Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bigfoot Arm Found In Florida?

Here it is ladies and gentlemen. This arm was found near one of Stacy Brown Jr.'s favorite hotspots in Florida. According to Brown, there are no bears or monkeys in this area. This is definitely a unique find. The arm will be sent out to a lab for study.

We recieved a non-human primate arm this morning. FWC officials ruled out bear and human by the makeup of the bones. What kind of primate arm this is we dont know as of yet. Here is a photograph of the arm. We are in talks now with people to test the samples we send. We are hopeful this may be a skunk ape's arm. We will find out for sure one way or another. This was found in an area with alot of bigfoot activity. We even found a trackway in the sand in april with 100+ tracks. We will keep you updated and hope to have a video of the arm this evening. Happy Labor day!!!

In May 2012, the Brown family released a thermal footage filmed in Liberty County, FL back. It's one of the most interesting pieces of footage to come out in a long time. The Browns were so excited about sharing their finding that they called up WCTV news and told them, "We have footage of Bigfoot!".


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