Sunday, August 3, 2008


CRYO-CELL is the world's largest and America's oldest family cord blood storage service. These technologies include preservation of newborn babies' cord blood (U-Cord) stem cell and the development and patenting of the first computer controlled, robotically operated cryogenic storage system.

No parent wants to believe that their child may need a stem cell transplant. But knowing Cryo-Cell is there for them can be a priceless comfort. The chart below summarizes transplants performed using umbilical cord stem cells stored by families at Cryo-Cell. This list continues to grow and tomorrow, the possibilities will be even greater.

The release also mentions potential applications of maternal placental stem cells (MPSC's) in regenerative medicine: "Maternal stem cells have not to date been used in human therapies however, researchers believe that these cells may serve as an alternative to embryonic stem cells in the development of human cellular therapies and for use in regenerative medicine associated with the donor (mother)."

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