Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Has an ALIEN Artifact Been Discovered that Mirrors CROP CIRCLES?

Has an alien artifact been discovered that mirrors crop circles and represents something special in Roswell, New Mexico?

An otherworldly stone displaying strange properties and replicating formations found in crop circles has been discovered in the most uncanny of places…Roswell, New Mexico.

A local resident of Roswell New Mexico, the famous crash landing site of an alien UFO back in 1947, was deer hunting in a nearby wilderness area when he found a peculiar stone, one that almost seems otherworldly. 

The controversial discovery has an intricate design extruded from it's surface, kind of like a sealing stamp, or a key, displaying some astronomical symbols in a geometric pattern. Extruding a design like this from a stone is extremely difficult as opposed to sketching or scratching on ein.

Upon further testing, the Roswell Stone displays significant magnetic properties, strong enough to interfere with a magnetic compass reading, and even propell it into rotation when exposed to a stronger magnetic field.

The symbolic image on the stone's surface is a familiar one to crop circle reseachers, who recognized it as identical to a famous unexplained crop formation left near Stonehenge in 1996.

It's been theorized that the image could refer to a series of solar and lunar eclipses that culminate in two perigean supermoon eclipses in 2015. A supermoon occurs when the full or new moon passes closest to the Earth, or perigee, exerting a greater influence over tides, et cetera. 

2015 is remarkable for the fact that we will witness a total solar eclipse by a supermoon on March 20th during the spring equinox, and then we'll see a total supermoon lunar eclipse during the autumn equinox on September 28th.

Why would a stone with strange magnetic properties display a symbol extruding from its surface that is identical to a crop circle left near stonehendge? How and why does it all seem to connect? Will something special happen in 2015 due to the dual supermoon eclipses?

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