Monday, July 21, 2014

WELCOME TO UTOPIA - On a remote island, a rich former executive and his wife wait for the world to end.

IT’S often how the best stories arrive: a relative of a friend tells another friend and eventually that information ends up with a journalist who thinks, “What a great yarn.”
That’s what happened to Trent Dalton when he heard of a strange place being built in the wilds of Vanuatu by a wealthy businessman preparing for the end of the world. Only 23 people will be allowed in the 800ha sanctuary before it is sealed off from civilisation. Dalton and photographer Eddie Safarik set off to visit the ark, wondering whether they would find a weird cult or just a couple of cashed-up hippies searching for life’s meaning. It was a bizarre journey during which Dalton would have his own light-bulb moment.
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