Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The weirdest picture of evil Adolf Hitler you will EVER see

Hitler was often seen in his military attire however the pic, right, is something a little different 

In this rare picture, at first glance, the evil tyrant looks like a bad pantomime dame, but is actually sporting a Japanese kimono.

The Fuhrer is seen donning the swastika-emblazoned traditional dress in the 1930s, despite not being known for his love of different cultures.

Bizarrely, before the start of WWII, from when he was sworn in as chancellor in 1933, it was quite common for Germans to buy novelty nick nacks bearing an 
image of the Fuhrer, such as this.

Its exact origin is not known, but it is speculated it was taken to commemorate the signing of the international pact between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan on November 25 1936.

Hitler's signature highlights the emblem he preferred 

The market for Nazi memorabilia continues today and because the regime produced vast quantities of items such as pistols, swords, knives, batons, helmets and rifles, there are many still available to collect.

And, as the Nazis were convinced they would reign supreme over the world for centuries to come, they went all out to design visually striking, powerful paraphernalia that would impress their conquered enemies.

This artist’s proof of the National Socialist logo, circled and initialed by Hitler himself, shows just how closely involved he was with every aspect of the party image. 

It’s highly unlikely, however, that even the most fervent Nazi would be thrilled to find that this one absurd image of the Fuhrer in a kimono would outlast the Third Reich!