Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Patterson Bigfoot footage has something that it's mind blowing

M.K. Davis as done it again! All these years of enhancing and deburring each frame from the Patterson-Gimlin footage has yielded something so definitive that it's mind blowing. Skeptics claim Patty was a man in a suit, but we all know that there was no such suit back 1967. Also, look at Patty's foot -- and her toes! Ladies and gentlemen, to create something like a foot complete with toes, to go with a suit (if it was a suit), Roger Patterson would have to be light years ahead of his time. Davis explains the enhancement:

This is from frame 61 of the Patterson Bigfoot film. The image on the left has been deblurred and filtered for maximum contrast. The toes are quite visible. - M.K. Davis

Source:  bigfootevidence.blogspot.p

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