Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new site called has a Google map mashup that combines I-70 traffic cams with ski area snow cams. That way, if you live in Denver you can look at the slopes, and see if they are worth braving the traffic jams.

Now, thanks to Powder Chimp, you can take a look at both traffic conditions on I-70 and snow conditions at some of the major resorts to gauge whether or not it’s worth the drive. Once you’re up there, it’s always worth it… until it takes you 5 hours to get home.
is a simple little site that displays all the conditions on the way to the big resorts in Colorado along i70 and at the resorts themselves. You can click various icons to see actual realtime camera views. It's done with both a map and with a Google earth plugin. Get the plugin - it lets you select a resort and fly over it! Check it before you start your drive for i70 conditions and while your up there for conditions on the slopes. Enjoy!

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