Friday, December 26, 2014

Ancient Masonic Star Map Discovered in Vatican

The Image shows Vatican viewed from above - St Peter's Key - Masonic star map! The discovery plot now usurped by the movie Prometheus - Wayne Herschel's narrated full version following TV interview on Matrix TV interview using the special graphics with updates on Key of Solomon and the Ra symbol link to the origin of Freemasonry with the Hebrew Key of Solomon pictogram cipher and Xmas Tree. The cipher sourced from the Clavicula Salomonis - Solomon Key manuscript in the British Library. (Wayne Herschel - Hidden Records). It is the original and earliest evidence for the Lost symbol of Ra and it is about to reveal its shocking star secret at great risk to the author. Dan Brown dropped the story in The Lost Symbol novel suddenly and changed the title.

The truth will challenge the human origin theory and rock the foundations of all religions. 

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