Sunday, February 1, 2015

MARS MAN WALKING - Monk / Statue Figure Climbs Hill ?

What looks very much like a man walking on the surface of Mars in Gale Crater in this Curiosity Rover image. He seems to be wearing a long robe with his white bald head stooped as he climbs the rocky hill side, arm and raised right knee also clearly visible on the right. 
This is a typical human walking posture as can be seen in the monk image comparisons provided. If this was just a rock it would fall over at this angle as the centre of gravity looks quite high.
It could be a figurine carved in stone perhaps but it would still topple over unless fixed to the rock below. 
Estimated height, 1.5 - 3 feet. (Approx)

"I was actually looking for another fence post (as seen in my previous video) when I spotted this guy that looks as if he is climbing the hill towards Mount Sharp, but he has not moved so may be a statue/figurine that is fixed to the rock below".

NASA image link:

UPDATE - The same figure can be seen in this Sol 592 image on the centre left so must be a statue/figure.

Also here on Sol 589:

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