Friday, February 27, 2015

"Now here's a Real Ufo"

"This is a video I saved from YouTube back in May, 2012. The video was uploaded with the same title, without quotes. I was not able to find the original upload. *I have no further information regarding the origin of this video.* - - - Personally, I've never been able to settle on whether these are even "flying objects," or an unusual but interesting atmospheric effect being created by someone/something. If you look closely, there do seem to be vague silhouettes of what might be buildings "above" the mountain range. Or maybe they're other mountain tops? At 0:51, one of the objects exhibits an interesting blinking effect. I don't believe it's CGI, but I'm no expert on that. I've sure as hell never seen anything like it, even online. I'm all ears for explanations, but I'll admit that I tend to lean more toward it being an atmospheric phenomenon. What do you think?"

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