Monday, January 5, 2015

Pentagon Secret – The Anunnaki Are Returning

The Anunnaki may be returning to Earth according to one recent interview from a man with insider Pentagon sources.

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According to Stan Deyo, the buzzword around the Pentagon is that the Sumerian Gods are returning back to Earth.

Anunnaki Ties to Comets ISON and Encke

With two well known celestial objects on the horizon, one must question why the comets ISON and Encke were given those particular names.
The word “on” is associated with the word An (pronounced “on”), as in Anunnaki, and one of their leaders, Anu (ON-nu). The prefix for ISON would be IS, as in Isis who is the same character in folklore as Inanna and the Sumerian Goddess, Ishtar.  So, if you seperate the word ISON to become IS + ON, you get Ishtar, of the Anunnaki.
Comet Encke is much more obvious to those who have studied the Anunnaki.  Enki (as in comet Encke) was a Sumerian God who was later referred to as Ea (as in why our planet is called EArth).  Enki was the deity of crafts, mischief, water, seawater, lake water, intelligence and creation.

Western Sky UFO = Anunnaki?

Many people are looking toward the western skies at an anomaly we can only call a UFO, as there are no major stars or planets in this particular area of the sky, according to the cellphone app, SkEye or Stellarium. Some believe this UFO may possibly be a Pleiadian or Arcturian ship but it is also possible that it might be the return of the Anunnaki.
As evidence from many reports and videos from all around the globe, this UFO changes color and size.  Various sacred geometry shapes can be detected from this UFO and the colors will change intermittently.
If this UFO is the Anunnaki, expect all governments to ensure that a new star will be placed on SkEye and Stellarium  applications to cover up the fact that we are not alone in this galaxy or universe.
For some people, this will be too much for them to swallow. Others will deny what ishappening but for those who have the capability to look outside the box, all possibilities exist without fear or apprehension.
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