Saturday, April 30, 2016

Top 10 Strange Mysteries that have not been explained!

Watch the top 10 unsolved & shocking mysteries throughout the history time.
#10 The Impossible Row Boat in the Middle of Bouvet Island
A row boat lies frozen in the middle of a huge island 1,000 miles from any other land mass. It would have been impossible to row to the island.
#9 The Unexplained Pteranodon Photo
An old picture depicts civil war soldiers standing over the corpse of a massive bird – a bird that resembles that of a Ptereanodon…a creature that went extinct during the time of the dinosaurs.
#8 The Mystery of the Baigong Pipes
Mysterious metal pipes that look to be manufactured are discovered in an ancient rock cave in the Qinghai province of China.
#7 Unrecovered Nazi Treasure
Did the Nazi’s hide tons of gold & countless ancient artifacts around the world in places that still haven’t been uncovered today?
#6 The strange Glozel Tablets
Thousands of mysterious ancient artifacts are discovered in a French farmer’s field. Many are inscribed with a mysterious language. Many artifacts are dated to 8000 B.C. — before any meaningful civilization could have existed.
#5 Rudolph Fentz — the man who traveled through time.
A startled man whom suddenly appears in New York is killed by a car – his belongings strongly suggest he may have been from the past.
#4 The Black Knight
An alleged 13,000 year old satellite mysteriously orbits the Earth.
#3 The Alien King – Akhenaten
An ancient egyptian Pharaoah has remarkable intellectual capacity and physical features that suggest he could be an alien hybrid – interestingly a large portion of the world can trace their ancestry to him.
#2 The Mysterious Man from Taured
A man lands in Tokyo airport with a passport from the country of Taured – but Taured doesn’t exist.
#1 The Copper Scroll Treasure Map
A copper scroll specifically outlines the location of over sixty different lost treasures around the world.

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