Saturday, February 28, 2015

[RAW] Shocking home video captures a 'ghost' pushing a child over

Spooky moment toddler is suddenly 'pulled to the ground by unseen force' as she plays peek-a-boo with her parents Home video shows one-year-old Lexi Hood playing in front of the TV She peeks out from behind her hands and is suddenly knocked to the floor Her father, Gareth, said she said 'naughty boy' as if telling someone off

This home video shows the eerie moment a one-year-old girl was pulled to the ground by a mysterious unseen force.

Lexi Hood was playing peek-a-boo with her father, Gareth, and mother, Charlene, 31, at home in Bridgend, Wales, when she was suddenly knocked to the ground.

Mr Hood, 35, said his daughter, who he described as 'sturdy on her feet', said 'naughty boy' as if she was telling someone off. 

He added that strange creaking sounds had been heard in the house ever since.

The clip, taken while the family was watching a film three weeks ago, shows Lexi standing in front of the TV with her hands over her eyes. 
Giggling, she peeks at her father before suddenly falling to the floor - her arms out to the side as if being pushed or pulled.

But the toddler appears unfazed by the mysterious bump and continues to gurgle happily on the floor. 

Father-of-three Mr Hood said: 'Lexi is very sturdy on her feet and is a very confident walker and a happy funny baby. 

We were watching TV and there was no way she could go back like that.

'We were filming her as a bit of a memento because she was doing peek-a-boo and she thought we couldn't see her when she covered her eyes.

'She just went shooting back. Her arms went out to the side and she went back, as if she has been pushed or pulled.

'Then she said "naughty boy" like she usually says when she is telling off the cat if it nips her or something.

'When we looked at the film it really freaked us out - it doesn't look at all like she is just falling.' 

Father-of-three Mr Hunt said the family had been spooked by Lexi's fall. 

He said: 'When you hear creaks as the house is settling down we are thinking about it more and I keep looking at everything twice.

'We can't walk past an empty room without taking a look in now.'

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