Saturday, August 16, 2014

The doll that aged

WITH its deathly stare and ugly wrinkled skin, it looks like the rotting skull of a zombie or an Egyptian mummy.

But this gruesome, emaciated creature began life as a cute, attractive toy, bought by parents as a gift for their child.
Like many playthings, the doll was eventually consigned to the attic. But as it lay gathering dust, demonic forces set to work. When the family retrieved it 11 years later, like Dorian Gray’s infamous portrait, the doll had withered and aged.
The story of the Doll That Grew Old is told by expert on the paranormal Jim Eaton in his book, Ghosts Caught On Film 2.
“The family bought the doll in good condition,” said Mr Eaton. “They decided to store it in the attic.
“When they stumbled on it 11 years later, they were shocked by how much it had aged – wrinkled like an old man.”
The horrified family gave it away but it soon changed hands for a lot of money.
“This is the picture taken before the doll was given away. We can only wonder what condition it may be in now,” he said.


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