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Strange Beings of Light Chasing Trains in Russia?

This spectacular video, was recorded in Russia a few months ago, concerns the sighting of a mysterious ball of light chasing a train along the way between Nizhniy Novgorod, Izhevsk. 

Time Travel Proof on Video?

The persisting fascination with time travel is likely a symptom of the malaise of modern man. I highly doubt that the inventors of steam power sat around imagining what it would be like to travel back to the Dark Ages. Yet I’m sitting here with a supercomputer in my pocket speaking in real time with people on the other side of the planet…and I would time travel back to the Great Depression in a heartbeat.
The more recent time travel trend has been the idea of time slips. Time slip proponents envision reality as overlapping versions of timelines, realities stacked on top of each other, and sometimes we slip in and out of them.
There are hundreds, possibly thousands of time slip stories, but the truth of the matter is, no one has been able to offer any kind of solid proof.
Then we stumbled upon the following video. Skip to 6:58. Is this a time slip caught on film?
Many viewers suggest it is a green screen effect and that the background (and bike rider) are on different layers than the interviewee–(different layers of time maybe!). Some even suggest the editors did this on purpose to highlight the strange subject matter. Personally, I can’t imagine the producers allowing this. That said, it’d be nice if someone would come forward with info on this.

Shadow figure causes motion-activated doll to move at haunted Birdcage Theatre

A paranormal research group captured some compelling footage at an old building in the tourist town of Tombstone recently. The group's DVR system recorded a possible shadow figure as they were setting up their equipment in preparation for an investigation.
On June 22, 2013, paranormal investigator Kevin Hickman set off to Tombstone, Arizona to explore the Birdcage Theatre with his Phoenix-based group Afterlife Research Team. John Albrecht of Paranormal Playground joined Hickman on the investigation. Both men were determined to gather evidence of the historical location's ghosts so they set up 16 cameras in various rooms of the building to do just that.
As the super-moon was at its fullest, and while Hickman and Albrecht, and four other investigators were setting up equipment, something strange happened on one of their DVR cameras. In one of the clips from the Albrecht's footage, a black shadow can be seen passing by the camera where the poker table room is located. A closer look at the video in slow motion shows what Hickman believes to be proof of the shadow person phenomena.
"This is some of the best footage my team has ever gotten on a paranormal investigation. The Birdcage Theatre is one of the most haunted places I've ever been too. Albrecht is a brilliant investigator and every time we work together we capture great evidence," Hickman said.
"I'm not sure what to make of this footage. At first I thought it might be interference issues with the DVR system but the motion-activated doll actually corresponds with the black shadow as it passes by. In the background, there is a mirror, and you can see that there were no investigators on that floor at the time the anomaly appears," Albrecht said.
Just last month an employee of the Birdcage Theatre was shot and killed outside in the street. Some people are saying that he will join the rest of the spirits that haunt the old theater.


Friday, September 19, 2014

UFO mystery as plane passenger films flying saucer-shaped lights hovering next to aircraft

The unnamed passenger filmed the hovering lights - which appear to be in a saucer-shaped formation - as his flight from Greece approached Cardiff, Wales

An aeroplane passenger claims to have captured genuine UFO evidence on camera.
The man was returning from a holiday in Greece when he spotted a series of strange lights hovering in a flying saucer-shaped formation next to his plane.
He spent several minutes filming the lights in the pitch black night sky, between 20 and 30 minutes before the plane landed in Cardiff, reports WalesOnline.
While the man is unable to conclude what it was he saw and filmed, he's certain it constitutes an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).
The unnamed man, 29, said: "We were flying from Greece to Cardiff. It was on Tuesday night and happened about 20­ to 40 minutes before we arrived at 10pm.
"The lights could have been from a few miles away - it was pitch black outside, so it's hard to say what it was.

"It was quite weird. It was very bright, it was the brightest thing I've ever seen. I just realised how bright it was and said to my girlfriend 'look at that!'"
Considering the footage was captured so near to landing, it is thought the spectacle was spotted in UK airspace.
The man added: "I was staring at it for a while before I picked up my phone to film it, but it was there for about three or four minutes.
"I thought it maybe could have been lanterns, but they didn't go away, they kept flying until I couldn't see them anymore.
"I really have no idea what it could have been - it was just really, really bright.
"UFO is a really broad term. That's what it is, you know, an unidentified flying object."

Source: Mirror

The most stunning Occult Photos!

During the Victorian era and the early 20th century, occultism swept across America and Europe. The movement centered on the belief that life continues after death, and that spirits can be contacted via mediums. During this time, many people came forward claiming they had psychokinetic powers and went to great lengths to prove it, either by photography or performance art. Seances, levitation, and spirit writing became embedded in the imagination of the public.
The movement began to decline as many prominent investigators, such as The Society of Psychical Research, began to debunk many cases in which paranormal activity was alleged. The following photos show a fascinating glimpse into a bizarre time in human history.

Colin Evans Performing a Levitation


Seance in Berlin (1930′s)


Photos of a seance (1940)

Seance 3

Telepathic Manifestation


Seance Conducted by Eusapia Palladino (1898)

Seances Conducted by Mina Crandon


Photo of a Spirit Medium (1923)


Butterfly Joins Flutist While She Performs At An International Competition.

Japanese-born, Chicago-based flutist Yukie Ota encountered a peculiar distraction as she played in the first round of the Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition in Odense, Denmark.
A majestic butterfly wanted a front row seat during Ota's performance, obviously wooed by the beautiful sound of her flute. So it did what butterflies do, by fluttering its wings and landing right on Ota's nose. The flutist wasn't fazed at all, keeping her calm and embracing the butterfly's magnificent landing. Ota finally interacted with the butterfly at the end of her piece.

Source: ViralNova

UFO 'Five Miles Wide' Caught Hovering Above The Ocean In NASA Photo

Someone has found a five-mile-wide black disc hovering over the ocean in a NASA photograph.
The disc was discovered in a picture taken November 2013, the original (much darker) version of which is still available on NASA's website.
The website says that while the UFO appears to be above the ocean, it's actually hiding underneath it - though not very well, clearly.

"This shows a massive stealth black disk over the ocean. The dimensions are almost perfect. Streetcap1 of Youtube found this one and I have to say its beyond words. This UFO looks to be more than 5-7 miles across. Since it is over the ocean area, the only place that it could hide without being noticed is below the ocean."
They also published the video analysis of the image, which we've embedded above.
Needless to say there are numerous other possibilities here, including camera glitches, gaps missed by the process of stitching together smaller images to make a large enough one to publish, and interference.
Either way there is no evidence of five-mile-wide stuff hiding under the ocean. Unless you include Atlantis. Which is also not true.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Magellan’s Strange Encounter With the 10-Foot Giants of Patagonia

In 1520, Ferdinand Magellan took time out of his busy schedule of sailing around the world to stop in what is now Patagonia, where he found a naked giant dancing and singing on the shore. Magellan ordered one of his men to make contact (the unwitting emissary’s no doubt hilarious reaction to this sadly has been lost to history), and to be sure to reciprocate the dancing and singing to demonstrate friendship.
It worked. The man was able to lead the giant to a small island offshore, where the great captain waited. Describing the scene was a scholar along for the journey, Antonio Pigafetta, who kept a diary of the journey that was later turned into the book Magellan’s Voyage: A Narrative Account of the First Circumnavigation: “When he was before us, he began to marvel and to be afraid, and he raised one finger upward, believing that we came from heaven. And he was so tall that the tallest of us only came up to his waist,” and had a big, booming voice. The illustration above proves it—Patagonia was once inhabited by giants that positively dwarfed the heavenly Europeans that would come to conquer them.

Alright, maybe that isn’t airtight evidence. But it could well be that the people Magellan encountered, the Tehuelche, were indeed enormous, and that therefore this myth has some grounding in reality. And our trusty explorer would be damned if he wasn’t going to try to bring back evidence in pretty much the most obnoxious way you could imagine.
Ferdinand Magellan Wikimedia
On that small island, Magellan had his men give the giant food and drink, then made the mistake of showing him a mirror. “Wherein the giant seeing himself was greatly terrified,” wrote Pigafetta, “leaping back so that he threw four of our men to the ground.” But once things had calmed down, the explorers proceeded to make contact with the rest of the tribe, hunting with them and even building a house to store their provisions while onshore.
After several weeks with the tribe, Magellan hit upon a scheme: He’d kidnap two of them and take them back to Spain to prove he had discovered giants. “But this was by a cunning trick, for otherwise [the giants] would have troubled some of our men.” Magellan gave them all manner of metal goods to fool around with—mirrors, scissors, bells—so they wouldn’t mind at all when he slapped cuffs and chains on their legs. “Whereat these giants took great pleasure in seeing these fetters, and did not know where they had to be put, and they were grieved that they could not take them in their hands” because their mitts already were full of other trinkets.
Magellan, though, lost his evidence during the long haul back to Spain. The giants didn’t survive. But what Magellan and Pigafetta did bring back was the tale and the new name of the land of the giants, Patagonia, the etymology of which is still unclear. Some have argued it means “Land of the Big Feet,” from “pata,” Spanish for foot. More likely, though, Magellan picked up the name from a popular novel at the time, Primaleon, which featured a race of wild people called the Patagonians.
A map by Diego Gutiérrez from 1562, showing the Patagonian giants and some mermaids playing frisbee, apparently. Library of Congress
But leave it to the Brits to throw cold water on the whole thing. Sir Francis Drake later made contact with the same Patagonians, as summarized by his nephew inThe World Encompassed from 1628 (a smackdown worth quoting at length):
“Magellan was not altogether deceived in naming these giants, for they generally differ from the common sort of man both in stature, bigness and strength of body, as also in the hideousness of their voices: but they are nothing so monstrous and giant-like as they were represented, there being some English men as tall as the highest we could see, but peradventure the Spaniards did not think that ever any English man would come hither to reprove them, and therefore might presume the more boldly to lie.”
You may have noticed by now that most illustrations of the Patagonian giants involve Europeans handing them things. It was the map above that likely influenced them, including this drawing of Commodore John Byron conversing with a Patagonian woman. Brown University
That, as scholars put it, is a sick burn. It’s also entirely right. According to William C. Sturtevant in his essay“Patagonian Giants and Baroness Hyde de Neuville’s Iroquois Drawings,” the Tehuelche were just a particularly statuesque people. While subsequent voyages after Magellan’s measured the Patagonians up to 10 feet tall, others put them more in the 6-foot range.
“Popular interest in Patagonian giants waned as scientific reports began to appear,” writes Sturtevant. “Some 19th century estimates or measurements of individuals were still high,” upwards of 7 feet. But better samples of Tehuelche men brought them down to around 6 feet tall, perfectly reasonable for a human being but entirely unimpressive for a giant. “If we accept the lowest (and least well documented) of these means based on modern measurements of males series,” he adds, “the Tehuelche are nevertheless among the tallest populations known anywhere in the world.” By contrast, male Europeans like Magellan in the 16th through 18th centuries would have measured in the low-5-foot range. Their imaginations, though, apparently outgrew their small stature.
But why, then, do human beings vary so much in their height? There is of course the factor of nutrition, but a much more subtle influence is at work here.
The tallest man who ever lived, Robert Wadlow, with his father, who appears grumpy probably because of all the money he had to spend on his son’s giant clothes. Wikimedia
Animals, including humans, have a tendency to grow larger in cold climates and smaller in warm ones. This is known as Bergmann’s rule: With a big body, you lose heat less quickly, and are therefore better adapted to survive freezing temperatures. So it’s no accident that the world’s biggest terrestrial predator, the polar bear, takes to the far north, while tropical creatures, which can shed heat quicker, are better adapted to sweltering jungles. And over evolutionary time, environments can exert the same pressure on human beings. Thus would the natives of frigid Patagonia do well to grow larger than their European counterparts.
There’s also the possibility that the Tehuelche man who Magellan and his crew claimed was so tall they only reached his waist suffered from a disorder of the pituitary gland. This releases runaway levels of the human growth hormone, as it did in the tallest man in recorded history, the 8-foot-11 Robert Wadlow. Indeed, the photograph above shows Robert and his 5-foot-11 father—a man far taller than the average male in the 1500s—coming up to his son’s waist.
The human body, though, is simply not meant to grow to such heights. Pituitary giants typically have much shorter life spans than the average human because their hearts, even though proportionally enlarged, struggle to pump blood through their bodies. Wadlow himself had little sensation in his feet, eventually dying at just 22 from an infected blister that he never felt forming.
So even if it were possible to have an entire race of such giants, it would be a very unhealthy population indeed. Thus the giants of Patagonia remain nothing more than products of some sailors’ imaginations—and maybe a little bit of scurvy. Never hurts to blame scurvy.



This is well shot... and depicts the craft as they are often seen..a nicely crystal clear daylight view.  Watch the video full screen.


The Robed Ghost Of Hampton Court Palace (Update)

The security team at England’s Hampton Court Palacenoticed something strange on a closed circuit television screen – a mysterious figure with a startling pale face and long, black robes. Was it one of the many spirits said to haunt the sixteenth-century palace?
“We genuinely don’t know who it is or what it is,” Vikki Wood, a Hampton Court spokeswoman told MSNBC. “We’re baffled too — it’s not a joke, we haven’t manufactured it.”
Built in 1525, Hampton Court Palace has harbored kings, queens, and many other members of English royalty. Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymor, died at Hampton Court while giving birth to the couple’s only son. Henry’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard, was imprisoned at the palace before being executed for adultery. Both women reportedly haunt the historic grounds.
Today, Hampton Court Palace is a popular tourist site, attracting thousands of visitors each year. Though a number of costumed performers roam the area, reps insist the figure captured on camera isn’t one of their own.
“We spoke to our costumed guides, but they don’t own a costume like that worn by the figure. It is actually quite unnerving,” said James Faukes, a palace security guard.
Guards saw the figure after someone, or something, opened the fire doors near the exhibition hall. The security team turned to the CCTV footage and spotted the eerie robed pictured above. The figure, who many refer to as Skeletor, hasn’t been seen since.

Possible Western PA Bigfoot Sighting?

Bigfoot Evidence reader Dr. Squatch told us a few days ago he was uploading awesome footage. Since we were squatchin' in the Sierras, we almost forgot to follow up on the story. This morning, Dr. Squatch sent us this video explaining a possible Bigfoot him and his crew filmed somewhere in Western PA. He writes on his blog:

"The only thing blurry in the entire video, is the subject in question. Even the crew member at the beginning is clear. The creature remains blurry, until the sun comes in. As the sun passes right to left, the creature becomes visible! I do not have zoom on my cell, the creature was blurry the entire time, until the sun hit it’s face. This PROVES IT IS NOT A HOAX, I CANNOT CONTROL THE SUN!  I believe the video would have remained blurry, if the sun had not come in. I was literally 6-8 feet away from this creature…it never budged an inch!! You can see the creature has it’s nose perched on the branch, resting it’s head so it will not move…talk about “Super Stealth Mode!” The over abundance of tree breaks, visible from the road, is what led us to scout this area. A bridge going under the highway, is what we believe they are traveling through, to avoid detection. This tunnel connects two, decent sized woods, that no people would ever go in….except us!"

Here's the video:


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Greetings, We Are From The Future!

Everything is going to be alright. The future is a beautiful place... But you will need some training in order to inhabit it.

In the future - technology evolves faster than any human mind can think. When the singularity occurred. We became like gods - able to create entire worlds in the blink of an eye.

Every thought had drastic immediate impact. All of our dreams became a reality - but so did our nightmares. The future became a battle of ideas. We had to learn to direct our minds - to prevent dark psychological forces - from destroying all of us. Now with every new world we create, we summon the sacred imperative of mind... 

"Let there be Light!"

"How can we be from the future?" you might ask. Let us explain.

Plants harvest light with near perfect efficiency. You may not realize it, but this is impossible under classical physics. 

Along the way to the photosynthesizing core - photons of light should collide with other particles, but they don't. A photon succeeding in reaching the core is as likely - as you sprinting blindfolded through a dense forest - reaching the center without striking a single tree.

Plants are engaged in a kind of miracle. The plant puts the photon into a state of quantum superposition, multiplying it by every route that photon could possibly take. Imagine - blindly sprinting through a forest - being multiplied into every one of the billions of possible paths. 

If any one of your possibilities were observed hitting a tree, the superposition would collapse - and that would be your final outcome, but the plant patiently refuses to observe any of these casualties - while at it's heart it sings...

"Let there be Light!"

When any of the possibilities finally reaches the core without fail, only that winner is observed. All the other possibilities disappear. The winner is transmitted back through time - from the future - and becomes the only possibility that ever existed. 

This is how photons reach the plant's core with impossible precision. This is how you - and every organism in existence - overcame the massive improbabilities of life. 

This is how we are from the future. This is how you will become the light of the world... as we invoke the sacred imperative together... 

"Let there be Light!" 


What These Fisherman Caught On Camera Is Almost Unbelievable.

We know more about our solar system than we do about our oceans. This is why it is no surprise that so many awesome things happen while at sea. This group of fisherman experienced the awesomeness of the deep blue while out on a fishing expedition. They ended up catching a 4′ black tip reef shark. Right before it was at the water’s surface, about to be brought into the boat, a huge shadow comes up from below. Nobody expected what happened next. In a flash, the black tip reef shark was gone. These fisherman had no idea what was lurking below them just waiting to steal their catch. What eats a 4 foot shark? Take a look, its pretty awesome!

Even though they lost their catch for the day they were happy to experience something like that.
Can you imagine struggling to bring up a fighting shark only to have it stolen by a monster sized grouper fish. With one bite the shark disappeared. Can you imagine the size of that thing’s mouth if it can swallow a 4′ shark with one bite? Those are some waters you would not find me swimming in. We only know about 10% of our oceans, can you imagine what else is lurking in the depths below?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

People Who Claim To Have Had Sex With Aliens

1. This video from last year, a clip from British TV show “This Morning,” features psychic Stephany Fay Cohen, who claims to regularly sleep with various alien species.

The best part of this video (besides the set design) happens right away, when the British man with gray hair says “out of this world orgasms.” (Get it? Literally.) In the interview, Cohen claims to have an Octopus Man boyfriend named Ian, as well as various encounters with cat people (whom Cohen says are “extremely charged, sexually”), reptilians, and greys.
2. In 1957, Brazilian farmer Antônio Vilas-Boas claimed to have been abducted by aliens—one of whom he had sex with.
After undergoing several unpleasant tests (including having blood drawn from his chin), Vilas-Boas claimed that an attractive female alien with “large, blue catlike eyes,” platinum blond hair, and bright red pubic and underarm hair (!) came into the room where he was being held, and they had sex. Vilas-Boas’ account became the first abduction experience to gain widespread media attention.

3. Chinese farmer Meng Zhaoguo claims to have had sex with an alien in 1994; he’s shown here taking (and passing) a lie detector test about the encounter.

Meng says he was working when he saw a UFO that had apparently landed on a mountainside. After going to investigate, and blacking out, Meng was visited that night by a female alien—whom he described as nearly 10 feet tall, with 12 fingers and “braided leg hair”—and they had sex for 40 minutes while floating.

4. British councilor Simon Parkes, who is married, claims he meets up four times a year with an alien he calls “Cat Queen.” Parkes also claims to have father Cat Queen’s child, whom they named Zarka.

Parkes (shown here in one of a few hour-long interviews on YouTube) also claims to be part alien himself. His mum was nine feet tall, green, and had eight fingers. He looks more like his dad.

5. Jazz singer Pamela Stonebrooke (shown here in a fan-made video for her song “Alien”) claims to have had sex with a 6-foot reptilian alien.

Says Stonebrooke, “It was so intense and enjoyable and, without wanting to get too graphic, he was so much larger than most men.” Her first encounter took place in 1998, and they went on for three years. “The orgasms were intense,” says Stonebrook. “When I tell [human] men about my reptilian experience, they find it difficult.”

6. A Georgian artist named David Huggins who creates paintings that center around his encounters (often sexual) with alien beings.

An art blog interview with Huggins (about his encounters and his work) ran in 2011; for some reason the interviewer asked “Does the female ET’s vagina feel any different from a human female?” (AHHHH) Huggins replied, “I can’t say there was all that much warmth. The intense orgasm you would normally feel is toned down.” There’s also a book about him called Love in an Alien Purgatory.