft flying on the continent were our squadron aircraft. Every aircraft knew where the other aircraft were do to flight schedules being followed.

Another unique issue with South Pole station is that our aircraft was not allowed to fly over a certain area designated 5 miles from the station. The reason stated because of a air sampling camp in that area. This did not make any sense to any of us on the crew because on 2 different occasions we had to fly over this area. One time due to a medical evacuation of the Australian camp called Davis Camp. It was on the opposite side of the continent and we had to refuel at South Pole and a direct course to this Davis Camp was right over the air sampling station. The only thing we saw going over this camp was a very large hole going into the ice. You could fly one of our LC130 into this thing.

It was after this medevac mission we where briefed by some spooks (Intelligence Agents I presumed) from Washington DC and told not to speak of the area we overflew. The other time we got close to “The air sampling Camp” we had navigation and electrical failures on the aircraft and was told to immediately depart the area and report to our squadron commanding officer when we returned to McMurdo. Needless to say our pilot (Aircraft Commander) got his butt chewed and our crew was not on the South Pole supply run for over a month. There were many other times we saw things that was out of the ordinary.

One outlying camp (near Marie Byrd Land) we dropped scientists and their equipment at was out of communication with McMurdo for 2 weeks. Our crew flew back to the camp to find out if the scientists were ok. We found no one there and no sign of any fowl play. The Radio was working fine as we called McMurdo to verify it working properly. We left the camp and flew back to McMurdo as ordered by our CO. A week later the Scientist showed back up to there camp and called McMurdo for someone to come pick them up. Our crew got the flight back there to pick them since we put them into that camp and we knew the terrain and location. None of the scientists would talk to any of the crew on the plane and to me they looked scared.

As soon as we landed back at McMurdo they (Scientists) where put on another of our squadron aircraft and flown to Christchurch New Zealand. We never heard about them again. Their equipment that we brought back from the camp was put in quarantine and shipped back to the United States escorted by the same spooks that debriefed us about our fly over of the air sample camp/ large hole in the ice. I could go on and on about things and situations that I observed during my tour with VXE-6. Talk among the flight crews was that there is a UFO base at South Pole and some of the crew heard talk from some of the scientist working at the Pole of EBEs working with and interacting with the scientists at that air sampling camp/large ice hole.

Locations identified by U. S. Naval Flight Engineer (Ret).
Locations identified by U. S. Naval Flight Engineer (Ret).

Brian, now 59 years old, graduated from an Iowa college with an associate’s degree in aviation maintenance technology and an aviation certificate. In 1977, he then enlisted in the U. S. Navy and served for twenty years until his retirement in 1997. He provided Earthfiles his DD-214 documents and other certificates of service including this Antarctic Service Medal given to him on November 20, 1984 as proof of his time in service.

An Lockheed LC-130F Hercules ski-equipped Hercules of VXE-6 at the   Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station. Image courtesy Brian.

An Lockheed LC-130F Hercules ski-equipped Hercules of VXE-6 at the
Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station. Image courtesy Brian.


There appears to be many secrets hidden in the Antarctica and we are pretty much hearing different stories every month about military personnel disclosing information about Aliens in that part of the world!

But what a great secluded part of the world for the Aliens to keep out of sight from prying eyes….or so they thought!

Anunnaki Message? The Crop Circle Ea Enki, Nibiru and Marduk

Compiled by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
A crop circle was encoded to reveal a message of Ea Enki, who is a God of Sumerian (Enki) and Babylonian (Ea) mythology.  A band of southern constellations refer to his name, the stars of Ea.  E-A, in Sumerian, means ‘the house of water’ which can also be inferred to as the ‘House of Aquarius‘, the approaching age.
Enki is a god in Sumerian mythology, later known as Ea in Akkadian and Babylonian mythology. He was originally patron god of the city of Eridu, but later the influence of his cult spread throughout Mesopotamia and to the Canaanites, Hittites and Hurrians. He was the deity of crafts, mischief, water, seawater, lakewater, intelligence and creation.  He was associated with the southern band of constellations called stars of Ea, but also with the constellation AŠ-IKU, the Field.  The planet Mercury, associated with Babylonian Nabu (the son of Marduk) was in Sumerian times, identified with Enki.
The exact meaning of his name is uncertain: the common translation is “Lord of the Earth”: the Sumerian en is translated as a title equivalent to “lord”; it was originally a title given to the High Priest; ki means “earth”; but there are theories that ki in this name has another origin, possibly kig of unknown meaning, or kur meaning “mound”.
The name Ea is allegedly Hurrian in origin while others claim that it is possibly of Semitic origin and may be a derivation from the West-Semitic root *hyy meaning “life” in this case used for “spring”, “running water.” In Sumerian E-A means “the house of water”, and it has been suggested that this was originally the name for the shrine to the God at Eridu.
The main temple to Enki is called E-abzu, meaning “abzu temple” (also E-en-gur-a, meaning “house of the subterranean waters””), a ziggurat temple surrounded by Euphratean marshlands near the ancient Persian Gulf coastline at Eridu. He was the keeper of the divine powers called Me, the gifts of civilization. His image is a double-helix snake, or the Caduceus, very similar to the Rod of Asclepius used to symbolize medicine. He is often shown with the horned crown of divinity dressed in the skin of a carp.
Considered the master shaper of the world, god of wisdom and of all magic, Enki was characterized as the lord of the Abzu, the freshwater sea or groundwater located within the earth. In the later Babylonian epic Enûma Eliš, Abzu, the “begetter of the gods”, is inert and sleepy but finds his peace disturbed by the younger gods, so sets out to destroy them.
His grandson Enki, chosen to represent the younger gods, puts a spell on Abzu “casting him into a deep sleep”, thereby confining him deep underground. Enki subsequently sets up his home “in the depths of the Abzu.” Enki thus takes on all of the functions of the Abzu, including his fertilizing powers as lord of the waters and lord of semen.
The Crop Circle Ea Enki, Nibiru and Marduk
In the above cylinder seal from 2340-2180 B.C., Sumerian god Enki is seated on his throne with two streams of water erupting from his shoulders. A captured ‘Zu-bird’ is led before him for an alleged judgment and execution of sentence. Notice the size of the seated Enki.
The following is an excerpt from Michael Tsarion’s Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation:

Enoch is EnkiEnoch is Enki

“Enochian” magic is named after the Old Testament prophet, Enoch. But the name actually goes further back to the Sumerian Enki, one of the original Annunaki. It is more than significant that Dee chose this name for his divination.
Enoch was the son of Cain and Luluwa, daughter of Lilith. (see p. 132)


The great Babylonian god was the son of goddess Damkina, by way of the Sumerian Annunaki king, Enki. (See p. 63)

Enki and Enlil

Sumerian Annunaki, the sons of Anu, the supreme father, who was the son of Anshar and Kishar. They were the brother and sister of Mummu, who was the son of the primal pair Tiamat and Apsu. (See p. 62)

Enki and Nin-khursag (Wife and Half-Sister)

“… it is they who hold the key to the story of Adam – the original story that was adapted for the Genesis
account, (p. 63)

El (Title of Enlil)

The definition Eloh (“Lofty One”) derived from the Akkadian term Ilu, which …was another name for Anu’s son Enlil. It was the long-standing Eloh tradition of Enlil the El Elyon that Abraham and some of mazda Another name for Enki and his linehis family’s forbearers were transported into Canaan, having made their respective journeys from the cities of Mesopotamia, (p. 63)


Another name for Enki and his line.
“…historically, it was Enki (not Enlil) who had created Adam (Atabba) and Eve (Nin-khawa); it was Enki who had granted them the rights to Qabalistic wisdom, and it was Enki who had appointed Atabba to his priest-kingly station. These things were known in Mesopotamia and Canaan; they were written down and readily available in the temple libraries of Babylon, and so they could not be ignored — but they could be reinterpreted… Enki, the wise hero of Sumer, could be portrayed (in accordance with his emblem) as a troublesome serpent — an image which could incorporate Lilith too, for she held the matrilineal heritage of the kingdom: the Malkhut, the sovereignty of the Dragon.

Eve’s Two Mates

Eve had two sons by different fathers, one was Homo sapiens, while the other was Annunaki:
Therefore, Cain (Qayin) was the one of the royal blood, which is why he was descried and denigrated in the Christian bible.

Eve’s Third Son

This was Seth, and he was given priority over Cain by the Bible writers and compilers.

Cain ‘s Wife

Described as the daughter of Eve in some texts. But never named in the Bible. She was actually the daughter of Lilith (and Enki), the latter who was according to the Talmud, the consort of Adam even before Eve.


The granddaughter of Enlil, daughter of his son, Nergal of the Underworld. She was therefore of pure Annunaki stock, and refused therefore to be Adam’s permanent mate. In fact, she was the consort of The descent of the Hopi from the Blue Star of a constellation called the Seven Sisters (Pleiades)Enki, Cain’s father. Together they produced Cain’s wife, Luluwa. (see p. 106).

The descent of the Hopi from the Blue Star of a constellation called the Seven Sisters (Pleiades)

One version tells of their travel to earth on the back of Enki, the eagle. Grandfather, the Great Spirit, allowed the first man to select his home from the many stars of the universe. Enki told first man of his home earth, and brought him to visit. First man’s exploration of the earth convinced him that this was where he wanted his children to be born and to grow. First Man returned to the heavens to tell Grandfather of his decision. Grandfather was pleased and granted to first man the right to call earth his home. First man soon returned to the green place or Sakwap with his family shortly afterwards. (Many of the hero stories throughout time and through many different cultures refer to a valiant group of seven.)

Contrary to what Zecharia Sitchen asserts in his books, Marduk never died in Babylon.  Enki, Creator God of the Human race, is an Annunaki God, a Nordic whose name means, “the one who is from pure race” or “born in a pure place”.
Marduk Amon-Ra is immortal.
Marduk gave to mankind the Chinese medicine acupuncture, Tai Chi and the Old Bon among other things. In fact, most of the healing techniques come from his teachings which nowadays have been twisted and distorted. Teachings which were given to him by Enki, himself.
Babylon, his most beautiful creation, was vilified and slandered in the Bible, shameless plagiarism of the history of the Ancient Gods.
Marduk built Babylon with his hands, with his beloved son Nabu, his legions and his faithful humans.  Ea-Enki, Marduk, Nabu and their legions are Builder Gods.
The Crop Circle Ea Enki, Nibiru and MardukFrom their genius were built great civilizations such as Sumer, Egypt, Greece and Ancient India, mother source of all others.  The Gods, as well, founded the Celtic, German-Nordic and even the Meso-American cultures.
Easter Island, Nazca and Atlantis are, again, from Enki, Enlil, Marduk or Thoth.  They always built splendor.  Our Builder Gods are mighty Creator Gods.
Marduk made Babylon, a high center of knowledge, a prosperous and welcoming city, famous in these old times for its beauty and magnificence.  Marduk lived there with his people.  In those times, the Gods walked among the men.
Always, Marduk had a profound affection for us humans.
He renounced his throne of Nibiru for the love of his beautiful Sarpanit, a human woman with whom he had a son, Nabu (Nebo), another benevolent God worshipped in Babylon. But like his father, to have dared to pass on the knowledge to humankind, he was banished, cursed and exiled by the malevolent Gods, hostile to humankind.
He renounced his throne of Nibiru for the love of his beautiful Sarpanit, a human woman with whom he had a son, Nabu (Nebo)During the thousands of years, in spite of his sufferings and of his remoteness from Earth, Marduk always helped the humans.
The gods under Enki’s command are fighting to free mankind, blind of the enslavement in which she is subjugated.
The Aquarius Era announces the return of the TRUE GODS on Earth and 2012 will be the beginning of the end of the multi-millennium lie.
Marduk, whose energy is powerfully positive and benevolent, is a great warrior.  From him, the liars and enslavers have copied to create the role of Michael, the Archangel.
Contrary to what is often said, Enki, Marduk or any of our other Creator Gods have never been reptilians.  THE ANNUNNAKI ARE NOT REPTILIANS!
The Crop Circle Ea Enki, Nibiru and MardukEnki endangered us by having intercourse with human women,   as did Marduk, Utu-Shamash, Enlil and many others!  So if Ea-Enki, the Egyptian God Ptah, had been a reptilian, then we should also be reptilian.  Just common sense!
Ea-Enki is our True creator God.  We are not descended from apes nor hypothetical lizards, but from a great primordial god.
Humanity is divine. The entire drama we are experiencing comes because of that.  Anu, Enki’s father, has sworn our destruction because we carry in ourselves the sacred gift of Ea Enki: his DNA.  In his eyes, Enki has committed the worst sin: to give us a soul and mighty spiritual powers through the awakening of kundalini.
Yes, Enki is the serpent IN us.  He is the energy of life.  He is KUNDALINI.  Here is his sacred inheritance: the awakening of our Godhood.  Hence, his legendary representation as a serpent, Kundalini energy rises along the spine in a shape of a raised snake.
Here is from where the story of the fallen angels, of the “demons” banished from “Eden”: from the anathema of a father (Anu) to his son, simply because he dared to love Humans, to teach them and to protect them.  Anu disowned Enki, cast him away from Nibiru and cursed him.  But many Gods, like Marduk, followed Enki, the bearer of light.
Adamantly opposed to our destruction, Enki went to war against Anu, the wicked.  He became the adversary of Anu and of the Nordic’s hostile conservatives to our survival.  Marduk is fighting along with Enki, proud commandant of the rebellious Celestial Legions. Amazingly handsome, Marduk also has a strong compassion and a legendary courage.
For the past 4,000 years, Enki and his troops are resisting and fighting for OUR freedom. Apparently, Anu has underestimated the incredible fortitude of Enki, the doggedness that he would put to save our lives and to free the solar system from his madness.
Losing all dignity, Anu has allied himself to the worst breed of the cosmos, the REPTILIANS, who are wandering and cruel mercenaries, without heart and consciousness.  Their mission:  TO DESTROY US.  They invented the religions and their unnatural commandments, decreed the ban of fun, making us guilty for everything, including the right to follow one’s nature.
Worse they have transformed our Gods into demons, have distorted their history, have falsified the true meaning of the symbols and have lied about everything.  They have fomented the wars of religion, slaughtered millions of innocent people via the Inquisition and imposed totalitarian regimes such as communism under Stalin and Mao.
Anu to the ReptiliansToday, the completion phase of humanity is underway: epidemics, pollution, economic slavery, toxic foods, adulterated drugs, poverty, crime and terrorism – all of this follows an agenda.  Such is this desperate strategy of Anu and his reptilians: to give back a spoiled Earth and dying humans to Enki because they already know, thanks to Enki and his Daemons, that they will lose this war.
But what was the promise of Anu to the Reptilians in exchange for their services of dismay? The Earth, its riches and the enslavement of the rest of the humans after the disaster.  The perverseness of the Reptilians is unthinkable for us humans who are gentile people, deserving of Enki, Benevolent Father and Creator God. Their deceptive nature reveals itself to those who observe.
The Reptilians are among us, masked but active.  No science-fiction here.  No disease of conspiracy.  Look around you, the state of the planet speaks for itself!
Enki, Marduk, Nabu and their legions are restlessly combatting Anu and his clique of enslavers. Let’s fight at our level by spreading the truth and by refusing any enslavement to any dictatorship, whatever!
Enki tried to help humanity survive from the “Great Flood” that occurred approximately 13,000 years ago.
In regard to the flood, Nibiru and 2012, Sitchen wrote:
Nibiru, up to this point, had come nearest the Sun (perigee) every 3, 600 years or so until this Deluge–causing perigee, 10,900 B.C.E. .  This perigee, Miranda, a moon of Nibiru, hit Uranus and became a moon of Uranus.  The gravitational pull of Uranus on Nibiru sped Nibiru’s orbit around the Sun to 3,450 Earth-years.  Nibiru’s next perigee, when it’s again closest to Earth, will be around 2900A.D., not 2012, as it would have been had it continued 3,600 year revolutions around Solaris. [Sitchin, Z., 2007, The End of Days, page 316].
Michael Tellinger went on to say:
The Bible, written after the flood, to justify Enlil, hides that he failed to drown the slave race. “The Bible was Enlil’s propaganda and indoctrination.  Enlil realized that the only way to control humanity was with absolute power, control and fear, strong-handed, dictatorial tactics.  Enlil would be their god, ruling them through intimidate, fear bloodthirsty violence.  But he rewarded them for loyalty and obedience for complying with his commands.” [Tellinger, M., 2006, Slave Species of god, pages 230, 377]
Now we know the story of Ea Enki, but the question still remains: What is the message from this crop circle?