Sunday, August 3, 2008


Snapbomb; I have heard so much buzz about it from other bloggers I know and I guess I decided to check into it for myself. It’s a site designed to help with blog marketing. I don’t know about you but the whole reason to blog is for other people to not only see, but have an interest in what you might have to say. I like the idea of getting some help in getting my opinions, thoughts and ideas out. Who knows, something I have to say just might help someone else somewhere. Snapbomb is a good spot for blog advertising and blog marketing altogether

Snapbomb’s matching system makes it easy to find opportunities that matches the blog contents. Snapbomb allows the advertisers to target specific types of customers getting more value out of their advertising dollar. Payment to bloggers is done through PayPal. So the bloggers must have a PayPal email. Snapbomb also provides additional information such as Snapbomb News and Newsletters to our email address. New users can clear their doubts by seeing FAQ. For more information about bloggers, click HERE

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