Friday, February 13, 2015

Strangest paranormal ship mystery

Strangest paranormal ship mystery. Entire crew found dead on creepy ghost ship. The mystery crew of the S S Orang Medan mysteriously dies as if they had seen a creepy ghost ship while staring at the sun. 

What would cause an entire ship’s crew to be found lying dead face up, mouths open, facing the sky? This wasn't even the Bermuda Triangle.

It was 1947 just after World War Two, in the waters of Indonesia, when a chilling SOS call was widely received by several ships in the area, as well nearby Dutch and British morse code listening stations.
The message was:
"SOS, Orang Medan.
All officers including captain dead, lying in chart room and on bridge, probably whole crew dead.
I die."
The nearest ship and first to respond to the distress call was the American merchant vessel named the Silver Star, of Grace Lines in New York, who found the doomed ship drifting, dead in the water.

The boarding party was immediately horrified to discover the Orang Medan's entire crew was “sprawled on their backs, their frozen faces upturned to the sun, with mouths gaping open and eyes staring, the dead bodies resembled horrible caricatures.” Is this a Bermuda Triangle Mystery? A fire in the cargo hold forced them to evacuate to the safety of the Silver Star, and there was an explosion so violent that it lifted the Orang Medan out of the water, before she quickly sank.

Even stranger, no one had ever heard of the Orang Medan, or knows where it was registered, or what she was shipping where, or who was on board on that terrible, fateful day.

Some assume it was a smuggler's vessel, other theorize that they may have been shipping illegal wartime chemicals on behalf of governments. Others imagine the gaping, upturned faces looking to the sky, as if in fear.

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