Sunday, February 15, 2015

Incredible Footage - Two Astronauts Exploring Alien Face And House Rock Structures on the Moon

Date of discovery: Feb 2015
Location of discovery: House Rock, Earths Moon
Google Moon Coordinates: 8°50'33.31"S 15°28'4.58"E
Video of Apollo 17 at Alien Face (House Rock):

This was sent to us this week from Bob from Virginia and he found some really incredible structures. Whats really unique is that we have a hight estimate of 4 floors high. This is 100% proof that intelligent alien life once lived on the surface of Earths moon. 

I did a little snooping and found a view of House Rock that looks like a massive 2 floor high face, but to top it off...there are two astronauts jumping around and exploring around it. If NASA astronauts found this rock to be special, so special they call it HOUSE ROCK, then this confirms that these are ancient alien structures. SCW

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